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Xfinity Mobile Compatible Phones: 35+ Cell Phone Options

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Xfinity Mobile, owned by Comcast, is a wireless carrier available to anyone subscribed to an Xfinity Internet plan. If that’s you and you’re in the market for a new cell phone, you’ll want to take a look at our running list of the latest Xfinity Mobile phone deals available now. But first, let’s review  phones compatible with Xfinity Mobile.

While you’re looking for a phone compatible with Xfinity Mobile, you might be thinking about what cell phone plan to choose, too. Xfinity Mobile offers plans at a compelling price point, but it’s more of a no-frills option compared to the Big Three like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. If you’re not that interested in streaming services or other perks like that, Xfinity Mobile plans could be a good fit. As an MVNO, it doesn’t have its own cell towers, but piggybacks off Verizon’s network, which is very reliable. 

Sound good so far? The next step is to make sure you get a compatible device that will work with Xfinity Mobile’s network.

Let’s get into the list of phones that work with Xfinity Mobile. In short, most iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Google Pixel phones are all compatible with Xfinity Mobile. If you bought an Android like a Motorola or an LG phone directly from Xfinity Mobile, those phones are also compatible. We’ve got the full list of phones available at Xfinity Mobile below.

Once you’ve zeroed in on the Xfinity Mobile compatible phone for you, let our free, unbiased Phone Deal Finder below show you the best phone deals you qualify for at Xfinity compared to the latest offers from other top carriers. 

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Phones Compatible With Xfinity Mobile: What Devices Are Available?

Xfinity Mobile sells phones from top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Google, and Motorola. Here’s a breakdown of the phones available for purchase on Xfinity Mobile’s store, which are 100% compatible with Xfinity Mobile’s network. Note that even if your phone is not on this list, you can use Xfinity Mobile’s compatibility checker to see if your specific model would be supported by entering your IMEI number.


It’s no surprise that Xfinity Mobile supports Apple iPhones, given it’s one of the most popular cell phone manufacturers in the US. The latest release, the iPhone 15, includes a bunch of desirable features, like the Dynamic Island, satellite service that lets you make emergency calls even when you don’t have any signal, a fantastic suite of cameras, a stronger battery, and the best internal chip to date – all running on iOS 17.

Not interested in the latest and greatest? Not to worry, Xfinity Mobile sells and supports older iPhone models, too. 

Here are the Apple iPhones you can buy from Xfinity Mobile:

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone SE (3rd Gen)
  • iPhone 12


Xfinity Mobile also supports and sells Samsung devices. This includes, naturally, the latest release: the Samsung Galaxy S24. This cell phone has great cameras, a long-lasting battery life, and a smooth performance, not to mention a whole new suite of smart AI features. 

If that sounds good, you can pick any of the Samsung Galaxy S24 models from the Xfinity Mobile store. If not, you might be interested to see that Xfinity Mobile also sells other Samsung models.

Here are the Samsung devices on offer from Xfinity Mobile:

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra
  • Galaxy S24+
  • Galaxy S24
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Galaxy S23+
  • Galaxy S23
  • Galaxy S23 SE
  • Galaxy Z Fold5
  • Galaxy Z Flip5
  • Galaxy Z Flip4
  • Galaxy A54 5G
  • Galaxy A25 5G
  • Galaxy A15 5G
  • Galaxy A14 5G


In addition to Samsung and Apple cell phones, Xfinity Mobile sells Google phones, too. The latest Google phone, the Pixel 8, comes with a free Google VPN (Virtual Private Network). Not only that, but it also upgraded to the​ Tensor G2 chip, which has improved performance, plus better machine learning, AI, imaging, voice typing, and new camera features. Xfinity Mobile also sells one of the older Google phones, too.

Here are the Google Pixel phones Xfinity Mobile currently sells:

  • Google Pixel 8 Pro
  • Google Pixel 8
  • Google Pixel 7a


Motorola may not have the same cachet as the other three manufacturers on this list, but for some, these phones are a perfect fit. Who doesn’t remember the chokehold Motorola razrs had on our society in the late 2000s? If you’re looking for a functional Android phone at a great price, Xfinity Mobile offers these great Motorola phones:

  • Motorola razr
  • moto g stylus 5G - 2023
  • moto g stylus 5G - 2022
  • moto g power 5G
  • moto g play - 2024
  • moto g play
  • moto g 5G

What Is Xfinity Mobile Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?

What if you’re not really interested in getting a brand new phone, but you’d still like to get on an Xfinity Mobile cell phone plan? Well, Xfinity Mobile is perfectly happy to let you bring your own phone over to their network – and you will probably save money by doing so, too.

With Xfinity Mobile’s BYOD program, you can bring in any device, so long as you’ve checked your phone’s compatibility with Xfinity Mobile. Xfinity Mobile will send you a new SIM card. You can even keep your existing phone number. The only other restriction is that you must have an unlocked phone.

As we mentioned earlier, Xfinity Mobile currently supports most Apple, Samsung, and Google phones. If you previously purchased an LG or Motorola phone directly from Xfinity Mobile in the past, that phone model is most probably compatible too.

How Does BYOD Work?

Wondering how exactly you can bring your own phone to Xfinity Mobile, even if you were on another network previously? Let’s break it down. 

  1. Check your phone’s compatibility by entering your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number into this website. Not sure where your IMEI is? With most phones, you can go to Settings > General > About, then scroll down until you see the IMEI. Remember, if your cell phone is listed above, you don’t need to do this step.
  2. Check if your phone is unlocked in your settings. If it’s not unlocked, you need to contact your current wireless provider to unlock your device from their network. Your device must be paid off for this to happen. Then, make sure you have the newest software update on your device.
  3. Back up your device on a computer or to the cloud – just in case. It never hurts to be careful!
  4. Does your phone have a physical SIM card or an eSIM? If it’s a newer phone, it’s probably the latter, in which case you can instantly activate an Xfinity Mobile line by selecting eSim activation on Xfinity Mobile’s website. If it’s an older device with a physical SIM card, select a SIM Card Kit on the Xfinity Mobile website and put it in your cart.
  5. Finally, activate your account, transfer your phone number, and, if need be, install the SIM card when it arrives.

Congrats! You have successfully brought your own device to Xfinity Mobile’s network.

Best Xfinity Mobile Phone Deals

If you go to Xfinity Mobile’s website today, you’ll probably see a bunch of interesting offers on new cell phones. You might go do some more research before deciding on your next new phone. But by the time you come back in a week, you could find that those deals are no longer available.

If that sounds frustrating, we created a resource that maintains an up-to-date list of the best Xfinity Mobile phone deals. We keep it freshly stocked with Xfinity's best cell phone deals on flagship devices like the iPhone 15, Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8 series. 

What Plans Does Xfinity Mobile Offer?

Wondering what network does Xfinity Mobile use? Xfinity Mobile leases network use from Verizon’s network, which has great 5G and 4G LTE coverage.

Now that you know what phones are compatible with Xfinity Mobile, you might be interested in understanding what plan options you have. Xfinity Mobile offers a wide range of plans for every data need and to fit every budget. Let’s break the cell phone plan types down.

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plans

Xfinity Mobile unlimited cell phone plans include unlimited talk, text, and data. The main differentiator is the amount of premium data each plan provides. These plans range from 30 GB to 50 GB of premium data – after that, you still have unlimited data, but speeds are slowed to 1.5 Mbps. We’ve got a comprehensive guide to all Xfinity Mobile unlimited plans right here. 

By the Gig 

On the more limited side of things, Xfinity Mobile offers a By the Gig capped data cell phone plan, where you can pay a set rate per GB of data you use. These can be more cost-effective if you use very little data, but as the name suggests, there’s a cap on the amount of data you can use. Plus, all capped data plans only include deprioritized data, which means that when the network is busy, your speeds slow down.

It’s also worth noting that if you use more than 1 GB per month, the price point of the By the Gig plan is actually the same as the entry-level plan, and only slightly cheaper than the most premium unlimited data plan. If you find yourself frequently going over 1 GB of data per month, it’s worth getting extra data and maybe even saving money by moving to Xfinity Mobile Unlimited, at least.

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in getting an Xfinity Mobile cell phone plan, you'll need to either pick a phone they sell or make sure your own device is compatible with the network. To recap, Xfinity Mobile works with most Apple, Samsung, and Google phones, but if you’re ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to use the compatibility checker on Xfinity Mobile’s website. 

With so many wireless carriers and promotions in the marketplace, finding the right cell phone at a great price can be confusing, not to mention time-consuming. That’s why we created our Phone Deal Finder – it’s a free, unbiased tool you can use to find the best phone deals based on your criteria in a matter of seconds. Try it out today.

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