Galaxy Phones: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Samsung is a powerhouse in the smartphone world, manufacturing more Android devices than any other company. There are a wide variety of very different phones, with a wide range of price points and technical specifications within the Galaxy brand. As with all the best Samsung phones, these choices are avalable across almost all major carriers, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

Unlike Apple, whose iPhones are basically the same device released year after year, Galaxy cell phones have consistently included a wide range of interesting designs and awesome functionality, and always finds ways to stay fresh. Still, it can be tough to keep track of all your options, so here is a rundown of the Samsung Galaxy phones.

What’s the Most Recent Galaxy Phone?

One of Samsung’s most popular lines is the Galaxy S series. As of 2022, the most recent iteration of this is the Samsung Galaxy S22. This includes the S22, the S22+, and the S22 Ultra, ordered from least powerful to most powerful. All three are premium phones, and the upgraded versions have improved battery life, performance, and more.

How Much Does a Galaxy Phone Cost?

The Galaxy series is so varied that it has many different price points. Some of their phones are solidly within a three-figure range, while others, like the Galaxy Z Flip 3, go up to $1,800. That said, Galaxy phones are not budget phones, and their premium design will usually come out on the higher half of average smartphone prices.

What Are the 4 Best Galaxy Phones?

  1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  2. Samsung Galaxy S22
  3. Samsung Galaxy S22+
  4. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a powerhouse, building on the base S22 to provide one of the most advanced smartphones of 2022. It runs on the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Android 12 out of the box. The camera system is best-in-class, and the 5,000mAh battery is as large as any you will find today.

While many of these things are present in the base S22, the S22 Ultra includes a built-in S Pen, a feature taken from the Galaxy Note. This completely changes the way users can interface with their devices, opening up many accessibility options. The AMOLED display is top-of-the-line, with a 3088x1440 screen that blows the competition out of the water.

All of this comes with a very literal price. At $1,199, this is one of the most expensive smartphones, Samsung or otherwise. You could trade in your Galazy S20 or Galaxy S21 FE and knock the price down a bit, but thre’s no way to get the S22 Ultra for a low price. As advanced as the S22 Ultra is, there are other phones out there that can do similar things for a better price.

Samsung Galaxy S22

The base Galaxy S22 is less impressive than the S22 Ultra, but it has a wide variety of premium features with a price tag of only $799. Despite being significantly cheaper than the S22 Ultra, many components of the S22 are similarly advanced. It runs on the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, and the camera system is equally impressive. Additionally, all three S22 models are water resistant.

The Galaxy S22 sacrifices battery life and resolution, but only compared to the S22 Ultra. Compared to other premium smartphones, the S22 still has a respectable 3,700mAh battery and a 2340x1080 AMOLED display.

The Galaxy S22 is a much more competitively priced smartphone, and more people will find it in their price range while still receiving a premium phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22+

The Galaxy S22+ sits squarely between the base S22 and the S22 Ultra. It lacks the S pen stylus and visual quality of the Ultra, but it still beats out the base model in battery life, display, and charging ability. Like the other two versions, the S22+ has a fantastic camera system and an impressive CPU.

The S22+ comes in at $999, putting squarely in the middle of the other two phones in the series. It strikes a strong middle ground between the two, justifying its existence by providing many options that people might have wished were in the base model, such as longer battery life and a better screen.

This is a great phone for people who want a premium experience but are unwilling to pay more than a thousand dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung is far from a one-trick pony, and in addition to the S22 series, we have niche phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It is a technological marvel that does not have a legitimate parallel in the industry. The primary allure of the Z Fold 3 is the phone’s ability to fold in on itself on a vertical axis in the center.

Like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Z Fold 3 comes with an S pen. The nature of the phone means that there is plenty of screen real estate to use the pen on, making it a great addition. The camera system does not live up to the standard set by the S22 series, but it includes a telephoto lens and is still competitive with the rest of the industry.

Where competition becomes a little tougher is in the price. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a whopping $1,800 at retail price, making it significantly more expensive than your average premium smartphone. While the foldable phone is unique, factors like battery life and camera quality are better than other phones, making the high price point a big barrier.

How To Decide Which Galaxy Phone Is Best for You?

Galaxy phones encompass many different mobile phone needs, and you can probably find one that is right for you. You can purchase the Galaxy phones on Amazon, or head to your carrier’s brick and mortar store or a Best Buy to get the activation done on the spot. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the most advanced phones in the world, and it is great for people willing to shell out some extra cash.

If you are not, the base S22 is still a great option if you want a premium phone. If you want something more niche, you could look into the Z Flip 3.

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