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Xfinity Mobile By the Gig Capped Plans

Xfinity By The Gig is Xfinity Mobile's data-capped plan. Capped cell phone plans give you a set amount of data usage for each month and once you hit your monthly limit, you have to pay more to add more data. Xfinity Mobile's By The Gig plan is best for users who don’t need unlimited mobile data and prefer a set amount of data each month.

Xfinity Mobile's By The Gig plan includes deprioritized data only. Although deprioritized data is subject to slowdowns during busy times on the network, reductions in data speed often go unnoticed by all but the heaviest of users. 

A few important things to note about this capped plan:

  • While Xfinity Mobile By The Gig allows you to use your phone as a hotspot, any hotspot usage counts toward your data limit.
  • Xfinity Mobile phone plans at the listed price are only available for Xfinity Internet customers. Otherwise, be ready to pay a hefty surcharge per line, which can come close to doubling your monthly plan price in some cases.
  • Xfinity By The Gig does not include taxes or fees in the advertised price. 

Xfinity Mobile By The Gig Plan

The Xfinity Mobile By The Gig plan is well suited for users looking to save money and mainly use their phone for unlimited talk and text, without much, if any, web browsing. The Xfinity By The Gig plan offers a small amount of deprioritized data per month at a low price, but that price can quickly scale if you go beyond a few GB of data per month. After a certain amount of data use, it's more cost-effective to choose one of Xfinity Mobile's unlimited data plans instead.

Pros and Cons of the Xfinity By The Gig Plan 


  • Xfinity Mobile's By The Gig plan is less expensive than unlimited plans at low data use levels
  • Great for users who don’t mind having capped data usage
  • By The Gig lets you share data across multiple lines, making it a very affordable option for multi-line accounts that use very little data


  • Once you’ve hit your data limit, you either have to pay for more or not use data for the rest of the month’s billing cycle
  • Only available in areas with Xfinity Internet services, and require an Xfinity home Internet subscription to get the listed prices

Xfinity By The Gig Plan FAQs

Q: What is Xfinity Mobile's By The Gig plan?

A: Xfinity Mobile's By The Gig plan is a capped data plan that gives you a set amount of mobile data per month. 

Q: Is Xfinity Mobile's By The Gig plan worth it?

A: If you’re looking to save money and don’t need an unlimited phone plan, Xfinity Mobile's By The Gig plan can be a good choice when picking a new plan.

Where the By The Gig Plan Fits In the Xfinity Mobile Lineup

Xfinity Mobile's By The Gig plan ranges in price depending on how many GB of deprioritized data they include. This capped plan sits separately from Xfinity Mobile’s unlimited data plans, Xfinity Mobile Unlimited and Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plus.

The Bottom Line 

While all the top wireless service providers offer a range of unlimited data plans, not all carriers offer capped plans like Xfinity By The Gig plans. With so many cell phone plans available, it can be difficult to make an informed choice. If you’d like cell phone plan recommendations in a matter of seconds, be sure to try our free, unbiased Plan Finder. We search thousands of plan features from all the top carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Spectrum Mobile, UScellular, and Xfinity Mobile to find the best deals on phone plans that meet your criteria. 

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