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What Are the Best Military Phone Plans for Veterans?

As a military veteran, you probably already know about some discounts and special deals. But did you know you can take advantage of military phone plans for veterans and save tons of cash on your monthly cell phone bill?

Of course, filtering through those different plans and service providers can be time-consuming and tiring. Check out some of the best military wireless plans for veterans and military families in terms of deals and coverage below.

What Military Plans Have the Best Deals?

Active-duty military and retired military service members can enjoy military discounts on many prepaid and unlimited plans. These are available for Apple iPhones, Android phones, and other mobile devices.

With so many military mobile phone plans for veterans, you need to know the ones with the outright best discount deals. Some service providers even offer military discounts on conventional plans.

These deals are great choices if you want to get cell phone coverage not just for you but for your family members. If you want to dive into the top deals available, our widget below will search hundreds options to find you the best plans and prices for you.

Find the Best Plan Options

T-Mobile Magenta

First up is the Magenta plan from T-Mobile. This is available only for eligible military members or veterans, as well as their families, making it one of the most exclusive cell phone plans overall. At about $55 per month, it’s highly affordable and comes with an additional discount of 50% off further family lines.

To top it off, this phone plan comes with unlimited nationwide talk and text and unlimited data. The Magenta plan further provides high-speed data with 5G access and nationwide compatibility for modern smartphones, plus 5 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data per month. All in all, it's a well-rounded and comprehensive cell phone plan that won't break the bank, so heavily consider this if you want great cell phone coverage for your entire family.

Boost Mobile Deployed Military Program

Boost Mobile isn't as well-known as other U.S. cellular plan providers, but it's a great choice given its rock-bottom price of just $5 per month for an initial offer. The $5 per month rate lasts for three months. But even after that introductory period, you can get all of this plan's benefits for just $15 per month. Talk about affordable!

This mobile data plan includes unlimited texts, minutes, and 5 GB of surfing data for a low cost. As a downside, you don’t get unlimited Internet data, so consider this only if you use your phone primarily to talk and text. You can access AT&T and T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G networks.

You can buy this plan online, and it doesn't require a credit check. It's ultimately a great choice for military veterans or folks who just need something simple and affordable.

AT&T Unlimited Starter for Military

AT&T also offers a fantastic phone plan for military veterans. At $48.75 per month for both military members and veterans, it's a quality phone plan through and through if you take advantage of auto-pay and paperless billing discounts.

It offers unlimited data plus unlimited national talk and text, which includes talking and texting to or from Mexico and Canada as well. 5G connectivity with compatible devices is included by default, as are spam and fraud alerts. However, note that the maximum video download speed is 1.5 Mb per second, which some other plans surpass.

That all said, this is a great starter plan for military members and their families. It's one of the cheapest military phone plans, so consider this if you need a budget-friendly plan more than anything else.

What Military Plans Have the Best Coverage?

While some military phone plans are great for their costs, others are top-tier for their coverage.

Verizon Wireless Welcome Plan for Military

The Verizon Wireless Welcome Plan for Military is an excellent choice if you want to ensure your entire family gets fantastic cell phone reception and messaging coverage from the get-go. It's $55 per month, with another $35 upfront for additional fees.

But once you pay this cost, you’ll get unlimited data, talk and text to and from the US, Canada, and New Mexico, and nationwide 5G connectivity. More importantly, Verizon’s phone network is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive and high-quality in the industry. Odds are you won’t experience any spots with bad reception or lack of Internet connectivity.

AT&T Unlimited Premium for Military

AT&T also offers an Unlimited Premium for Military plan. This includes both military veterans and their families. It’s a little pricier than the previous plans, at $63.75 per month with a $30 upfront charge. But in exchange, you get unlimited data, unlimited talk and text for all of North America, plus 4K ultra HD video streaming capabilities.

AT&T’s coverage isn’t quite as good as Verizon’s in a head-to-head comparison. Basically, if you live in a major metropolitan area, AT&T will suit you just fine, and you shouldn’t have connectivity issues. But Verizon’s military phone plan is better out in the country for sheer signal consistency and reduced likelihood of dropped calls.

Sprint Unlimited Family Plan

Last but not least is the Unlimited Family Plan from Sprint. This quality plan gives you a 500 MB mobile hotspot data cap, plus unlimited talk, text, and data nationwide. Free TV streaming via who and global roaming data in over 185 locations complement the plan.

Sprint has excellent coverage nationwide. It’s about equal to AT&T in terms of total nationwide coverage (i.e., rural areas may have a few dropped calls now and again compared to metropolitan areas). Still, it’s a great pick, thanks to its extra features and mobile hotspot data.

But note that prices can be a bit complex. For one line, you'll pay $60 per month. If you add another line, that'll be another $20 per month for $80 total. For every line after that up to six, you'll pay $10 per month more. For example, if you have three lines on the plan, you'll pay $90 per month in total. So this is not the most affordable military phone plan on the market.

How Do I Qualify for a Military Phone Plan?

You can qualify for a military phone plan if you are an active or honorably discharged military member. Basically, so long as you qualify for other veteran-related discounts, you'll also qualify for a military phone plan.

Officially qualifying means:

  • Applying for one of the above phone plans
  • Giving the military phone plan provider proof of your veteran status (such as ID card, Social Security number, etc.)
  • Waiting for confirmation

Once your veteran status has been confirmed, you’ll be able to take advantage of the discounted military phone plans mentioned above and many more. It ultimately takes only a few extra steps to benefit from these excellent offerings.

The Bottom Line

All in all, any of the above military phone plans could be right for you and your family. Consider their features and coverage carefully, then contact those plan providers to see if you qualify.

Alternatively, you can compare dozens of different phone plans quickly and easily with Navi’s Plan Navigator service. Check it out today to find the ideal cell phone plan for your unique needs in no time!


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