The Best No-Contract Phone Plans in 2023

Everyone needs a quality phone plan, but no one likes being locked into a years-long contract with a bad plan provider. After all, what happens if you get a new phone plan but find that your data is being throttled just a few months and your contract?

Fortunately, you don’t have to stick with a phone contract for years on end. In fact, you can instead pursue some of the best no-contract phone plans in 2023. No-contract phone plans are flexible, versatile, and perfect for folks on a budget who still need an individual mobile plan for their own phone or a family plan. Let’s take a closer look.

What Are No-Contract Phone Plans?

No-contract phone plans, also calledprepaid phone plans, are exactly what they sound like: phone plans that you pay for ahead of time or that don’t require a contract.

For example, a normal phone contract might last for two years. Each month, you pay a regular monthly price (plus any extra fees or penalties) to the phone plan provider, like AT&T or Verizon. You don't pay for the full two years of service upfront.

With a no-contract phone plan, it’s the opposite. You pay for a few weeks, months, or years of phone service all at once. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about breaking a contract and paying another fee if you decide you want to switch to another provider.

Most no-contract phone plans are only for a few months of time, however. That means you’ll have tocontinually re-sign up for the prepaid phone plan of your choice. It’s not a big deal if you can remember, but it’s something to consider when selecting the right phone plan for your needs.

You can get no-contract data plans for iPhones, Android phones, and more. They’re available with 4G LTE data or 5G hotspot data connectivity, depending on the service plan provider, if you have a compatible device. Just keep in mind that most plans require SIM card activation and autopay if you want to re-subscribe to the same plan provider.

Why Get a No-Contract Phone Plan in 2023?

Simply put, because of predatory contract clauses and long contracts.

Many consumers have been burned in the past by signing up for a phone plan that looks good on the surface, only to include high fees or other negative clauses hidden within all the legalese. In some cases, it’s practically impossible to escape from a phone plan that you’re locked into, at least without paying hundreds of dollars or having to give up your device.

With a no-contract phone plan, you can get phone service from a provider for a few months, then decide whether you want to stick with them or switch to a different provider, no strings attached.

Furthermore, a no-contract phone plan might be advantageous if you only need phone service in a specific area for a few months. For instance, if you take a business trip to the US or Europe, then plan to return to your home continent, a no-contract phone plan could be just the ticket so you avoid paying expensive roaming or international data fees.

What Are the Top No-Contract Phone Plans of 2023?

If you’re looking for a stellar no-contract phone plan for the next year, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at six quality prepaid phone plans one by one.

Best Overall Plan – Tello Economy

Tello’s Economy plan is a phenomenal prepaid plan, bar none. It’s a low-cost monthly plan, clocking in at just $10 per month, and offers free international calls, thus making it a great choice for travelers or businesspeople. When it comes to cheap no-contract plans, there’s nothing better.

On the downside, you only get onegigabyte of data, though you do get unlimited talking and texting along with mobile hotspot usage. You get free calls within the US and to 60 other countries, like Canada and Mexico. But there aren't any discounts for multiple lines, and you are throttled to the 2G network speed once your high-speed data is used up.

If you have some extra cash to spare (which you may, given its low upfront price), you can spend more money on this plan with pay-as-you-go credit. Note that the plan connects phones to theT-Mobile phone carrier network.

Best Group No-Contract Phone Plan – Visible Unlimited

Have a group that you need to secure a phone plan for? Visible Unlimited's no-contract phone plan could be the perfect choice for your needs.

It’s $30 per month and offers unlimited data, although you have to keep in mind that you may experience slow data download speeds during periods of high Internet traffic, such as during prime time on the weekends. That said, there’s no cap on your personal high-speed data access, so this could be a great plan if everyone in your family likes to stream media to their devices.

Pricing is fairly transparent, as all taxes and potentially applicable fees are included in your contract right up front. There's also no annual contract option. This plan limitation could be a con, depending on your preferences, but it's altogether an excellent option. The plan is bolstered by the fact that it runs on the Verizon 5G network, provided you have a capable device. You get international coverage, including talk and text, to the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

Most Versatile No-Contract Phone Plan – Mint Mobile Unlimited

Mint Mobile Unlimited is the most versatile no-contract phone plan around. It's $30 per month and gives you access to unlimited data, as its name suggests, despite being one of the smallercarrier networks. With that unlimited data, you can surf the web to your heart's desire, plus enjoy free calls to Canada and Mexico. You also get 5 GB of free hotspot usage: perfect for connecting your laptop to your phone's network in a pinch.

You can sign up for this no-contract phone plan with three, six, or 12-month contract time frames, offering unparalleled flexibility. Unfortunately, there isn't a month-to-month payment option, and if you want to secure the low $30 per month price, you have to pay for a year in advance.

Furthermore, your data speeds slow significantly down after you use 35 GB of data. All that said, this is a great choice if you want to try out Mint Mobile for a trial period without locking yourself into a contract that lasts for several years.

Best Unlimited Prepaid Plan – Boost Mobile Unlimited

Boost Mobile offers a stellar Unlimited plan for just $25 per month. You get unlimited talk, text, and data for that price, which includes taxes and fees. Even better, you aren't tied to a 12-month upfront payment if you want to secure that rate. You just have to be a new Boost customer, which, unfortunately, locks current customers out of the offer.

Still, this plan has a lot to like, including 5G access plus another 30 GB of high-speed data per month (note that your data speeds will seriously slow if you go through this allotment). You also get hotspot access, though the hotspot pulls from your high-speed data allotment each time.

One more thing – you must set up automatic payments to get the $25 per month rate. That's a relatively small price to pay for all the benefits included in this arrangement, however, so consider it if you're looking for an easy-to-understand, affordable no-contract phone plan.

Best Under 10GB No-Contract Phone Plan – Mint Mobile 10 GB Plan

What if you only need a handful of gigabytes for your data usage? Mint Mobile has you covered with its 10 GB plan.

It’s only $20 per month, and you get the titular 10 GB of high-speed data each time your contract renews. You only get prepaid contracts with this plan. While that sounds like a plus, keep in mind that you do have to pay for 12 months upfront for the lowest rate.

On the plus side, you always have the option to purchase more high-speed data during your monthly timeframe if you need it in an emergency. You can also upgrade your current plan before contract expiration, making it ideal if you run into a situation where you need extra data for one month but want to return to the previous 10-month limit in the next month.

Best No-Contract Phone Plan for Multiple Lines – Google Fi Simply Unlimited

You can’t forget Google Fi’s Simply Unlimited plan, which is perfect for those looking for a no-contract phone plan that offers multiple lines at once. It’s a little pricier than the other options at $60 per month, but each line gets unlimited data, so it’s a pretty good deal in that respect.

You also get 35 GB of high-speed data each month, plus the option to purchase even more data during a monthly contract period. Each user gets access to a virtual private network or VPN, enabling secure Internet surfing and downloading: a key concern when using your phone in a public place. Parents may further enjoy this plan, as it comes with parental controls to monitor kids’ browsing habits and block certain websites.

Just remember that this plan doesn’t come with any data while traveling internationally. All in all, it could be a great family no-contract phone plan, but it’s not the best for solo businesspeople or travelers constantly on the go.

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