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Hey Siri Not Working: 11 Quick Fixes

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“Hey Siri, what’s the weather like today?”


“Hey Siri, are you there?”

More silence.

“Hey Siri, why are you ghosting me?”

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you might rely on Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, to help answer your questions, set alarms, make calls, and add items to your grocery list. When you say, “Hey Siri,” you expect an answer. So, it can be pretty frustrating when Siri leaves you hanging.

The good news is most Siri issues aren't too tough to resolve after a bit of troubleshooting. We've gathered a list of the top 11 most common fixes to get Hey Siri up and running in no time.

How to Troubleshoot Hey Siri

If you're an iPhone user wondering, "Why is my Hey Siri not working?" — don't worry. One of these fixes should get Siri to respond the way you're used to. We've organized our list of troubleshooting ideas in order of easiest to most difficult, so just work your way down the list until Hey Siri is working again. 

Most Hey Siri issues fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Connectivity issues
  • Settings that need to be reset or reconfigured
  • Microphone issues

If troubleshooting fails and it's time for a new iPhone (or if you're an Android user looking to make the switch from Hey Google to Hey Siri), Navi can help. Just try our free, unbiased Phone Deal finder below to find best phone deals on the latest iPhones.

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Check Your Internet Connection

The first and simplest reason Hey Siri is not working is that your iPhone may not be connected to your WiFi or mobile data. Siri needs an Internet connection to work for certain requests

If you're in an area without cellular service, you won't be able to use Hey Siri until your connection returns to search the web, get weather updates, or other activities that require the Internet. Likewise, if your WiFi connection is weak or unstable, Siri might not work as you expect it to. Just wait until your data or WiFi connection returns, then try Hey Siri again. If you're in a hurry, you can try a few of these tricks to boost cell signal quickly.

Check Siri Is Enabled 

If you just treated yourself to a brand new iPhone, like the iPhone 15, you may need to enable Siri before it will work as expected. Don't worry — this is an easy fix. Here's how to set up Siri on a new iPhone:

  • Go to your iPhone settings.
  • Scroll down to "Siri & Search."
  • Switch on Siri and tell your phone what to listen for — default phrases are "Hey Siri" and "Siri."
  • For added ease, you can turn on the settings "Allow Siri When Locked" and "Press Side Button for Siri."

This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but it's always a good idea to make sure Siri is enabled if you notice Hey Siri not working.

Check You Can Hear Siri

Sometimes, Siri can hear you, but you can't hear Siri, which can make you feel like Siri isn’t working. This is another easy fix. Just check your settings again to see if Siri has been silenced:

  • Open "Siri & Search" in settings.
  • Select "Siri Responses."
  • Choose "Prefer Spoken Responses" to hear Siri's spoken responses every time you ask something. Be aware that choosing this setting means Siri will speak responses aloud even when Silent Mode is on.
  • If you choose "Automatic" or "Prefer Silent Responses," Siri will not always give an audible answer.

Check for iOS Updates

Apple frequently releases bug patches and fixes through iOS updates. If your iPhone's operating system is not up-to-date, this could be the reason why Hey Siri is not working. Go to your settings, check to see if your iPhone is behind on software updates, and update iOS if there's an update available.

Staying on top of iOS updates is important for other reasons, especially when it comes to keeping your personal data safe. Consider turning automatic updates on so you don't miss any important security patches or new iPhone features in the latest version of iOS.

Make Sure Do Not Disturb Isn't On

Some users report that Do Not Disturb mode interferes with Siri's responsiveness. If you say Hey Siri and hear no response, check your DND setting. If it's on, simply turn off Do Not Disturb and try again. This could resolve your issues with Siri's responsiveness. You also have the option to switch on “Prefer Spoken Responses” as we discussed in one of the earlier sections, which will let Siri override Do Not Disturb mode and provide a spoken reply no matter what.

Turn Off Your Earbuds

Siri might not be able to hear you — and vice versa — if your phone is connected to AirPods or other wireless headphones. Siri could be listening to your voice on your earbuds rather than on your phone's built-in mic, which could be a problem if your earbuds are in another room. Equally, Siri might be replying – but only sending sound to your earbuds, rather than from your phone’s speaker.

To troubleshoot this problem, disconnect all Bluetooth accessories and try again. You can also try turning off Bluetooth altogether to see if Siri will hear you and respond with this feature disabled.

Turn Your Phone Off and On Again

You can't go wrong with the classic, catch-all troubleshooting tip: turning your phone off and on again. Sometimes phones just glitch for no reason, so rebooting is a good step to try when any feature of your phone isn't working, not just when Hey Siri isn't working. 

Press and hold the right side button and either of the two volume buttons and drag the slider to turn your phone off. Wait a few seconds, then press and hold the right side button until you see the Apple logo.

Reconfigure Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay allows you to connect some of your iPhone apps and functions to your car. Even while driving, you can make calls or texts through Siri. While convenient, sometimes CarPlay can act up and not work as expected with Siri. 

Troubleshoot this problem by disconnecting your phone from CarPlay. You may need to tell your car to "forget" your device, reconnect, and try again. To do this, go to Settings >  General > CarPlay > Forget This Car. Alternatively, if you use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your vehicle, try a different USB cable.

Confirm Siri Recognizes Your Voice

If Hey Siri isn't responding to your requests reliably, it's possible Siri doesn't recognize your voice. If so, you can go into your settings and retrain Siri to recognize your voice better. To do this, go to "Siri & Search" in your settings app and click "Listen for." Switch this setting off and back on again, and you'll be prompted to set up Siri again with a quick retraining session. 

Check Your Microphone

Last but not least, if you've checked and reconfigured all possible Siri settings and it still isn't working, check your microphone for a physical obstacle. An iPhone's microphone port can fill with dust, lint, and other small particles from carrying it around in pockets and bags. Eventually, this debris can block your mic and prevent Siri from hearing you. 

Try gently cleaning the grille with a microfiber cloth, but be very careful. Microphone hardware is delicate, and you want to avoid puncturing a grille or pushing in more debris. Don't use compressed air, as this can cause further damage. If in doubt, contact Apple support and take it to the manufacturer or carrier for diagnosis and cleaning.

We've talk about a few DIY fixes for how to clean your iPhone charging port, and many of the same tips apply for cleaning your microphone. Go slow, be gentle, and, when in doubt, go to the professionals for help.

Repair Your Microphone 

Occasionally, iPhone microphones break. If this is the case, Hey Siri not working will be the least of your problems because your iPhone won't be able to hear anything you say, and phone calls won't even work. There's no DIY fix for a broken microphone, so you'll have to contact Apple support or take your phone to the Apple store or an authorized location for repairs.

The Bottom Line

It's frustrating when Hey Siri isn't working, but there are many troubleshooting options to try before throwing in the towel. If your iPhone is on its last leg and you need to start shopping for a new one, explore iPhone 15 deals, or shop for an older model to save a few bucks while still enjoying on-demand help from Siri – iPhone 6s models and beyond have the Hey Siri feature. Check out our free, unbiased Phone Deal Finder for the best phone deals right now on a variety of iPhone models.

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