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Galaxy S22 vs. Pixel 6: Which Phone Is Better?

The Google Pixel series and the Galaxy S series are two of the most popular Android phone models on the market. For the better part of a decade, Google and Samsung have been continuously upgrading their hardware and software leading up to the Pixel 6 and the S22.

Each phone has different strengths and weaknesses depending on what you’re looking for in a smartphone. Camera quality, price, processing power, and more are all very different between the two phones.

To help you decide which one is best for you, Navi has put together some of the differences between the Google Pixel 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Galaxy S22 vs. Pixel 6: Price

The first thing many consumers are going to notice is the price tag. The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes in at $799 for the base model, making it pricey as far as smartphones go but still the cheapest modern Samsung Galaxy phone.

Samsung achieved this by delivering a line of Samsung Galaxy S22 models with upgraded features and toning down the base S22. This means that the Galaxy S22 is the weakest of its line of phones; however, because of the Galaxy’s strong track record, it is still a very powerful device.

The Google Pixel series prides itself on being an accessible and affordable phone, with the base Google Pixel 6 being $599. Despite being a premium smartphone, this price puts it on the lower end as far as modern models go. Today’s Samsung, Apple, and other smartphone brands tend to be significantly more expensive, making the Google Pixel 6 a very competitive option.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has a lot of features that it employs to justify its higher price tag. However, if cost is your main concern when comparing these devices, then the Google Pixel 6 is the clear winner.

Galaxy S22 vs. Pixel 6: Display

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has a 6.1-inch panel with 425 PPI. The display can also switch between 120Hz and 48Hz, depending on your needs at the time. The Google Pixel 6 can only switch between 60Hz and 90Hz, making it more limited in its display options. It also only gets 411 PPI.

The thing that puts the Pixel 6 ahead is a 6.4-inch screen. The extra size is seen in the phone’s larger width, which increases the overall size of the screen. While it is not as advanced as the S22’s screen, it is a solid option for people who want a slightly larger phone.

Galaxy S22 vs. Pixel 6: Camera Quality

Previous Google phones utilized a 12.2MP sensor for their cameras, while the Google Pixel 6 uses an upgraded 50MP main camera. The model’s second lens is a 12MP ultrawide option.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 utilizes the same main and ultrawide lenses as the Google Pixel 6. In addition to these, it also adds a 10MP telephoto lens and 3x optical zoom, making it a much more complex camera system than what Google uses.

The Pixel 6 does have ultra res zoom as a software feature, but overall it simply has less going on compared with the Galaxy S22. Add on the fact that the selfie camera for the Pixel 6 is only 8MP compared to Samsung’s 10MP and you are left with a considerably less advanced camera system.

The Galaxy S22 wins this round for its large breadth of options, even though both phones have fantastic camera systems.

Galaxy S22 vs. Pixel 6: Battery Life

As far as battery life goes, the Google Pixel 6 has an objectively higher capacity. It boasts a 4,614 mAh for battery size, which puts it slightly above average when compared to other premium smartphones. Another plus is that Google claims it can charge at 30W if you use a Google-made charger. This means faster charging (and wireless charging) to complement the larger battery capacity.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 lags behind with a 3,700 mAh battery and 25W wired charging. This is actually faster than the base 21W that Google offers but slower than the 30W google charging option. These put the Samsung Galaxy S22 on the lower end of smartphones when it comes to battery life and charging.

While neither of these phones is an elite option when it comes to battery life, the Google Pixel 6 simply has more options and a higher battery capacity. With almost a thousand mAh more than the S22, the Pixel 6 is the clear winner in this category.

Galaxy S22 vs. Pixel 6: Processing Power

In this category, the Samsung Galaxy S22 takes a more conventional route. The device uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the most advanced Snapdragon processing unit on the market and a very popular option for Android phones. It is 5G compatible and has a seventh-generation AI Engine that allows for processing speeds up to four times higher than any previous processing unit. The X65 5G Modem-RF System allows for unprecedented processing speeds in the world of modern smartphones.

The Google Pixel 6 deviates from both previous models and the competition with a more experimental in-house option. The Pixel 6 uses a Google Tensor processing chip, which allows for enhanced machine learning features. The Tensor is heavily AI-driven, but it does not maximize performance like the S22 does.

While it will be interesting to follow future iterations of the Google Tensor chip, it is not in a position to match the high-level Qualcomm processing units at this time. As a result, the Samsung Galaxy S22 has better processing options.

Galaxy S22 vs. Pixel 6: Conclusion

While both of these are great phones, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is a more advanced phone overall. It has a more complex camera system and a tried and true Qualcomm processing unit that makes it one of the most advanced phones on the market.

That being said, that quality is reflected in the price, which may be a barrier for some consumers. People who want reliable battery life and lower costs will find themselves more at home purchasing a Google Pixel 6.

The Google Pixel series has a lot of room for growth, and it is a great budget option for customers, but the Samsung Galaxy S22 makes use of every cent of its high price point.

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