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Verizon myPlan: What is It and How Does It Work?

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Fun fact: Verizon myPlan isn’t actually a cell phone plan at all, despite the name. But what is it exactly? In short, it's a way to build a cell phone plan that lets you, the customer, pick perks based on your budget and what you want added. Basically, it’s Verizon’s way of letting you avoid overpaying for features you don't use or phone lines you don't need.  

Most carriers offer a fixed menu of features on each plan. You pick your cell phone plan without many options for personalization: a certain amount of talk and text data, a maximum number of phone lines, Internet, and other potential plan perks. That's not the case with Verizon myPlan, which is more a la carte or cafeteria-style. It lets you personalize a phone plan from start to finish and update it anytime.  

Want to see if Verizon myPlan makes the most sense for your family? Check out our free, unbiased Plan Finder, which narrows down the best cellular plans based on your budget, data storage, and personal needs. 

What is Verizon myPlan?

Verizon myPlan ends one-size-fits-all phone plans and unnecessary bundles through its customization. Now, all Verizon plans are part of myPlan, where you can build a wireless plan based on:

  • Number of phone lines you need 
  • Home Internet speed and service options 
  • 5G vs. 5G Ultra Wideband data 
  • Desired streaming quality 
  • Amount of talk, text, and storage data (domestic and international)
  • Credits for bringing your own device (BYOD) 
  • Savings for new smartphone devices 
  • Mobile Hotspot data 

You can personalize numerous aspects of your phone plan and even change it anytime — no long-term contract or getting stuck with features you don't want. 

Verizon myPlan Perks

In addition to wireless features, Verizon myPlan lets you add the perks you want with discounts. How? By offering perks to add to your phone plan at a lower cost than you’d pay by subscribing to them directly.

At the time of this writing, the optional perks available included: 

  • The Disney Bundle of Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+
  • Netflix 
  • Max
  • Apple One for Music, Apple TV+, Arcade, and iCloud+
  • Walmart+ membership
  • Apple Music Family 
  • Additional 100 GB of Mobile Hotspot 
  • The Smartwatch Data & Safety package 
  • $15 monthly credit for +play subscriptions like Netflix, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Max, Paramount+, and Master Class 
  • Additional 2TB of cloud storage 
  • 3 TravelPass days 

Each of these is just $10 per month. Compare that to how much you’d pay for the Disney Bundle normally, for example: $15 a month. Note that Verizon adds and removes perks from time to time, so always check our Plan Finder for the most up-to-date information. 

When Did Verizon Launch myPlan?

Verizon officially launched myPlan on May 18th, 2023. To support the release, Verizon deployed TV spots and ads focusing on how myPlan provides phone plan flexibility  to customers. And its messaging has undoubtedly been a success. Since its release last year, myPlan has added over 13.1 million new subscribers.

Verizon myPlan Cost

Verizon myPlan offers three plan options: Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Welcome. Costs vary depending on the plan and the number of phone lines you need. And each perk costs an additional $10 per month. 

Verizon myPlan base plan prices (Source: Verizon

Verizon myPlan "select perk" options (Source: Verizon

Let's say, for example, it's just you, and you're looking for a low-cost Unlimited Welcome plan plus Netflix. In that case, you'll spend $65 per month as the base price for Unlimited Welcome + $10 per month for the Netflix perk — totaling $75 per month. The Welcome plan also provides optional Fios Home Internet for as low as $40 per month. 

Alternatively, you need a plan for your family: you, your spouse, and two children. You want the most available features and the Disney Bundle for your family. In this case, it's four lines for $55 each per line for Unlimited Ultimate + $10 a month for Disney Bundle—totaling $230 per month. The Ultimate plan also provides optional Fios Home Internet for as low as $25 per month.  

How Does Verizon myPlan Compare to Other Carriers?

In terms of plan flexibility, nothing compares to the Verizon myPlan. Other wireless providers don't let you control the perks like Verizon does. You need to upgrade plans for specific add-ons. This becomes an issue if you upgrade for one additional feature but don't necessarily need all the bells and whistles of the plan.

For example, as we write this article, Apple TV+ is included in the T-Mobile Go5G plan. So if you upgrade from the Essentials plan to Go5G strictly because you want Apple TV+, you'll be stuck footing an extra $15 per month, regardless of whether you need the extra data or features. The upside, however, is that no matter what plan you choose, the cost of the add-on perks is already included in the T-Mobile base plan price — so you don't have to spend the extra $10 per month as you would with Verizon. 

If we compare Verizon vs AT&T, both offer mix-and-match plans, meaning you can have one family plan with different levels of plan. For example, you might choose a lower-cost low-data plan, while your teenage daughter gets a line with tons of premium data.  AT&T, however, won't give you any perk options. 

Is Verizon myPlan Worth It?

When deciding whether myPlan by Verizon is worth the hype, you need to look at the cost of perks:

  • Are you saving when purchasing the Disney Bundle, Netflix, or extra cloud storage data by doing it through Verizon? 
  • How much is saved compared to using another carrier and buying the perks separately? 
  • Is it cheaper to purchase phone lines from another carrier with perks included?

It all depends on which perks you want. 

Keep in mind that you also can't unbundle or scale down the perks. For example, the Disney Bundle is the same price whether you want just Disney+ or all three apps included. Similarly, it's $10 per month for 2 TB of extra cloud storage. You can't save by only buying 1 TB of storage. 

If you love picking and choosing your perks, getting cost savings with multi-line discounts, and being able to change your plan whenever you want, Verizon myPlan is an excellent option. However, if you only need certain perks already included in a carrier phone plan or no perks at all, consider T-Mobile or AT&T, respectively. 

The Bottom Line

What sets Verizon myPlan apart from other carrier phone plans is the flexibility. With Verizon myPlan, you can bundle perks separately from your phone plan. The approach is simple: Choose any perk for and additional $10 per month and change it anytime. Ultimately, myPlan is a great way to save money on additional data storage, hotspots, your favorite streaming sites, and other perks, at a discount through your phone plan.

Want to see if Verizon myPlan makes sense for you? We can help. Our Plan Finder provides a free, unbiased comparison of carrier phone plan deals based on features that matter to you. In just a few clicks, we sort through thousands of wireless options to zero in on a handful of phone plans best suited to your needs.  

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