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The Best Business Cell Phone Plans for 2024

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Cell phones originated as the ideal tool for the workplace: a mobile telephone that a person could have on them at all times, limiting the utility of switching between work and home landlines.

As cell phones became more popular, people began using them for recreation. Modern smartphones are our phones, music players, personal computers, and more, all in one device.

That said, having a solid work phone for your business needs is still important. Your phone can be your lifeline at work, and as such, you need to have strong business phone plans to keep your organization afloat.

What Sets a Business Phone Plan Apart?

Personal phone plans and business phone plans are relatively similar. Personal plans are meant to be used by individuals and their families, while business data plans will be used by a workforce to some capacity.

All of the most considerable cell phone carriers out there will have business and personal plans for their customers. On the surface, the two are almost identical: both adjust cost based on the number of lines opened, both offer a variety of unlimited data options, and even pricing is relatively consistent between the two.

However, business plans do have their perks. Employees on a business plan can have clearly defined schedules without the confusion that comes from utilizing one phone for home and work life issues.

It also simplifies taxes, as there is no need to sort between plan usage spent on personal concerns and those used for business. Everything can be noted as business expenses at the end of the year.

Business plans are also simply built for more people. While a personal plan expects to service one to five people, a business plan could service dozens.

Even if you’re a small business owner, you may have too many employees with mobile devices who all require video streaming, unlimited calling and text messaging, unlimited high-speed data, and other cell phone service add-ons for a personal plan.

Anyone looking out for a business plan should look into just how many special services the carrier provides for businesses compared to personal use.

What Are the Best Business Cell Phone Plans?

Each of the big three phone carriers, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, has a variety of cell phone plans out there for businesses. Here are some of the best ones on the market today:


Verizon’s business unlimited plans all have unlimited talk, text, and data, unlimited mobile hotspots, 5G nationwide, and a call filter spam blocker.

Business Unlimited Start 2.0

The Unlimited Start 2.0 plan is the essential Verizon business plan with its most basic features. When you get five lines, you pay $30 per line, coming out to $150 total per month for unlimited data, talk, and text for five phones. This data usage allowance includes mobile hotspot data for mobile phones, allowing your employees to connect their own devices to the 5G coverage included in the plan.

It is worth noting that declining auto pay results in an extra five dollars per month per line for all plans.

Business Unlimited Plus 2.0

The Unlimited Plus 2.0 Plan option has everything the Start plan does, plus some extra amenities. In addition to unlimited talk, text, and data, the Plus plan offers 100GB of premium network access. This means that your phone will not slow down for the first 100GB of network usage you put each compatible device through.

In addition to 5G and 4G LTE data compatibility, the Plus plan also offers 5G ultra wideband. As 5G becomes increasingly popular and 4G starts to get phased out, different companies will continue finding ways to connect you with better 5G speed and efficiency.

The Plus plan also gives you access to Verizon’s Business Mobile Secure service. Business Mobile Secure helps you protect yourself against phishing, application, network, and web risks. It has high-quality tech support and Wi-Fi protection that protects you against unwanted parties attempting to connect to your network.

This monthly plan starts at $35 per month for five lines or $40 without autopay.

Business Unlimited Pro 2.0

The Unlimited Pro 2.0 plan is by far Verizon's most advanced unlimited business plan. It costs a full $10 more than the Plus plan, coming in at $45 per month or $50 with auto pay for five lines. This means it also comes with plenty more features, from security to customer support, compared with Verizon’s other mobile plans.

While the Plus plan offers 100GB of premium network access, in the pro plan, this access is unlimited. This means that all data and network usage is of Verizon's highest quality.

In addition to that, you can get 50% off all business unlimited tablet pro plans. These devices can be great for businesses to have around, offering more in office utility than your average smartphone. All of this is on top of all the amenities offered by the Plus and Start plans, making it the best cell phone plan for businesses in Verizon’s arsenal.


AT&T offers a selection of business plans, with its cheapest options per line being in the six to 10-line category.

AT&T Business Unlimited Starter

The AT&T Business Unlimited Starter plan starts at $30 per line when you purchase six lines. It comes with up to 10 lines through the unlimited Your Way plan group. It includes unlimited domestic talk, data, and text, alone with unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada.

For those intending to travel themselves, there are also no roaming charges while in Mexico or Canada. This also includes unlimited text from the U.S. to over 200 countries around the world.

You get basic standard definition streaming up to 1.5Mbps, and AT&T ActiveArmor Mobile security with spam-blocking services.

AT&T Business Unlimited Performance

The Business Unlimited Performance plan offers everything the Starter plan does, plus some extra features for $35 per line for six or more lines.

This plan also has ActiveArmor mobile security, but in addition to spam call blocking it also has public Wi-Fi protection and identity monitoring.

While the Started plan only offers a 5GB mobile hotspot, the Performance plan boosts that all the way to 40 GB. You also get 50GB or premium network usage before slowdowns may occur.

All of the international amenities of the Starter plan are included with the Performance plan.

AT&T Business Unlimited Elite

For $40 per month per line, you can get AT&T’s best business plan. One unique feature is AT&T Business Fast Track. This assigns higher priority to your business-eligible data. It also offers full HD and 4K streaming if it is available in your area.

You get 100GB of mobile hotspot access, a 60GB improvement over the Performance Plan. Your network quality will never go down, no matter how much usage you get out of it.

It has the same international amenities as the other plans, such as international calling, but it also includes roaming in 19 Latin American countries at no extra charge.

Any AT&T user who intends to be traveling regularly or has plans throughout North America and Latin America will find this to be an outstanding deal right from activation.


T-Mobile has the widest price range with four different Unlimited business plans for you to choose from.

Business Unlimited Select

The cheapest plan is the Business Unlimited Select plan. This plan costs $25 per line for six lines, and it comes with 50GB of premium data, five GB of high-speed hotspot data, and a scam shield for your protection.

This is all on top of unlimited talk, text, and basic data, which is standard for all plans (prepaid or otherwise) T-Mobile has in this category.

Business Unlimited Advanced

For $30 per line, the Unlimited Advanced plan nets you 100GB of premium data, double what you get with the Select plan. You also get 50GB of hotspot functionality for each phone number, which is ten times what you can get with the cheaper option.

It comes with a scam shield once again, along with four full-flight Wi-Fi sessions for people who need to be able to access their team while traveling.

Business Unlimited Ultimate

If you need unlimited premium data, then the $40 Unlimited Ultimate plan has you covered. You get 100 GB of high-speed hotspot data to boot, meaning you have plenty of network time with no slowdowns on this plan.

Scam Shield is upgraded to its premium model, and Wi-Fi sessions are actually unlimited, meaning you will never lack internet on the plan.

Business Unlimited Ultimate+ for iPhone

Apple users get a special premium option if they are willing to shell out some extra cash. For $50 per line, you get the unlimited premium data of the Ultimate plan plus some other great perks.

You get 200GB of hotspot data, unlimited flight Wi-Fi, and Premium Scam Shield. In addition to that, you get access to Apple Business Essentials and Applecare+. This means you are receiving services from both T-Mobile and Apple with this plan. Of course, for any Samsung or other Android device, this deal is not an option.

Which Business Cell Phone Plan Is the Best?

Each of the big three carriers has impressive plans, but which one is best for you?

If you find yourself flying domestically on a regular basis, T-Mobile has great options for staying connected during flights.

If you are in need of more international options, then AT&T has a variety of ways for your team to connect with other countries without having to pay any extra fees.

Verizon has fewer premium options, but it does have a 5G network and hardware deals for some great small business cell phones available for those who take advantage of its business plans.

Final Verdict

Running a business is by no means easy, but having a solid unlimited phone plan can make it a lot more bearable. Whether you are looking for premium network capabilities, international roaming, or you are just keeping an eye out for low prices, there is a business phone plan out there for you.

Navi can help you sort through all of these options and make the right decision for your business. By accounting for your own preferences, they can help you find the right phone plan to help your business thrive.

Use Navi today to find the best business phone plan for you.

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