How to Clear Cache on Android

It is essential to know how to control what data is saved on your phone, and one way is by understanding how to clear your browser cache. iPhones have a unique method of clearing a browser cache, but Android iOS also has a distinct process across the many phones that use the operating system. 

Why Clear My Cache Files?

Whenever you use a browser, information is saved from websites in its cache and cookies. Saving this information allows you to get a streamlined user experience as these sites will remember some of your information. On the other hand, hackers and companies can target cookies and cached data to sell your personal information. Beyond the issue of privacy, this data can also cause loading and formatting issues on certain websites. Regularly clearing your cache can alleviate all of these issues. 

Clearing Your Browser Cache on Android

1. How To Find Your Browser Cache on Android

If you are using Google Chrome as your primary browser, go to the Chrome app on your Android device. 

Your phone will allow you to select a time range that goes as far back as you want. When prompted, 

2. Clearing Your Cache Without Clearing Your History

If you want to clear your cache without clearing your history, you must make sure that you only check the box next to ‘cached images and files.’ If you leave everything else unchecked, only the cache will be deleted, with everything else related to your history remaining untouched. 

3. Clearing Your Cache and History at the Same Time

If you want to clear both, simply check both boxes. Your Android phone gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing how much of your data you want your phone to save on your browser. Checking these boxes will make your browser a blank slate that you can continue clearing regularly. 

4. Choosing a Time Range for Clearing Browsing Data

If the things you want to clear happened in the last few hours, you have the option of only deleting a particular time range from your browser. If you're going to make your browser into a completely blank slate, you can select ‘all time’ when choosing a time range. 

Clearing Your App Cache on Android

Your browser is not the only thing on your phone with a cache for storing data. Individual apps also have a cache, and sometimes clearing it can improve your phone’s performance or free up some space. It should be noted that clearing an app’s storage in addition to your cache will clear all saved data and all passwords. Some apps are not meant to be cleared, like games saved locally on your device or accounts with passwords you do not want to memorize. That being said, if you are interested in clearing your app cache, here is how it works. 

Where Do You Find Your App Cache on Android?

To clear your app cache

How To Find the Biggest Files in Your App Cache

When scrolling through all of your apps, they should indicate how much data they take up under their title. Scrolling through this menu is a good idea if you are trying to figure out which apps are eating away at your storage capacity.

Clearing the Cache for Individual Apps

The process above efficiently clears the cache for whichever app you choose. By scrolling through your apps, you can pick and choose which ones might benefit from a cache purge. 

Can You Clear Your Cache in App Settings?

While clearing a browser cache should be done from the app itself, clearing your app cache should be done from your settings app on your Android device. 

How Often Should You Clear Your Browser Cache?

On your browser, you can ask it not to track your data. This can improve your privacy and minimize the amount of data each app stores. Your cache can help save passwords and make your browser run faster, so if you can avoid a full sweep, you should. However, if you want your browser to be a completely blank slate with none of your data, you can clear your cache at the end of each day.

How Often Should You Clear Your App Cache?

Clearing an app cache is a different story. App caches can contain important passwords and data info. The best time to clear them is when you need the extra space, and you should only do it if you know clearing it would make a substantial difference. You can also clear your cache if the app is starting to bug out or will not start, as this could be a solution. 

Wrapping Up

Phones are central to modern life, and it is vital to maintain them properly. Clearing your data and caches can keep your phone running smoothly, but make sure you do it correctly. If you need help figuring out which phone will provide you with the best service, consider using Navi.Navi is a service that analyzes your needs and helps you choose the best phone without overpaying. Navi uses industry insight to lay out all the best options based on your parameters. Wherever phone you choose, make sure you use the tools at your disposal to maintain it.


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