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Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plan

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited is Xfinity Mobile’s most budget-friendly, entry-level unlimited cell phone plan.


Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plan Details


Xfinity Mobile Unlimited: Who Is It Good For?

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited is best suited for users seeking dependable 5G coverage without high-speed hotspot access. This plan is tailored for individuals whose mobile phone usage predominantly revolves around talk and text, and doesn't involve high-data activities like video streaming, extensive web browsing, or high-speed mobile hotspot usage.

Note that while you can, in theory, sign up for Xfinity Mobile plans if you’re not an Xfinity Internet customer, Xfinity will charge you an additional monthly fee on your mobile plan. In some cases, these fees can double the price of your monthly plan. For most folks who aren't already Xfinity Internet customers, it's usually not very cost-effective.

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plan Price

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited is competitively priced compared to similar entry-level plans such as those from Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T. Note that the price does not include taxes and fees, which can add up to 10-12% to the advertised price. If you’re looking for multi-line pricing options, the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan offers discounted pricing for additional lines.

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Data

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited features a solid amount of premium data for an entry-level plan. However, exceeding your data allotment will decrease your speeds to the equivalent of 3G or slower, which is not usable for many. This unlimited cell phone plan does not contain any high-speed hotspot data, but you do get unlimited 3G hotspot data.

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Add-Ons and Perks

Xfinity Mobile does not currently provide many additional benefits, such as bundled streaming services or subscriptions.

Pros and Cons of Xfinity Mobile Unlimited


  • Competitively priced in the entry-level plan category
  • Sufficient amount of data for light streaming and web browsing
  • Multi-line pricing discount
  • 5G and 4G LTE coverage on Verizon's network


  • Data can be slowed after hitting a certain amount of data usage
  • No high-speed hotspot data
  • Only available in areas with Xfinity Internet service, and requires an Xfinity Internet subscription to get the plan at the advertised price
  • During busy times on Verizon's network, data speeds for Xfinity Mobile users will be reduced before data speeds for Verizon customers

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plan FAQs

Q: What is the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan?

A: The Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan is Xfinity Mobile's most budget-friendly entry-level unlimited plan. It is designed for users who do not heavily rely on their mobile phones for activities like streaming or extensive web browsing.

Q: Is the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan worth it?

A: If you’re looking for an entry-level plan with the option of multiple lines, don’t mind being subject to the occasional slowdowns that come with going over your data limit, and don’t require hotspot data usage, Xfinity Mobile Unlimited may be a good fit for you.

Where It Fits In the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Lineup

The Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan is Xfinity Mobile’s most budget-friendly entry-level unlimited data plan. Positioned below Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plus, Xfinity Mobile Unlimited is tailored for users who don't require extensive high-speed data or a high-speed mobile hotspot allocation.

For budget-minded users looking to restrict their data consumption, Xfinity Mobile also offers By The Gig capped plans that enable you to pay only for the amount of data you use.

The Bottom Line

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/mo for 1 line account
Taxes and fees included
Taxes and fees not included
Features (included in the price)
Premium Data
Deprioritized Data
5G or 4G Hotspot
Unlimited 3G (slow)
Video Streaming
International and Travel
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data to Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of full-speed data in Mexico and Canada
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Unlimited Plus
/mo/1 line
Taxes and fees are included
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  • 5G or LTE Hotspot:
    5GB LTE/5G
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