How To Activate Xfinity Mobile Step by Step

Xfinity Mobile is Comcast’s wireless service. They are an MVNO, or Mobile Virtual Network Operator, that uses Verizon’s extensive 4G LTE and 5G network. On top of great service for a competitive price, Xfinity Mobile also has millions of mobile Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation.

One quick note: Xfinity Mobile is only available to Comcast Xfinity Internet Subscribers.

What Plans Does Xfinity Mobile Have?

Xfinity Mobile offers a variety of Unlimited and By the Gig Plans. Their plans come with unlimited nationwide talk and text and have no line access fees. They are contract-free, too.

Is Xfinity Mobile Right for Me?

If you don’t mind speeds being slowed during busy network times, fewer perks than the Big Three offer, and are looking to save money, Xfinity Mobile could be the mobile provider for you.

If you choose to become an Xfinity Mobile customer, you need to know how to activate your Xfinity Mobile Device. You either will have bought a new phone from the Xfinity Mobile website, which carries most major smartphones, including those from Apple, Google, Samsung, and Motorola. You can also bring your own device (BYOD) and receive a $100 prepaid card. Click here to see if your current device is compatible with Xfinity Mobile.

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How Do I Activate Xfinity Mobile?

Be sure to check out our website for the most up-to-date information on everything cellular.

Before you begin the activation process, you need to do the following:

  • Find a bill and your account pin from your previous carrier. If you do not have this, you must contact your carrier.
  • If your new device is an iPhone Twelve or any earlier model, you need to learn how to install a nanoSIM card on your own. If you own an Android phone, where nanoSIMs are pre-installed already, or an iPhone 13 or later, which can be activated through an electronic nanoSIM or eSIM, you can skip this step.

How Do I Install a nanoSIM Card?

  1. Open the package holding the device.
  2. Take the plastic SIM card from the package, along with a SIM Ejector Tool.
  3. Use the SIM Ejector Tool to open your device’s card tray. If your device is brand new, this tray will be empty. If this is a pre-owned device, you need to take out the old SIM card.
  4. Put the new SIM card in the tray, making sure to align the notch on your SIM card with the notch on the tray.
  5. Put the tray back in your device.
  6. If you are activating multiple phones, make sure you are using the right nanoSIM card for each device. The nanoSIM cards will be labeled.
  7. If you are transferring your number, be sure to back your phone up and keep it close by, just in case.
  8. Know that a $10 setup fee exists for new lines.

How To Activate Xfinity Mobile: Step By Step

  1. If you have bought a new device, open the box holding your new device, charger, nanoSIM card, and any accessories (if purchased). Make sure your new phone is powered off. It must remain shut down during activation. If you are bringing your own device (BYOD), open up the package holding your new Xfinity Mobile nanoSIM card.
  1. Go to, log in/create an account, and choose the phone you are going to activate.
  2. Choose whether to keep your existing number or get a new number.
  3. Press activate. Your phone should be ready in approximately ten minutes.
  4. Look out for a confirmation email that will include a new number (if applicable).
  5. Insert the Xfinity nanoSIM card if need be or Activate the line with eSIM.

How Do I Activate a New Line With eSIM?

After receiving your confirmation email, you can begin the eSIM process. If you are transferring from a nanoSIM device to an eSim device, do not put the old nanoSIM card into the new device. This will cause problems with activation.

There are three ways to activate a new eSIM line:

1. URL (Website Address)

  1. Go to your settings screen.
  2. Choose “Cellular.”
  3. Choose “Add Cellular Plan.”
  4. Choose “Enter Details Manually” at the bottom of the screen.
  5. You should see an SM-DP+Address field.
  6. Input “” in the SM-DP+Address field. Make sure to leave the Activation Code and Confirmation Code fields empty.
  7. Hit the “Next” button in the screen’s top right corner.

2. QR Code:

  1. Go to your Settings screen.
  2. Choose “Cellular.”
  3. Click Add” Cellular Plan.”

Scan the QR code from Xfinity to activate your eSIM.

3. Push Notifications

  1. Go to your settings screen.
  2. Select “Xfinity Mobile Cellular Plan Ready To Be Installed.” This should take you to the Activate eSIM screen.
  3. Press “Continue” at the bottom of the Activate eSIM screen. This should take you to the Cellular Setup Complete screen.
  4. At the bottom of the Cellular Setup Complete screen, tap the “Done” button.

For more information on SIM card activation, check out our helpful guide on how to activate a SIM card.

How Do I Activate an Existing eSIM Line?

If you are activating an eSIM line that is already in existence, perform the following steps.

  1. Choose “Replace Your device” on
  2. Select “Bring Your Own.”
  3. Choose the device you are transferring to.
  4. Input the device’s IMEI and follow the activation instructions on your screen.
  5. If you are transferring between compatible iPhones, you can perform an eSIM Quick Transfer.

What Is an IMEI?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Basically, it is your device’s ID.

What Is an eSIM Quick Transfer?

An eSIM Quick transfer allows iPhone users to transfer a physical SIM or eSim from one iPhone to a new one efficiently. To do this, both devices need to have iOS 16 or newer iOS software.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn on your new phone and choose “Settings.”
  2. Choose “Cellular.”
  3. Choose “Add Cellular Plan.”
  4. Choose the cellular plan you wish to transfer.
  5. Choose “Transfer” to confirm the process. If you are asked for a verification code, enter the one that appears on your new iPhone.
  6. Your eSIM will be active, and the previous SIM card will be deactivated.
  7. A message may appear that says, “Finish Setting Up Your Carrier’s Cellular Plan.” If it appears, select the option and finish the process on your carrier’s website.

Compatible iPhones can also allow you to convert a physical nanoSIM card to an eSIM in the “Settings” app. Choose “Cellular,” then “Convert to eSIM,” and the “Convert Cellular Plan” button should appear. Make sure your eSIM is activated. Once this has happened, your physical SIM card should be deactivated. You can remove it from your iPhone and restart the device.

Visit our website for more information on SIM cards and more.

If you are not transferring between compatible iPhones, you need to download a new eSIM card using the above steps.


Make sure to refer to the above steps when you are activating your Xfinity Mobile device, and be sure to contact Customer service if you run into any problems.

Choosing a phone and phone plan, and activating your phone, can be tricky. Let us help! Check out Navi’s find a phone and find a phone plan navigators and visit our website for tutorials, comparisons, and all things cellular.


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