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Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max Plan

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max is Optimum Mobile’s top unlimited data plan. However, by Navi’s standards, we consider this plan more of a middle-of-the-road data option. 


Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max Plan Details


Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max: Who Is It Good For?

For users searching for a plan that goes beyond unlimited talk and text, Optimum Mobile’s mid-level unlimited plan could be worth consideration. 

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max has the most data out of both Optimum Mobile unlimited data plans. That makes it a good choice for users who do a bit of light browsing, some video streaming, and some scrolling on social media. The hotspot data allotment will likely stretch to between three to five mobile hotspot uses per week. 

It is possible to subscribe to Optimum Mobile plans even if you’re not already an Optimum Internet customer. However, if you do that, Optimum will add a hefty surcharge to your bill. Depending on how many lines you have, this can more than double your monthly payment. 

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max Plan Price

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max is priced competitively compared to other mid-level plans from competitors like Cox Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, and Xfinity Mobile. If you’re on an Optimum Internet plan and you’re looking for a mobile plan with a good amount of data but still want to save some money, this plan could be a fit for you.

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max pricing includes multi-line savings, so each additional line goes down in cost.

The only thing to remember is that Optimum Mobile doesn’t include taxes and fees in the advertised price. You can expect taxes and fees to add around 10-12 percent to the final price for your Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max plan.

Looking for a good deal on a new phone or a trade-in? While Optimum Mobile customers get some phone switch or trade-in deals on a new Apple or Samsung device, these deals are typically better with providers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max Data

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max gives you a generous amount of data, but beyond that, once you reach a certain amount of monthly data usage, Optimum Mobile brings your browsing speeds down to 3G. It’s still unlimited, but that’s pretty slow. Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max also includes enough hotspot data to use a couple of times per week.

This amount of data is most likely enough for a typical phone user. Basically, if you don’t use your phone for too many data-heavy activities like video streaming and gaming, and you only use your hotspot no more than five times a week, this plan can work for you. 

If that doesn't sound like you, you may be more interested in an unlimited plan with premium data, so you’ve always got access to the highest data speeds available, like T-Mobile Go5G Plus, T-Mobile Go5G Next, AT&T Unlimited Premium PL, UScellular Even Better Unlimited, and Verizon Unlimited Ultimate.

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max Add-Ons and Perks

If you’re interested in streaming service perks, this plan may not be the right fit for you. Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max doesn’t come with any bundled perks or add-ons. 

Pros and Cons of Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max


  • A cost-effective mid-level plan, especially if you have multiple lines
  • This plan comes with some hotspot data
  • Dependable 5G and 4G LTE coverage on T-Mobile’s network


  • The advertised plan prices are only available to Optimum Internet customers
  • Unlimited data will be slowed to 3G speeds after a certain amount of use

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max Plan FAQs

Q: What is the Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max plan?

A: Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max is Optimum Mobile’s mid-level unlimited data plan. This plan comes with plenty of data and more hotspot data than Optimum Mobile’s entry-level plan.

Q: Is the Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max plan worth it?

A: Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max comes with a generous allowance of data for you to use before speeds are slowed. You also get a good amount of hotspot data included. This plan is a good fit if you’re not interested in any frills or premium data, and you’re shopping on a budget.

Where It Fits in the Optimum Mobile Unlimited Plan Lineup

Optimum Mobile has two unlimited data plans, the entry-level Optimum Mobile Unlimited and the mid-level Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max. Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max is a better fit for heavier data users who want more mobile hotspot data. Optimum Mobile offers some capped data plans as well, which limit your data by the gig. 

You can get a full head-to-head comparison of all unlimited Optimum Mobile plans on our Optimum Mobile Unlimited Plans guide.

The Bottom Line

All major wireless service providers offer at least one, often more unlimited data plans. Plenty of carriers, like Optimum Mobile, include some capped data plans, too. When you start thinking about how many plan options you have available to consider, it can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s where our free, unbiased Plan Finder can help. Just answer a few questions, like who your current provider is, what carriers you’re considering, and what you’re looking for in a cell phone plan. With that info, we’ll find the best plan options for you. 

We search thousands of plan options from all the top carriers – including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Optimum Mobile, UScellular, and Xfinity Mobile – to find the best deals on cell phone plans for your unique circumstances.

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