Zach Weiss Profile

Zach Weiss


Zach Weiss is a skilled data scientist with expertise in analyzing coverage, 5G rollout, promotion strategies, broadband bundling, and the used-device market. With a degree from Middlebury College, Zach has developed a deep understanding of the intricate technicalities of the industry, which he applies to his work to minimize connectivity issues and dropped calls.

Zach's analytical mind extends beyond his professional work. He is passionate about exploring NBA data and using his expertise to uncover new insights into the game. 

His work in data science has earned him a reputation for being detail-oriented, driven, and innovative. He is dedicated to using his expertise to create meaningful change in the industry and beyond. With a keen eye for identifying patterns and trends, Zach can provide valuable insights that help his clients achieve their goals.

When not working, he can be found watching basketball games, tending to his plants, or enjoying a juicy pear.