Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Review

The Samsung Galaxy series is top-of-the-line, with a wide variety of smartphone types. One of their more niche options is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. The Flip3 is unique in that it can fold along its central horizontal seam, which no other brand has attempted with legitimate success.

But Z Flip3 is more than a gimmick phone; it is a bona fide premium phone with plenty of Samsung’s signature features. But with this in mind, does it hold up against the competition? Here is a breakdown of the Galaxy Z Flip3.

Galaxy Z Flip3 Bottom Line:

The fact that the Galaxy Z Flip3 folds is still a fantastic feature that makes it unique to Samsung. The idea is implemented flawlessly and adds to the phone's overall design. The phone is sturdy and easy to hold, which is important with a phone at this price.

Speaking of price, at $999, it is considerably cheaper than the Z Fold 3, the other folding phone. While the Flip3 has fewer features, it is the most accessible foldable phone that Samsung sells.

Additionally,  the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G connectivity functions well, allowing you to use apps and mobile data as you would on any standard Android or iPhone device.

Despite all this, the charging and battery life are sub-par, and the camera system is not up to Samsung’s standards. The phone got a price boost due to the foldability feature, but it is not enough to justify many of the less than stellar components that make up this $1,000 phone.

Who is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Best For?

This phone is built for people who want the latest technology. The folding feature is still really cool and something that many people will want to experience for themselves.

On the other side of that argument is that the phone is not really for anyone else. For the price it is listed, there are a variety of more powerful phones with a wider array of features. If you are not interested in a foldable phone, there is very little that will hold your attention here.

Breaking Down the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 in 2022

Galaxy Z Flip3 Dimensions

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 sports a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED inner display with a 2640 x 1080 resolution. The outer display is a 1.9-inch Super AMOLED screen at 260 x 512. The full dimensions are 6.5 x 2.8 x 0.27 inches when open and 3.4 x 2.8 x 0.67 inches when closed. The Flip3 weighs 6.5 ounces.

Galaxy Z Flip3 Colors

The Galaxy Z Flip3 comes in cream, lavender, green, and phantom black.

Galaxy Z Flip3 Battery Life

The Galaxy Z Flip3 sports a 3,300 mAh battery. This is on the lower end of modern smartphone batteries, giving you five to six hours of continuous use between charges. On top of that, the charging speed is capped at 15W when using a wired connection.

This is one of the more disappointing aspects of the Z Flip3, as most modern smartphones, Android and Apple and others, can outpace it in terms of battery life and charging ability.

Galaxy Z Flip3 Cost

The Z Flip3 costs $999, making it the cheapest foldable phone. The only other foldable phone is the Z Fold3, which folds at the vertical axis. That phone goes up to $1,800 since it is twice the size of the Z Flip3. This also explains the extreme size differential. This is not a cheap phone, but it is downright affordable compared to the Z Fold3.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: Pros

The Galaxy Z Flip3 Is Affordable

The Z Flip3 is not cheap, but the foldability feature is unique and only exists in this model and the Z Fold3. You can’t get the infinity flex display with any other device, which might make the price worth it for you. At $999, this is the only phone you can get for under a thousand dollars that can fold like this.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 Is Durable

The Z Flip3 boasts IPX8 water resistance, a great source of peace of mind. It has Gorilla Glass Victus on the outer display and Samsung’s armor aluminum for the body.

For any adventurous or outdoorsy people, the combination of the the flip phone’s compact design and the durability of the cover screen might make the Flip3 an especially good choice. For selfies and pics in risky places, you’ll have the peace of mind that a drop won’t automatically mean you’ll have to buy a new phone.

This is a tough phone by Samsung standards, which is good given that there are not as many cases that fit this model.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: Cons

The Galaxy Z Flip3 Does Not Have Good Battery Life

3,300mAh is tiny for a Samsung battery, especially because phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra go up to 5,000 mAh. When you factor in the extremely slow charging speed, you are left with a phone that will never let you leave home without your charger. This can be a hassle as the short battery life will not even withstand a trip across the country. You’ll have to invest in adapters and chargers to make sure the phone stays on, though the Flip3 does offer wireless charging.

Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

The main reason to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is to enjoy the gimmick. You can fold the phone into flex mode and get incredible hands-free functionality. With that in mind, that gimmick comes with a price tag of a thousand dollars. Even if you trade in other Samsung electronics, the phone won’t be cheap for what you’re getting.

With the technical specifications, the Z Flip3 has, the simple truth is that you can get better phones for a lower price. This is in no way a bad phone, but the fun gimmick hides a poor value you would get for your money with this product.

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