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12MP Wide, 12MP Ultra-Wide, 12MP Wide Front



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Each September, Apple introduces its next iPhone series. Typically, there are four iPhone models: the 14 Pro Max, 14 Pro, 14, and 14 Plus. While the Pro Max, Pro, and 14 models have the best features and capabilities, they’re also the most expensive. If you want a great deal on the iPhone 14 Plus, you’re in luck! More than 6% of people shopped for the iPhone 14 Plus last week alone, so there are plenty of great deals available for you, and we can help you find them! Read on to find out more.

iPhone 14 Plus Deals: How to Find The Best One for You

While the iPhone 14 Plus may have a retail price of $899, deals can bring that price as low as $0 for those that want to switch carriers and as low as $99 for people preferring to stay with their existing carrier.

Only some people are, of course, eligible for that price. There is plenty of “fine print” to untangle before you can determine what’s the best iPhone 14 Plus deal price that you’re eligible for. So, let’s begin to understand the elements determining how to find the best deal:

Do you have a phone to trade in? 

You’ll typically get the best deal if you are willing to trade in your existing device. The newer model you have, you’ll usually get a higher trade-in discount, but even much older devices are worth something - sometimes even if they have cracked screens! So if there’s an iPhone 7 sitting in a drawer or an iPhone 12 sitting on your desk, you should consider trading it in for the new 14 Plus. You will often get more in trade-in value than you would if you resold the device yourself, so if you’re in the market for a new model, now is the time to part with your phone. 

Are you willing to switch carriers?

AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are always looking to add new customers, so they will offer their best iPhone 14 Plus deals for people willing to switch. You’ll often see a several hundred dollar difference between the discounted price for activating the new phone with another carrier vs. staying with your current.

Are you willing to stay with a carrier for the next 24 or 36 months? 

Carriers will wave good deals in front of their customers - so long as they stick around. They will offer deals requiring you to commit to a service plan for 2-3 years. Or they may pay out that trade-in value against a monthly payment over a similar term rather than counting it as an up-front discount. Either way, you may be locked into a term if you want to get all of the value for a given deal.

Are you willing to upgrade your service plan?

Carriers typically provide more significant device discounts if you subscribe to one of their higher-tier plans. They will have a different trade-in value for the same phone based on the plan you intend to have going forward. These more expensive plans will provide more high-speed data, hotspot data, and other features which may be worth the upgrade, so think about that aspect when deciding whether to change things up. 

As an example scenario, if you bought the iPhone 14 Plus for $899 at Verizon, and Verizon offered you an $800 credit on your iPhone 11 as a trade-in, then Verizon would charge you $899.99 - $800 or $99.99 spread over 36 months or $2.78 per month. But that’s only if you are on a higher-tier plan. If you want to stay on a lower-tier plan (something like $70/mo instead of $90/mo), then you’ll only receive a $200 discount, with the device payment being $29.13 per month. Depending on your needs, it may make sense to upgrade your plan, costing nearly the same monthly but providing more features.

Believe it or not, there are as many as 80,000 unique deals on the iPhone 14 Plus, which combine all the factors we mentioned above. If you know how the process works, you can get a great deal on the phone you want. With that many options and combos, it can take time to figure out which one is for you. 

Don’t feel like having to do all this work to find your best deal? No problem! We scan thousands of deals daily to show you the best ones you qualify for. The best part? It’s 100% free to use. But if you’re not in the mood to try us out yet, the tables below give you a summary of the different discounts available on the iPhone 14 Plus based on the trade-in device you have. 

iPhone 14 Plus Deal Summary

Looking below at the most recent trade-in values for a variety of phones, we see some truly compelling deals, even on some older phones. For example, the iPhone X series, now 4 generations behind the iPhone 14 series, can still fetch the same $800 on a trade-in as the year-old iPhone 13. We also see the large disparity between the low-end trade-in values, which are typically offered to customers who stay with their current carrier, and the “switcher” deals, which in some cases can completely offset the iPhone 14 Plus retail price. Notably, major carriers are also offering a few deals on the iPhone 14 Plus that don’t require a trade-in at all!

More on the iPhone 14 Plus

Whenever Apple unveils a new iPhone model, it takes the tech market by storm. iPhones are consistently among the most advanced and popular phones, marking stiff competition for all other smartphone brands.

This can also make them tough to get your hands on. A new iPhone is a premium product that comes with a premium price. Coming in at $899, the iPhone 14 Plus is no slouch on your wallet.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on one at a discounted price if you can find the right deals. Here is what to expect if you want to get your hands on an iPhone 14 Plus.

What Are the iPhone 14 Plus Specs?

The iPhone 14 Plus has some upgrades that the base iPhone 14 lacked. The front of the phone utilizes a ceramic shield, and the back is built with glass and aluminum. It comes in the same colors as the base model: Midnight, Purple, Starlight, Red, and Blue.

The 6.7 inches display is slightly larger than the base iPhone 14’s 6.1 inches. Because of this, instead of the base 2532 by 1170 at 460 PPI resolution, the 14 Plus is at 2778 by 1284 pixel resolution. The OLED, HDR Super Retina XDR display, haptic touch, and brightness are the same as the cheaper phone. Both offer an Always-On display and 800 nits brightness.

Another identical factor between the two is the A15 bionic chip, one of the most powerful processors in the mobile phone industry, outshined perhaps only by the A16 Bionic chip in the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This chipset comes with a six-core GPU, a four-core CPU, and a sixteen-core neural engine. This means that as far as processing power goes, the iPhone 14 Plus holds its own against any competing phone.

Additionally, joining earlier phones like the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Mini, the 14 Plus is compatible with iOS 16. Unlike older models, the 14 series, not only the Plus but also the base and pro models, run iOS 16 straight from activation. Some other updated features include Crash Detection for help in emergency SOS situations.

The camera system is also identical, with a dual camera system occupying the back of the phone. This system comprises a 12 MP main camera, a 12 MP ultrawide camera, and a TrueDepth front camera great for selfies and FaceID, offering autofocus, low light, and night mode features, as well as a telephoto lens.

One area in which the iPhone 14 Plus excels is battery life. According to the official site, the Plus can last up to six hours longer between charges than the base model. It is worth noting that charging time is unchanged, meaning the Plus takes slightly longer to get to 100% charge, though it does come with fast charging, a USB-C adapter cord, and MagSafe charger compatibility.

This boost to the battery goes a long way toward making the $100 price increase worthwhile. You can currently pick up an iPhone 14 Plus for $899, making it a middle to upper-tier phone for pricing. However, if that price is too high, there are multiple deals out there that can lighten that load.

What Are Some iPhone 14 Plus Pros and Cons?

The iPhone 14 Plus is an Apple phone, and with that comes a level of expected quality. Everything like Bluetooth, Wifi, and LTE connectivity, cross-functionality with Apple TV, Apple Watch, and iPads, and solid video playback and refresh rates make the device great for work and play.  The A15 Bionic chip is an excellent processing unit, and the larger screen makes the display much more impressive than the iPhone 14 Plus.

One of the best features is the large battery, which makes it one of the best phones for people who do not want to spend too much time charging.

That said, the iPhone 14 Plus is a minor upgrade over the iPhone 14. The impressive processor is identical, the camera system is similar, and the design remains unchanged. The fact that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max exist with so many substantial upgrades makes the 14 Plus pale in comparison.

What Is the iPhone 14 Plus Price?

The iPhone 14 Plus comes in at $899, which is $100 above the base model and $100 below the Pro. $899 is a relatively steep price, so it is hard to recommend for people looking for a budget phone.

That said, it is also close enough in price to the Pro that the upgrades might make that model more appealing. That said, if the Plus is what you are interested in, there are various deals out there to take advantage of.

What Are Some iPhone 14 Plus Deals?

As a member of the iPhone 14 series, the iPhone 14 Plus remains aggressively promoted throughout the ~year-long period that it is among the newest flagship iPhone devices. Perhaps because of its status as a new device, carriers have experimented this year with offering the device on promotion with no trade-in required. So, depending on your current carrier, whether you're willing to switch, and whether you want a premium plan, you may be able to hang onto your old device and still get the 14 Plus anywhere from completely free to as low as $5/month for a 36-month agreement. Check using our Phone Navigator tool when you're ready to shop and get a sense of all the deals available in the market so you can make the right choice for your own situation.

Bottom Line

The iPhone 14 Plus is an impressive phone, with an improved display and battery to give it the edge over the base iPhone 14.

There was no iPhone 13 Plus, so this new option allows for an in-between phone that is better than the iPhone 14 but not quite as expensive as the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.

The $899 price tag is not a small one, but with the existing deals, you can get your hands on an iPhone 14 Plus for a lot less if you are interested in a new phone plan or want to trade in an old phone.

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