3 Ways To Boost Your Cell Signal at Home

With working from home growing more common across the country, people need to have the ability to get the best signal and cell service from their houses. High-quality home internet can be expensive, especially when you have family crowding the signal.

You may wonder how to deal with a weak signal and secure signal strength. For instance, you might consider trying to amplify Wi-Fi or cellular signals with signal boosters or network extenders. You might get a new modem or router to secure a better signal for broadband networks or even switch carriers or Wi-Fi networks to ensure the best cell phone or Wi-Fi service.

Indeed, various cell signal boosters can help improve the quality of your cellular internet, helping you with features such as phone calls and hotspot capabilities.

There are various cell phone signal booster methods, ranging from installing an outdoor antenna to purchasing a new one.

Here are some of the actions you can take now and see an instant improvement:

1. Get a Repeater

Several devices exist explicitly to boost your cellular network service and data speeds. These go by many names, such as WiFi extenders and repeaters. You can plug these devices into your home to improve the carrier signals you receive there.

It is important to note that these devices will sometimes only work with their specific carrier, making it essential that everyone in the house has consistent providers.

There are also devices called femtocells, which do similar things but are plugged directly into a router to boost internet connection.

If you live in a dead zone or rural area where there aren’t many cell towers, Samsung Android phones and Apple iPhones will operate as if they are in airplane mode. Nothing you do will help you get a strong signal or stronger signal if the nearest cell tower is too far away. Instead, you’ll need to consider Wi-Fi your Wi-Fi connection to connect to the internet from mobile phones.

2. Use WiFi for Calls

Instead of using a cell signal, you also have the option to use WiFi for calling. Sometimes, with the big three major carriers, you can switch to WiFi instead of a cellular connection. Cellular connections can be inconsistent in some parts of the world, so if you are already paying for WiFi, it is in your best interest to switch over during these periods.

T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon all have WiFi calling options, but there are also a lot of apps out there that do that same thing. Skype, for example, has allowed people to make WiFi calls through the application for a long time.

3. Switch Your Carrier

Sometimes the issue is not with your location or device placement but the carrier itself. The three big carriers, and others like Sprint, were not created equal. Different parts of the country have different levels of coverage for 3G and 4G LTE.

Now that 5G is sweeping the nation, there will be more discrepancies than ever between the three. Check coverage maps online and determine which cell carrier provides the best service in your region.

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