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What Are the Best No-Contract Phone Plans in 2022?

What Is a No-Contract Phone Plan?

Big-name telecommunications carriers tend to put the most money and effort into promoting their postpaid unlimited plans. These plans involve a monthly payment with adjustments made for any overages. These plans are built on a contract, often offering lower prices for more extended contracts.

In contrast to these types of plans, no-contract plans are generally paid upfront with no ongoing contract set up. Users pay once or month to month depending on their needs, and at no point do they have to commit to a long-term deal.

Why Get a No-Contract Phone Plan?

The most obvious benefit of a no-contract plan is the freedom to pay for only what you need instead of committing to something in the long run. You can pay for the amount of talk, text, and high-speed data you think fits your routine.

You have the opportunity to switch carriers at the end of every month, and you will rarely have to undergo a credit check for one of these plans. You will also never have to pay any overage costs because you will only ever get what you pay for.

Are There Downsides To a No-Contract Phone Plan?

These phone plans tend to be cheaper than postpaid plans because they do not have bells or whistles. The unlimited postpaid plans with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all come with extra features like hotspot data and entertainment subscriptions.

These drive up the price, but they also give the users a lot for their money, especially for large family units. You do not have access to any of this on a no-contract plan.

It can also be a hassle to adapt your plan if you ever find yourself needing more talk, text, or data speeds than you allotted. You will have to pay for more, and if you end up using these services in amounts that rival what an unlimited plan would offer, you can find yourself paying more.

This all boils down to a single thing: it’s critical to know what you need as a customer. If you want to get a phone plan for your five-person household, then an unlimited plan on a contract could be the best deal.

The Best No-Contract Phone Plan Options

A no-contract plan might be better if you only need your phone for unlimited talk and text plus a few GB of data usage per month.

The Best Budget No-Contract Phone Plan: Tello’s Economy Plan

When your primary concern is your budget, Tello’s economy plan is a great, low-cost option. For $10 per month, you can get 1GB of data and unlimited talk and text. If you aren’t someone who uses their phone to connect to the internet, this is a fantastic deal that no other phone company rivals.

Tello runs off of T-Mobile’s network, making it a solid option in terms of speed and coverage. If you plan to use any data at all, then Tello will be too limited for you, but for people who just want talk and text, Tello is a great option.

The Best No-Contract Phone Plan With 5G: Visible Unlimited Data Plan

The best 5G plan you can get on a no-contract deal is the Visible unlimited data plan. You get unlimited, uncapped 5G usage for $40 per month with this plan.

You can also lower this further by bundling four plans together, dropping the price to $25 per month per line. You also get an unlimited mobile hotspot, which alone allows it to compete with just about any mobile plan on the market.

This is a great deal when you factor in how cheap this is, even compared to budget phone plans with no extra features. Visible runs on Verizon’s network and also comes with talk and text to Canada and Mexico.

The Best No-Contract Phone Plan for Families: Boost Mobile

Most prepaid plans do not come with family discounts, as one of the draws of a no-contract plan is the presence of single-line options.

However, Boost Mobile comes with an unlimited plan option that offers three lines for only $30 per line. Each of these lines comes with unlimited data, talk, and text. This can apply after your first payment of $100, and it is only an option for new customers.

Boost was previously with AT&T, and it is now moving over to T-Mobile. Boost also supports 5G devices for a 5G cellular connection as well.

What Is the Best No-Contract Phone Plan With Unlimited Data?

Once again, this one goes to Visible for their prepaid unlimited plan.

There are no other companies that provide unlimited data, unlimited and uncapped hotspot usage, and unlimited talk and text for the price laid out by Visible. Even postpaid plans do not hit prices like what Visible offers with all of the features provided by these plans.

When you combine this with the low prices for four or more lines, it ends up being the best family plan if you have a large enough family unit. As far as no-contract plans go, Visible’s unlimited option is easily at the front of the pack against small and large companies alike.

Wrapping Up

Choosing your plan is difficult, especially if you are looking for no-contract plans, which tend to be advertised poorly. Navi is a service that can help you analyze your needs to determine the best possible phone plan for you. Whether you need a cheap option or unlimited data, Navi can help you find the no-contract option that fits your routine.

Finding a no-contract plan can be complicated, but there are enough plans out there that there will always be one that fits your parameters. Use tools like Navi to make sure you are making the right decision.


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