7 Reasons iPhones and Androids Are Slow & How To Fix

You use your iPhone or Android daily, so it’s easy to tell when your mobile device is running more slowly than usual. Unfortunately, phones can start running slowly for a variety of reasons.

But on the plus side, you can fix your old phone and squeeze a little more life out of that handset with the proper steps. Read on for more information about why your iPhone or Android might be slow and how to fix your phone without breaking the bank.

1. You Have Too Many Apps Open

One of the most common things people do to slow down their phones unintentionally is to keep too many apps open and running in the background. By default, iPhones and Android devices keep apps working even if they aren't displayed on your screen once you open them. This allows you to reopen them quickly if necessary.

However, all those apps running in the background rely on many computer resources, like CPU attention. Therefore, closing out apps that you currently use can significantly speed up your phone's performance, regardless of age.

How To Fix

On an Android phone, this is very simple. Swipe up to see a side-by-side representation of each app currently open on your phone. Then, swipe up on each of the apps you want to close out of.

The process is also similar for iPhones. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then swipe left or right to find the app you want to close. Once you’ve done this, swipe up on the app's preview to close it completely.

2. Your Cache Is Full

Another reason why your iPhone or Android phone may be slow is a full cache. The cache is where temporary files are stored. Over time, this can become full, slowing your phone’s performance to an absolute crawl.

You can simply clear your phone’s cache on an Android or iPhone device.

How To Fix

For Android devices, follow this sequence:

  • Tap Settings, then Apps
  • Then tap the drop-down menu next to Your Apps, then choose Size and OK
  • Tap any of the apps whose caches you want to clear, then tap Storage and Clear Cache on each

Meanwhile, if you have an iPhone, follow this sequence of steps instead:

  • Tap Settings, then Storage
  • Tap Other Apps
  • Then pick the app with the cache you want to clear — each app should have its own cache
  • Then just tap Clear Cache

3. Your Phone Needs a Software Update

From time to time, your phone may need a software update. If you fail to update your phone, it could run more slowly.

How To Fix

Fixing this is relatively simple, fortunately. You can check your phone for updates by:

  • Going into your phone’s settings. This works for both Android and iPhone devices.
  • Then tap About Phone or a similar button.
  • Tap on the phone version. It should have a sequence of numbers, such as 12.5.4 or something similar.
  • Once you do this, your phone should allow you to check for updates. Tap that button, then accept any updates that pop up.

4. Your Phone Has a Virus

Viruses can also hog a lot of resources on your phone. You can get viruses from downloading suspicious files or surfing the web on insecure websites.

How To Fix

The best way to fix this is to download free or paid antivirus software, such as Avast. Once you download the antivirus app of your choice, have it run a full scan and delete any viruses it finds. Be sure to keep your antivirus software up and running and keep your firewalls engaged to prevent viruses from affecting your phone in the future.

5. Your Phone’s RAM Is Being Over-Used

RAM, or random access memory, is your phone's computer resource to access and emulate apps and programs. However, the more apps you use, the more software code fills up your phone’s RAM capacity. Over time, this can result in RAM overuse, slowing your device overall.

How To Fix

You can fix this problem on both iPhones and Android devices by doing a soft reset, which is distinct from a factory reset and does not delete any of your files or preferences.

If you have an iPhone:

  • Push and hold down both the Home and Power buttons at the same time until your phone shuts down
  • Keep holding down those buttons after the screen goes blank until the Apple logo shows up once more
  • Then just release the buttons and continue using your phone as normal

If you have an Android phone:

  • Look at the back of your phone to see if the battery is removable. If it is, remove the back of the phone
  • Pull the battery out of the back of the phone and put it back in
  • Hold power and volume buttons simultaneously if you don’t have a removable battery. Do not release them until the phone reboots and the screen lights up

6. Your Phone’s Storage Is Full

If you fill your phone with tons of photos, files, and other data, you can’t be too surprised when it doesn’t run at peak performance. Look at your photos or file storage apps and see how full they are. If they are at or near capacity, it’s time to do some cleaning.

How To Fix

The solution is simple; just delete any files, photos, or videos you don't use or need anymore or transfer them to another device.

7. Your Phone’s Battery Is Dying

Phone batteries age no matter what. But as your batteries lose their capacity to hold power, they may cause your phone to heat up. This, in turn, can affect your CPU, which is very temperature sensitive.

If your phone no longer holds power like it used to, it could be the culprit of your phone running more slowly overall.

How To Fix

Take your phone to an Apple or a local phone store and see about replacing the battery. Not only did this help your phone run faster in the future, but you'll also have to charge your phone less frequently: it's a win-win.


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