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Oneplus 10 Pro Review - Cell Phone Buyers Guide

Oneplus is one of the most popular phone brands overseas, and in 2022 the Oneplus 10 Pro finally came to the U.S. In doing so, it brought one of the best and most powerful Android phones to the market here.

Oneplus 10 Pro Overview

The Oneplus 10 Pro is a substantial leap forward for Oneplus, and the product holds its own as a competitor against today’s Samsung and Apple phones.

It has seen a design revamp and plenty of new hardware and software additions. Here is a rundown of everything you can expect from the Oneplus 10 Pro.

What’s the Cost of the Oneplus 10 Pro?

The price of the Oneplus 10 Pro is set at $899, putting it at the higher end of modern smartphones.

Who Is the Oneplus 10 Pro Best For?

The Oneplus 10 Pro is great for people who want the power of a premium Samsung phone without the price.

Breaking Down the Oneplus 10 Pro in 2022


The 10 Pro utilizes a fingerprint-resistant material for the back of the device, with a large section of real estate dedicated to the camera system. The design is a sleek and single color, coming in either volcanic black or emerald forest.


The Oneplus 10 Pro has a 120 Hz Fluid AMOLED with LTPO screen measured at 6.7 inches diagonally with a resolution of 3216 x 1440 pixels 525 PPI.

The screen is made up of Corning Gorilla Glass. The screen features:

  • A natural tone display
  • Image sharpener
  • Video color enhancer
  • Screen color mode
  • Auto-brightness
  • Night mode


The Oneplus 10 cameras feature the main camera, ultra-wide camera, telephoto lens, front camera, and video capabilities.

Some features of the camera include:

  • Nightscape
  • Ultra HDR
  • Smart scene recognition
  • Portrait mode
  • Cat/dog face focus
  • Filters
  • Video HDR
  • Video portrait  

The main camera photographs at 48 megapixels with a pixel size of 1.12µm and has a sensor size of 1/1.43”. The ultra-wide camera photographs at 50 megapixels with a sensor size of 1/2.76”. This lens quantity is 6P.  

The camera’s capabilities include capturing 4k video at 30/60/120 FPS and 8k video at 24 FPS. The video camera also has features such as super slow motion and time-lapse. The high-performance rear and selfie cameras on Oneplus phones stand as a strong point for the device.

Battery Life/Charging

The Oneplus 10 Pro has a 5000mAh battery and comes with an 80q charger. The battery takes only 26 minutes to charge up to 80% of its life. It takes 42 minutes for a full charge, which is seriously fast charging.

With light usage, the phone’s battery can last up to 60 hours, whereas intense use will drop the battery life to 27 hours.

Software/New Features

You can get the Oneplus 10 Pro with Android 12 or OxygenOS 12.1. This operating system is unique to Oneplus as a brand, and it is what the phone ships with by default in most areas. This is currently the most advanced version of the OxygenOS, and it shipped with many bug fixes and upgrades.


The Oneplus 10 Pro uses the Snapdragon Gen 1 chipset, the same one used by other premium phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

This makes it one of the most powerful phones on the market, as it keeps pace with any Android phone. It also has a solid 8GB of RAM, making it a powerhouse of a premium smartphone.

Oneplus 10 Pro: Pros

  1. Rapid Charging
  2. Breathtaking Display
  3. OxygenOS 12

Rapid Charging

The Oneplus 10 Pro leads the industry when it comes to charging speed. Regarding battery life alone, the Oneplus 10 performs better than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra but is poorer than the iPhone 13 Pro.

However, when it comes to charging, the Oneplus shines. It supports 50W, 65W, and 80W charging and can reach a full battery almost half the time as the iPhone 13.

Breathtaking Display

Sitting at 6.7 inches, the Oneplus 10 Pro is a sizable AMOLED display. Depending on your consuming content, its refresh rate will automatically switch between 1Hz and 120Hz. The QHD resolution is the icing on the cake that makes this a competitor against other great smartphone displays.

OxygenOS 12

The Oneplus operating system, OxygenOS, has seen its latest iteration, which ships with the Oneplus 10 Pro. Updates included bug fixes and new dark mode options to bring the OS up to par with what Android is currently putting on the market.

Oneplus 10 Pro: Cons

  1. Limited Color Options
  2. 5G on AT&T Not Available

Limited Color Options

You can only get two colors with the Oneplus 10 Pro: volcanic black or emerald forest. This is far fewer options than the iPhone 13, which has six colors to choose from and a much wider variety of cases built for its particular architecture.

5G on AT&T Not Available

One drawback of the Oneplus 10 Pro is that it is not currently compatible with AT&T 5G. It is compatible with both Verizon and T-Mobile, but at this time, there is no support for 5G if you do not have AT&T. Because the nation’s networks are transitioning to 5G, this could end up being a huge reason not to go with the Oneplus 10 Pro if you have AT&T.

Should You Buy the Oneplus 10 Pro?

Yes, if you’re looking for something different than the mainstream choices.

The Oneplus 10 matches the power, design, and software of premium Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

As a result, it is more than worth a look, especially given that at $899, it is one of the best, most powerful phones you can pick up for under a thousand dollars.

If you have AT&T, the network issues are enough for us to recommend you pass; otherwise, this is a strong competitor for the best phone on the market.

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