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Streaming has emerged as the most popular way to consume TV shows and movies, nearly wiping cable TV off the map. Netflix, Max, Hulu, Disney+, Paramount Plus, and Peacock Premium are just a few of the platforms that consumers have flocked to. Unfortunately, they all cost money, and depending on how many you’ve signed up for, all of these streaming services can really add up. 

That’s where cell phone plan streaming perks come in. A handful of cell phone carriers bundle streaming subscriptions with their plans—or at least give you the option to add them for an extra charge—allowing you to save on your monthly entertainment costs. The two main ones to be aware of are T-Mobile, which includes free Netflix subscriptions with its unlimited plans, and Verizon, which offers Netflix, Disney Plus and a variety of other subscriptions with its cell phone plans for at a discounted rate of $10/month each. 

T-Mobile Streaming Perks

T-Mobile got in early on the idea of packaging streaming subscriptions in with its plans— “Netflix On Us” is a tagline that’s pretty well embedded into our cultural psyche at this point. T-Mobile still offers Netflix for free with its unlimited plans, though it’s now Netflix Standard With Ads as opposed to the previous ad-free iteration. By comparison, this ad-supported Netflix subscription costs $6.99/month if you pay for it on its own. 

T-Mobile Go5G 

T-Mobile Go5G costs $75/month for a single line, and includes 100GB of premium data, a 15GB hotspot allowance, and Netflix Standard With Ads when you sign up for multiple lines. To reiterate, you can’t get this perk with one line—you have to sign up for at least two lines in order to get the free Netflix subscription. However, the single line Go5G plan does include 6 free months of Apple TV+. 

T-Mobile Go5G Perks

  • Netflix Standard With Ads (multi-line plans only)
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • Apple TV+ for 6 months

T-Mobile Go5G Plus

T-Mobile’s Go5G Plus is the next step up from Go5G, and includes unlimited premium data, a 50GB hotspot allowance, plus Netflix Standard With Ads and Apple TV+ subscriptions with a single line or more. These perks are a great way to save money, since Apple TV+ costs $9.99 on its own, while Netflix Standard With Ads, as mentioned, costs $6.99/month. 

T-Mobile Go5G Plus Perks

  • Netflix Standard With Ads
  • Apple TV+
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • AAA membership for 12 months

T-Mobile Go5G Next

Go5G Next is T-Mobile’s most expensive—and feature-rich—unlimited plan. It not only includes free Netflix Standard With Ads and Apple TV+ subscriptions, but Hulu (With Ads) as well. Hulu (With Ads) normally costs $7.99/month, so taken together with the other two subscriptions, you save roughly $25 a month in streaming costs with T-Mobile Go5G Next. 

T-Mobile Go5G Next Perks

  • Early phone upgrade
  • Netflix Standard With Ads
  • Apple TV+
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • AAA membership for 12 months
  • Hulu (With Ads)

Verizon Streaming Perks

Like T-Mobile, Verizon has long included streaming subscriptions with its unlimited plans, though the company recently moved to a model that requires you to pay extra for them, albeit at a discounted price compared to what the streaming services charge. 

Verizon myPlan

Verizon’s myPlan is the carrier’s new customizable cell phone plan. It works like this: you select a base unlimited plan (the choices are Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Ultimate), then pick from a list of add-ons, each of which cost $10/month. This includes things like hotspot data, TravelPass days, Apple Music, and of course, video streaming subscriptions. 

Verizon myPlan Perk Add-Ons ($10/month each)

  • YouTube Premium
  • Disney Bundle (Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+)
  • Netflix & Max (With Ads)
  • Apple One (Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+)
  • Walmart+ membership
  • Apple Music Family 
  • Additional 100 GB of Mobile Hotspot 
  • $15 monthly credit for +play subscriptions like Netflix, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Max, Paramount+, and Master Class 
  • Additional 2TB of cloud storage 
  • 3 TravelPass days 

If you’re already paying for some of these subscriptions, it might make sense to shell out the extra money to Verizon to get them included in your plan, since they generally cost more when you pay for them on their own. For example, the Disney Bundle costs $19.99 on its own, while Apple One costs $19.95. By getting these perks through Verizon, you’re effectively cutting their prices in half. 

AT&T Streaming Perks

You’d think AT&T would follow Verizon and T-Mobile in offering streaming perks with its plans. And indeed, AT&T formerly bundled a HBO Max subscription with its premium unlimited plan, but has since discontinued this streaming perk. This is likely a result of the company parting ways with Time Warner (a.k.a. WarnerMedia), which owns HBO. 

Streaming Perks from Prepaid Carriers

In addition to the major carriers, there are a handful of prepaid ones that bundle streaming subscriptions with their plans. Granted, these perks are more modest in nature and don’t come bundled with all of the other add-ons you get from major carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile. 

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless includes Max With Ads subscriptions with its $60/month Unlimited + 15 GB Mobile Hotspot Plan. Cricket is owned by AT&T and operates on its network, so rest assured you’ll have good coverage for all of your calling, texting, browsing, and streaming. 

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile, as its name indicates, is owned by T-Mobile, and operates on the Uncarrier’s network. The low-cost provider offers three unlimited plans, one of which, the $70/month metroFlex Plus, includes an Amazon Prime subscription. This, in turn, entitles you to Amazon Prime Video. 

Google Fi

Google Fi is a prepaid carrier that also operates on T-Mobile’s network and sells two main unlimited plans, Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus. Unlimited Plus costs $65/month for a single line and includes, among other perks, 6 months of free YouTube Premium. This makes sense since Google, Google Fi’s parent company, owns YouTube. It’s a bit unfortunate this benefit includes YouTube Premium (essentially a souped-up version of the YouTube you know and love) instead of YouTube TV, since the former includes a whole slate of TV channels like CBS, NBC, ABC, and the ability to add on ones like Showtime and Starz. 

Bottom Line

Whether you’re signed up for Netflix, Apple TV+, Hulu, or some other streaming service, you may have the opportunity to save by getting these perks through your cell phone carrier. The two major carriers to consider for these extras are T-Mobile and Verizon, and it’s hard to go wrong with either of them—both offer great coverage and a good overall customer experience. If you’re willing to venture a bit further afield, though, Cricket, Google Fi, and Metro by T-Mobile are prepaid options to consider for streaming perks. 

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