What Is the Best iPhone Screen Protector in 2022?

Your iPhone is only as good as the screen you use to control apps, text your friends, and enjoy the phone’s other major functions. While many modern iPhones are designed for durability, their glass screens are still susceptible to cracks or other brakes if you drop them.

The best iPhone screen protectors in 2021 can help your phone last longer and save you money. Let’s take a look at a few good options in detail.

What Is a Screen Protector?

In a nutshell, a screen protector is another layer of either tempered glass or laminate material that lays on top of your iPhone’s screen. Screen protectors came out almost in synch with iPhones years ago.

After all, when your Apple iPhone screen cracks or is otherwise damaged, it's difficult to use it to its maximum effect, let alone enjoy the media displayed on the screen. A screen protector operates as a shield, taking the brunt of wear and tear or fall damage and protecting the smartphone's core screen.

Most screen protectors are made of high-quality tempered glass designed to resist impact damage — some may even be scratch resistant. While they are not invulnerable, they are usually stronger than the regular glass on your iPhone without altering your screen's touch sensitivity.

Some privacy screen protectors prevent others from seeing what’s on your touchscreen. Others come with anti-glare technology, case-friendly designs, or bubble-free guarantees. It all depends on the protector you get!

Screen protectors are available for both Android and iPhone models, ranging from the iPhone X to the iPhone 12 Pro and everything in between.

Why Use a Screen Protector?

It’s a good idea to use a screen protector:

  • If you are worried about dropping your iPhone
  • If you’re known to drop your iPhone regularly
  • If you use your iPhone outdoors and expose it to danger regularly
  • If you don’t want to buy a new iPhone just for a single screen crack

Generally, you should buy a screen protector with any new iPhone purchase. That way, you won't have to invoke the smartphone's warranty or buy an entirely new device just because of an unlucky accident. You can often purchase a screen protector installation kit, many of which come with dust removal stickers and a smoothing installation tool to eliminate air bubbles.

What’s Better: Glass or Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a special kind of glass designed to be four times stronger than standard glass. It’s used for safety applications and protective tools like iPhone screen protectors.

Furthermore, tempered glass is designed to fracture into very small and much more harmless pieces compared to regular glass. So even if your glass screen protector shatters, it’s less likely to injure you or others by accident. Tempered glass screen protectors are more expensive but always worthwhile.

What Are the Best iPhone Screen Protectors?

There are lots of quality iPhone screen protectors to choose from. It’s important to make sure your chosen screen protector matches your device. For example, if you picked up a new iPhone fromNavi, double-check that your screen protector is the right size and fits your phone so you don’t run into problems trying to slip it on.

If you don't want to spend too long browsing through different iPhone screen protectors, check out the below five options, each renowned for its durability or other aspects. Whether you have an iPhone 8, an iPhone SE, or the absolute newest model, plenty of great screen protectors are available.

Spigen EZ Fit Glas.tR Slim

The Spigen Glas.tR EZ Fit screen protector has quite a mouthful for a name, but it's an excellent product through and through. It's a very clear and strong glass protector, and it features a detailed visual instruction manual, so you can install it relatively easily. It includes a few materials to clean your phone's glass surface before installing the screen protector, too!

Once it’s properly installed, you’ll find that the Glas.tR EZ Fit doesn’t interfere with your iPhone’s operations or buttons compared to cheaper protectors. There are no issues with sensors or cameras, so you can snap as many pictures as you like without delay.

The protector’s glass itself is clear and bright, and it doesn’t accumulate fingerprints as quickly as many other protectors on the market. It has a Mohs hardness rating between seven and eight, which is about as high as you can expect for any iPhone screen protector.

InvisibleShield Glass XTR Screen Protector

ZAGG’s InvisibleShield Glass XTR Screen Protector is a little pricier than average, but it offers advanced screen protection thanks to its D3O material. This special material is designed to provide maximum optical clarity and maximum impact and scratch protection.

More importantly, the InvisibleShield Glass XTR can reduce blue light omissions from your phone’s screen by 40%. That can be advantageous if you use your phone in the latter half of the day, as blue light can make it difficult for you to sleep at night.

Add to that the antimicrobial properties of the InvisibleShield Glass XTR, and it’s clear that this is a top-tier iPhone screen protector through and through. It’s fairly easy to install, as well, since it features special adhesives and bold guide markers.

amFilm OneTouch Glass Screen Protector

Then there’s the amFilm OneTouch Glass Screen Protector. This iPhone screen protector is a fantastic alternative for iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro owners. It has roughly the same glass protection quality as the Glas.tR EZ Fit. But it has a slightly harder-to-use installation tray.

That said, the amFilm OneTouch is also fairly easy to install, is somewhat affordable, and looks great without appearing overly bulky or odd on your phone. Even better, the amFilm OneTouch comes in a pack of two. So if you and your friend both need a glass screen protector, you can pick up one of these protector packs, and both keep your phones safe and secure.

Speck ShieldView Glass

The Speck ShieldView Glass protector is usually around $40. But it's one of the best tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone 11s or iPhone XRs. This screen protector is strong and can resist shattering even if you drop your device.

It further features a glossy finish, which can reduce smudges or fingerprints that would otherwise accumulate with time. It can easily be applied and removed at any point, so installing or readjusting the screen protector is fairly straightforward.

Tech21 Impact Glass

Tech21’s Impact Glass screen protector is made from toughened glass materials and an anti-scratch finish. Therefore, it’s one of the best for resisting minor scratches that accumulate with time.

It also includes antimicrobial technology and can resist up to 200 N of force. With an easy-to-use applicator tool, the Impact Glass screen protector can be precisely fitted to your iPhone’s screen, enabling you to enjoy your phone without experiencing any touch delays or response problems.

The Bottom Line

All in all, any of the above iPhone screen protectors could be perfect fits for your mobile device. Be sure to consider whether your chosen screen protector will fit your phone before buying – the last thing you want is your screen protector to be a dud right out of the gate.

But what if your iPhone is already busted and you need a replacement? Navi’s Phone Navigator service can help you find the perfect new phone based on your budget and other needs. Check it out today!


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