Which Phones Pair Best With the Galaxy Buds Pro?

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro are impressive and lightweight earbuds that produce fantastic sound in a small package. But although these earbuds are fun to use and take out and about, they work the best with a handful of mobile phones.

Today, let’s break down the best phones to pair with the Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds.

What Are the Galaxy Buds Pro?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is a set of wireless earbuds designed to be the next generation of high-quality media listening. Thanks to built-in noise canceling technology, you can focus on your favorite music or media without having to filter out the ambient sounds around you.

The Galaxy Buds Pros are customizable and flexible wireless earbuds that enable maximum control and fantastic quality. These earbuds feature 2-way speakers powered by AKG technology. The result is an immersive sound experience with 11 mm woofers and 6.5 mm tweeters, which provide fantastic full bass and clear high sounds.

What Features Do the Galaxy Buds Pro Have?

Alongside the stellar sound quality, the Galaxy Buds live in a charging case (for wireless charging them when they run out of battery life), as well as intelligent ambient sound canceling. With this technology, and with the Galaxy Buds Pros Voice to Text feature, you can engage in a conversation without removing your earbuds — similar to the Apple Airpods.

Also nice are the selectable ear tips which come with each purchase. Thanks to these ear tips, you can ensure your Galaxy Buds Pros will fit your ears and remain comfortable all day long. Of course, you can decide whether the active noise canceling (ANC) technology is high or low based on the background noise in your environment.

A smart assistant, voice controls, and other major features ensure that the Galaxy Buds Pros are the ideal in-ear wireless earbuds for audiophiles. They can connect via Bluetooth and are IPX7 rated, so they have some water resistance, as well.

Compared to Airpods Pros and other wireless earbuds, the touch controls, hands-free controls, voice detect technology, and customization options make the Galaxy Buds Pro better true wireless earbuds overall.

Which Phones Pair Best With the Galaxy Buds Pro?

The Galaxy Buds Pro are excellent devices by themselves and can pair with any Galaxy device. But they're best paired with a certain range of phones. Interestingly, these earbuds work well with Samsung devices and mobile phones from other manufacturers.

Samsung Galaxy S22

It’s no surprise the flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 is a great phone to pair with the Galaxy Buds Pro. This Galaxy smartphone features a high-quality camera, which can function even in lowlight environments, plus a fast processor and a long-lasting battery to boot.

More importantly, the Galaxy S22 pairs automatically and easily with any other Samsung accessories. As a result, you should find that your Galaxy Buds Pro pair with a Galaxy S22 without delay and without any hiccups or interruptions in audio quality (it’s Hi-Fi all the way, partially due to the Android One UI).

Combine those buds with the Galaxy S22’s crystal-clear display, which comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate and Vision Booster tech, and you have a stellar media viewing experience from start to finish. The Galaxy S22 could be the best phone to pair with the Galaxy Buds Pro if you want to enjoy the audio as well as the visuals from your chosen media entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Maybe you’re more of a fan of foldable phones, like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Fortunately, the Galaxy Buds Pros work very well with this device. It's a modern and 5G-ready smartphone that can fold in the middle, so you can enjoy a massive screen for viewing media or fold it up to fit easily in your pocket.

The Z Fold 3 is further designed to be durable, easy to use, and compatible with all major Samsung accessories. This 6.2-inch smartphone is easy to handle with just one hand, and it's available in three different colors.

Of special note is the Dynamic AMOLED 2x screen. While the Z Fold 3 comes with Dolby Atmos and stereo speakers by default, pairing your Galaxy Buds Pro with this device will also allow you to enjoy your media with maximum sound quality without bothering or disrupting people around you. It’s perfect for watching a TV show on your daily commute using public transportation.

Google Pixel 6A

The Google Pixel 6A is another quality choice, and it’s available for less than $500. Featuring an adaptive battery that should last over 24 hours, excellent cameras for intelligent photography, and top-rated security, the Pixel 6A is a phenomenal phone through and through.

Thanks to this phone’s Google Tensor technology and high-quality CPU, you’ll find that it pairs very well with the smart Galaxy Buds Pro. Whether you like to listen to music or enjoy the audio accompanying your choice of media, the Google 6A will enable you to enjoy that media to the maximum extent.

The Pixel's interface is customizable, and it translates languages in real-time. Consider using this phone and the Galaxy Buds Pro to practice foreign languages, enjoying the crystal-clear sounds of your chosen language in your ears powered by automatic translation capabilities.

iPhone 13

Several iPhones also work well with the Galaxy Buds Pro, such as the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13, available in standard or miniature sizes, always comes with plenty of storage space (up to 512 GB in total) as well as a high-quality 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display.

The phone’s dual camera system complements the up to 19 hours of video playback you can enjoy thanks to the iPhone 13’s stellar battery. Again, you compare that with your Galaxy Buds Pro and enjoy any movie or TV show quite easily.

Plus, the iPhone 13 is ready for 5G cellular connectivity. Downloading your media of choice will be easier than ever with this device, and the Galaxy Buds Pro will let you hear that media wherever you like.

iPhone 7

Then there’s the iPhone 7: an older iPhone device first released in 2016. Since it is a few years old, it's a perfect budget-friendly choice if you don't have much to spend on a new device.

The iPhone 7 still has a lot to like, including excellent water protection, a high-quality home button, and a variety of top-tier cameras. The battery only lasts about 10 hours. But it does still work with modern operating systems, like iOS 15.

Thus, the iPhone 7 can and often does pair with wireless earbuds like the Galaxy Buds Pros. Consider the iPhone 7 if you want an affordable yet versatile phone to pair with your Galaxy Buds Pros.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to pairing options with your Galaxy Buds Pros. If you don’t yet have one of these mobile devices, you can find the perfect new phone for your needs with Navi’s Phone Navigator.

Phone Navigator lets you compare different smartphones based on their specs, prices, and other factors, like charger speed, USB or USB-C connectivity, and more. Then you can find the best deal for a new phone so you can enjoy your Galaxy Buds Pros to the maximum extent.


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