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iPhone 15 Release Date, Features, and More

The latest iPhone 14 may have only just been released in September of 2022, but people are already buzzing about what the next entry may look like. The iPhone 14 sold well, as all iPhones do, but many criticisms were levied at the lack of meaningful upgrades it sported when compared to the Apple iPhone 13.

The iPhone 15, however, is rumored to bring some major changes to Apple’s long-running flagship franchise. Between design overhauls and internal spec improvements, here is a rundown of what we might be able to expect from the iPhone 15.

What Is the iPhone 15 Release Date?

Apple has been very consistent with its iPhone release dates. Outside of pandemic-era delays, the new iPhones have always been announced in September. For example, the iPhone 14 was announced on September 7 of 2022 and was released shortly after on September 15.

Considering this history, it is likely that the iPhone 15 and its other models, like the iPhone 15 Plus, Pro models, and Pro Max models, will be released in September of 2023. It is typical for alternative versions of each generational model to come out on the same day as the base version.

What Should I Know About the iPhone 15 Design?

Apple has a certain look that it has cultivated in its iPhone that it likes to stick to, but it does look as if they intend to make some small changes for the next generation. Early leaks claim that all versions of the iPhone 15 will feature a detached notch at the top, which was missing in the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and base iPhone 14 but is present in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

It is also believed that these new models return to the rounded edge design of older iPhone generations instead of a sharp edge design.

Regarding screen size, the same sizes can be expected as what we got with the iPhone 14 generation. That generation got rid of the iPhone Mini, meaning the only options were screen sizes sitting at 6.4 inches or 6.7 inches. There have been no indications that this will change with the iPhone 15 series. The iPhone 15 is also expected to have improved camera functionality, offering a periscope lens and improved optical zoom in addition to the face ID feature of all standard iPhones.

New Port

Apple has always been notorious for having limited compatibility with accessories that are not made in-house. The lightning port cables that have powered many past and current iPhone models were only able to be used for powering your phone.

That is set to change with the iPhone 15, however. It is believed that the iPhone 15 will now utilize a USB-C port for its charger as one of the new features.

The USB-C is the industry standard charger we have today, acting as the primary type of cord for many modern devices. Many Samsung and Google smartphones currently use USB-C, with Apple being the primary holdout for a long time.

This could have big ramifications for the future of Apple accessories. People will no longer be going straight to the source to get necessary cables for their iPhones, and accessories, in general, may start to become much easier to access than in previous generations.

What Is the iPhone 15 Price?

Price has had to go up multiple times for iPhones over the years due to inflation and internal financial decision-making. However, the past several generations have had a relatively consistent pricing scheme.

The base model has traditionally been $799, with the option to pay more based on how much storage you are looking for. Meanwhile, the most advanced option, the Pro Max, tends to sit around $1,099 and can hit $1,599.

These prices can change at any time; however, we have no reason to believe that the iPhone 15 series will not continue this pricing trend. Since there have been no reports of the iPhone Mini returning to the fray, we can expect mostly the same options to be on the market.

However, rumors of one new addition to the lineup have been turning heads.

Is the iPhone 15 Ultra Real?

One of the more tenuous rumors is that there will be a new iPhone model in the upcoming generation: the iPhone 15 Ultra. Last year, we got a new phone in the form of the iPhone 14 Plus. This was not one of the premium options like the Pro or Pro Max, instead acting as a bridge between the base model and those more expensive products.

The iPhone 15 Ultra, on the other hand, is rumored to be the most advanced phone that Apple is currently developing. This means it would be a more expensive phone with more premium materials and specs.

Some rumors are saying that we may not be able to expect an iPhone Ultra to release within the iPhone 15’s window. It may be a new product built for 2024, meaning it may be released as part of the iPhone 16 lineup.

We do not have much information right now, but it sounds like Apple is ready to drastically change its traditional gameplay with the iPhone series.

What Are the iPhone 15 Internal Specs?

Only the premium models got access to the A16 Bionic Chip last year, with the base iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus still using the old A15 chip. That said, the A15 is still a powerhouse of a chip, making the iPhone 14 a very powerful phone on its own.

Because the A15 still holds up so well, it is unknown whether or not Apple will be ready to make the jump to the A17 chip when only half of last year’s lineup even utilized that chipset.

Some reports say that we can expect the base, non-pro model to get the A16, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max or even the rumored iPhone 15 Ultra could see the use of the A17 chipset.

Even if we do not end up catching a glimpse of the A17 next year, the A16 chipset will still be a top-of-the-industry product. Everyone was expecting the base model iPhone 14 to have the A16 chip by default, so putting it in the base iPhone 15 would make it a big improvement over its predecessor.

Should We Be Excited for the iPhone 15?

Overall, the iPhone 15 looks like it plans to rectify some of the mistakes made with the iPhone 14 series. While we do not know a lot right now, early rumors and leaks point to an innovative new approach to handling the hardware and software of Apple’s flagship phone series.

The A16 bionic chip is standard among all models within the series is expected, as is a refined design, USB-C integration, and pricing that is consistent with what we have been getting for the past few years.

While the iPhone 14 didn’t stir up much excitement, the iPhone 15 looks like the next big thing to shake up the smartphone industry.


You should take all rumors with a grain of salt, but it is more than likely that we will get confirmation on all of this by September 2023. Small things like an upgraded chipset and expanded specs are probably no-brainers.

On the other hand, bigger jumps like the addition of a new iPhone Ultra are things to keep an eye out for. If Apple commits to big changes like this, we may see the entire mobile industry getting shaken up.

The iPhone 14 may have fallen short of some peoples’ expectations, but it does not sound like Ubisoft intends to underwhelm its audience for a second year in a row.

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