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Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited Plan

Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited is Cox Mobile’s only unlimited cell phone plan, designed for cost-conscious consumers. We categorize it as an entry-level plan thanks to the amount of premium data it includes and its price point. Just remember that if you like the look of this plan, you'll need to be a Cox Internet subscriber to get access to it.


Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited Plan Details


Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited: Who Is It Good For?

If you’re looking for reliable 5G coverage at a good price, Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited could be an option worth considering. It includes enough premium data to keep modest data users going – plus unlimited talk and text.

This cell phone plan is for individuals who most often use their mobile phones to talk on the phone and text their friends and family. If you don’t do much video streaming or extensive web browsing, Gig Unlimited could be a good option.

Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited Plan Price

Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited is competitively priced compared to similar entry-level cell phone plans from other MVNOs such as those from Xfinity Mobile, Optimum Mobile, and Spectrum Mobile. Not only that, but Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited offers discounted pricing for additional lines. As you add more lines, the per-line price decreases.

Just remember that the advertised price does not include taxes and fees. These can add between 10-12% to your final monthly bill.

Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited Data

Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited includes premium data, but after you use a certain amount of monthly data, Cox Mobile caps your data speeds to a much slower rate. 

Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited also provides unlimited hotspot data, which is unusual for entry-level data plans, but the same restrictions apply – once you’ve reached that data limit, all data speeds are slowed down, whether on your phone data or when creating a mobile hotspot. 

Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited Add-Ons and Perks

As a no-frills, budget option, Cox Mobile doesn’t include any perks in the plan. If you’re not interested in bundling streaming services or subscriptions, this plan may be a good fit. 

Pros and Cons of Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited


  • Coverage on Verizon's 4G LTE and 5G network
  • Competitively priced compared to similar entry-level plans
  • Enough data for some light streaming and web browsing
  • Decreased cost per line with multi-line pricing
  • Create Wi-Fi hotspots with limited mobile hotspot data


  • After a certain amount of data use, data speeds will slow regardless of 5G reliability
  • No additional perks included
  • Only available to those with a Cox Internet plan

Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited Plan FAQs

Q: What is the Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited Plan?

A: Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited is Cox Mobile's entry-level unlimited plan for budget-conscious shoppers. It is for users who primarily use their phones for texting and calling, and don’t do much streaming or scrolling on socials.

Q: Is the Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited Plan Worth It?

A: Looking for an entry-level plan with multi-line discounts? Then Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited may be a good plan option to consider. 

Q: Can I Bring My Own Phone on a Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited Plan?

A: Yes, you can bring your own phone and get mobile service with no issues on Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited.

Where It Fits Into Cox Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Cox Mobile only offers one unlimited data plan. For users who are even more cost-conscious and don’t use much data at all, Cox Mobile also offers a Pay As You Gig plan, where you pay a flat fee per gig of data you use per month.

The Bottom Line

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