Which Providers Have the Best Data Usage Plans?

When choosing a new provider for your cell service, it’s important to consider data usage plans. After all, we use data daily to text, look at photos, surf the web, and view media. The more data a provider gives, the better value they offer to us, the users!

But how can you tell which providers of the best data usage plans? We've broken down the top cell service providers one by one. Feel free to use this resource when deciding on a new provider for your phone plan!

The Top Cell Providers Ranked

There are lots of cell service providers you can choose from, but we’ve collected six of the best to consider. Each is better for a different user or unique need, but each has a different cost per billing cycle.

Mint Mobile: The Best Budget Unlimited Data Plan

Mint Mobile, although it is lesser-known than the other options, is ultimately the most affordable unlimited data plan you’ll find, bar none.

It offers unlimited nationwide talk and text, unlimited data (although it does reduce your data download speeds after you “spend” 35 GB), and 5G mobile hotspot functionality. On top of that, you get free international calls to Mexico and Canada, Wi-Fi calling and texting, and even SIM card kits.

The price? Just $15 a month. Talk about budget-friendly! This is easily one of the best choices for folks who need something affordable and flexible. You have to purchase three months upfront, so it does require a bit of a commitment.

Verizon: The Best 5G Unlimited Data Plan

Verizon is also well known as one of America’s top mobile service providers, and for a good reason. It’s fully functional, has a robust support network, and has pretty good coverage.

Should you choose an unlimited data plan from Verizon, you'll benefit from download and media streaming speeds up to 10 times faster than other providers, plus six different entertainment service subscriptions available. You can also pivot from your cellular data service plan to 5G home Internet for just $25 monthly.

Verizon's unlimited data plan is the best because it offers true 5G Unlimited functionality and connectivity. The plans start at $35 per line per month but go up to $55. No matter your plans, you’ll enjoy fast 5G connectivity everywhere you go. Verizon is a favorite mobile data provider for Android users.

T-Mobile: The Best Unlimited Plan for Max Coverage

That said, T-Mobile possibly has the best unlimited 5G data plan for maximum coverage. This is due to T-Mobile's high-quality cellular service infrastructure, which enables you to benefit from consistent talking and texting practically anywhere in the country, even in rural areas not covered by Verizon.

This company’s unlimited data plan includes unlimited 5G and 4G LTE data, nationwide 5G coverage, unlimited talk and text, and a host of other perks. Though plans are a bit pricey, starting at $90 a month, you’ll have to decide if an unlimited cellular data limit is worth the cost.

Xfinity Mobile: The Best Unlimited Data Plan for Comcast Users

Xfinity Mobile also offers a pretty good data usage plan, particularly for Comcast customers. This company’s mobile plans begin at just $15 a line a month, but you can get unlimited data for $30 a month as soon as you add four lines to your plan in total. Nationwide 5G is included at no extra cost: a major benefit considering that most other data providers require you to pay a bit extra for 5G connectivity.

The plan is also exceptionally flexible since you can switch between unlimited data and “by the gig” data plans whenever necessary. The latter choice lets you just pay for the data you actually use.

AT&T: The Best Unlimited Data Plan for a Hotspot

Then there’s AT&T’s unlimited data plan option. It’s a particularly good choice if you take advantage of hotspot functionality regularly, such as when you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi router.

Nationwide 5G data plans range from $35 per line per month if you have four lines in total, and they go up to $50 per line per month for unlimited data in addition to unlimited talking and texts. The higher-tiered plans also give you a whopping 50 GB of hotspot data per line per month for your AT&T phones!

Cricket Wireless: The Best Unlimited Plan With a Prepaid Phone

Last but not least are the data plans offered by Cricket Wireless. This plan requires you to use a prepaid phone compatible with the broader Cricket network. But should your phone qualify, you’ll get great prices that start at $25 per line per month and go up to $33 per line per month.

These plans enable you access to unlimited 5G data, up to 15 gigs of mobile hotspot data, and subscription benefits for services like HBO Max. However, this isn’t the best plan if you love to stream video frequently, as you’ll only get access to unlimited standard definition streaming instead of high-definition streaming.

How To Find the Best Plan for You

Each of the above service plans has its positives and downsides. But only you can determine which is right for your needs. The best way to figure out the best plan for you is to consider three key factors.

1. Set Your Budget

First, set a flat budget that you promise not to go above. By setting a budget, you can automatically disqualify cell service providers that are too expensive for your wallet. That way, you can pick up a more affordable choice, like Mint Mobile’s plan.

Remember, nothing stops you from upgrading to a new service provider later down the road. But the last thing you want is to pay too much for cell services, especially since picking up a new phone will likely cost you several hundred dollars.

2. Read Reviews

The next good idea is to read reviews for each cell provider or data service plan. For example, if one provider seems to have better reviews than another, that could indicate that said provider’s customers are more satisfied with them overall.

When in doubt, go with what other people recommend. It’s the best way to make sure you don’t get stuck with a service provider whose customer service has a less than sterling reputation.

Reading reviews also informs you whether a company is honest about its data use policies or the amount of data you get with a plan. For example, you don’t want to sign up for a company that ostensibly allows you unlimited mobile data usage, only to charge you overage fees all the time.

3. Check Your Phone’s Compatibility

Lastly, make sure your chosen phone is appropriate for the cell service provider you have in mind! Certain phones can go with certain providers and vice versa. You can’t always guarantee that your mobile device will qualify for a given data plan.

For example, each of Cricket Wireless’s data plans has to go with a Cricket phone. It’s how the company keeps its users in the network. Other providers partner with specific phone manufacturers, like Apple and its iPhones.

The Bottom Line

These cell service providers could be a great pick for you and your family. Be sure to consider their pricing points, included features, and data caps, so you end up with a service provider that works for you instead of the other way around!

Navi makes this easy with our plan navigator page. Here, you can compare many different service plans and data providers against each other, finding the perfect one for your needs and your wallet quickly and easily.


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