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The Best Unlimited Hotspot Plans 2024

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There are two kinds of hotspot plans, which are easy to get confused about. First, there are cell phone plans that come with hotspot data. These allow you to create hotspots with your cell phone. Then there are data plans specifically for mobile hotspot devices. These devices aren’t phones, but more like portable Wi-Fi routers. They don’t do anything other than provide a hotspot for you to get Internet access if Wi-Fi isn’t within reach for whatever reason.

In this article, we’re going to break down the best data plans for phones that come with hotspot data. Want to learn more about what a hotspot is? Our article breaks it down for you.

If you want to be able to create mobile hotspots with your phone, our Plan Finder below can help you compare cell phone plans based on your hotspot needs and other criteria in a matter of seconds.

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Still researching your options? Let’s discuss everything to know about hotspot data and find the right monthly plan for you.

Why Use a Hotspot Data Plan?

Hotspot data plans mean your phone can provide a reliable internet connection when you don’t have Wi-Fi. This is useful for plenty of different activities. Whether it’s streaming your favorite TV shows in high definition, engaging in competitive online gaming, or conducting smooth, uninterrupted video calls, hotspot data plans help you stay connected.

The main thing to keep in mind is that most carriers set a quota of high-speed hotspot data. Once you exceed this limit, your internet speeds will be reduced, or you might face extra charges for additional data usage. 

Unlimited mobile hotspot plans are unlimited in theory, in that the plan won’t cut off your hotspot capability or charge you for going over any mobile hotspot data limit. But you will get reduced speeds. Many plans will limit our hotspot speeds to 3G once you reach a certain amount of usage, which is slower than the average Wi-Fi connection.

Which Plans Have Hotspot Offerings?

As we mentioned earlier, not all cell phone plans include the ability to create hotspots. The ones that do offer Wi-Fi hotspot functionality typically have a separate data quota for hotspot usage.

So, if reliable and powerful hotspot connectivity is a priority for you, it’s important to look beyond the overall data package. We’ve sorted the best options for you and categorized them by usage levels to help you find a plan that aligns perfectly with your specific hotspot needs.

What Are the Best Hotspot Plans for Lower Usage?

If you use hotspot data sparingly, perhaps just once a week, you don’t necessarily want to pay the big bucks for tons of high-speed hotspot data you won’t use. If that’s you, we’ve handpicked a selection of entry-level plans that fit that bill.

These plans offer a suitable amount of hotspot data for occasional use, ensuring you stay connected when needed without paying for excess capacity you won’t use. 

Optimum Mobile Unlimited

Optimum Mobile Unlimited is a great choice to consider if you want a data plan that combines affordability with reliable performance. Ideal for everyday tasks, from attending online meetings to browsing social media, this plan ensures that you stay connected without overpaying. 

With 20 GB of premium data and a separate 5 GB allocated for mobile hotspot usage, it caters well to light internet users. Of course, this plan also includes unlimited talk and text, which are now standard features for an unlimited data plan. The standard-definition video streaming capability is a bonus, especially for those who enjoy streaming content on the go.

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max

Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max is a step up from Optimum Mobile Unlimited, better for those with heavier data usage. This plan is a good option for business professionals and power data users who do lots of data-intensive activities like streaming HD video and transferring large files. 

This plan comes with 50 GB of premium data and a substantial separate allotment of 15 GB of high-speed data for mobile hotspot usage. 

Like the lower Optimum Mobile plan tier, this plan also includes unlimited talk and text, as well as high-definition video streaming capabilities.

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plus

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plus is a potential contender for anyone who prioritizes high-quality internet access and substantial data allowances. This plan offers a generous 30 GB of premium data per line, ensuring you can handle all your online tasks without worrying about running out of data. You get an extra 5 GB of mobile hotspot data at 4G and 5G speeds, plus high-resolution 720p video streaming.

This plan is a good option if you’re looking for plenty of mobile data, but don’t need a huge amount of high-speed hotspot data.


Visible, Verizon’s prepaid phone plan arm, offers a useful mobile plan featuring unlimited talk, text, and data. It’s powered by Verizon’s highly reliable 4G LTE and 5G network. Visible+ comes with unlimited hotspot data – but it’s capped at 5 Mbps. 

For most folks, that speed will be perfectly fine for browsing online and some streaming video. That said, it won’t be enough to regularly stream in 4K resolution

It’s an affordable and flexible cell phone plan for phone owners who want something that won’t break the bank but will still allow them to enjoy quick downloads and streaming on the go. Just don’t expect this to provide the absolute best hotspot data for your mobile hotspot in the overall market.

What Are the Best Hotspot Plans for Moderate Usage?

If the plans above just don’t offer enough high-speed personal hotspot data for you, then let’s take it up a notch. If you find yourself turning to your phone’s hotspot feature one to three times a week, these plans are worth a look. 

T-Mobile Go5G 

T-Mobile Go5G is good for moderate data users who love to stream shows on services like Netflix and Disney+. The plan features plenty of premium data, so you're unlikely to run out of data unless you’re one of the heaviest data users. 

T-Mobile’s Go5G plan includes 15 GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data. This is suitable for a couple weekly hotspot internet connections. Like most other T-Mobile plans, this one’s made more appealing by the addition of streaming services. If you’re already subscribed to them, it can make this plan very cost-effective.

AT&T Unlimited Extra EL

The AT&T Unlimited Extra EL Plan is a great potential choice for users who want unlimited talk, text, and data. It’s got a substantial high-speed data allowance, so unless you’re an extremely heavy data user, you probably won’t run out of premium data.  

The plan includes 30 GB of mobile hotspot data per month. Like other hotspot allowances, once you reach this limit, the plan still keeps you online by reducing the hotspot speed to 3G speeds. 

AT&T plans stand apart with the inclusion of AT&T ActiveArmorSM advanced security, adding another layer of value. This feature offers identity monitoring and safe browsing. 

Verizon Unlimited Plus

The Verizon Unlimited Plus plan is a solid overall unlimited hotspot plan with extra perks. Sign up for this plan, and you get 30 GB of premium high-speed mobile hotspot data. When you are still within that data allowance, you’ll get up to 5G ultra wideband download speeds. After that, your speeds are slowed down a little bit.

Aside from that, you get unlimited network access plus the ability to sign up for discounted streaming bundles for streaming services. If you’re already on one of Verizon’s home Internet plans, you might even get discounted phone plans.

The downside of this plan is the price. As a single line, it’s a bit higher than other options out there. On top of that, the above-mentioned perks do cost a little extra if you choose to bundle them in. Still, this unlimited data plan could be a good overall pick for you and your family, especially if you frequently stream media.

What Are the Best Hotspot Plans for Premium Usage?

These premium plan selections are for power users and digital nomads who rely heavily on hotspot data. 

T-Mobile Go5G Plus

T-Mobile Go5G Plus is a data plan for moderate data users who are looking to bundle in additional perks like streaming services. The plan features unlimited premium data, ensuring you stay connected at the highest speeds available, no matter how much data you use.

A key highlight of Go5G Plus is its generous 50 GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data. This allowance is fantastic for users who often need to share their internet connection, whether for work or leisure. 

The inclusion of bundled benefits like streaming services also makes the plan more enticing, especially if you’re already subscribed to those services. 

If you’re always ready for the next phone upgrade, you might want to consider Go5G Next. It’s the same as Go5G Plus, but for an extra monthly fee, you have the chance to upgrade your device every year, instead of every two years. 

AT&T Unlimited Premium PL

AT&T’s Unlimited Premium PL is among the best premium unlimited mobile hotspot plans overall. It has fantastic 4G LTE and 5G coverage, with good signal strength around the country. 

When you sign up for this cell phone plan, you’ll receive 60 GB of high-speed hotspot data in addition to unlimited premium data. After that, you’ll be throttled somewhat with lower speeds, though you’ll still get unrestricted high-speed data and download compatibility in up to 19 different Latin American countries, as well as unlimited talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico.

Unfortunately, this unlimited mobile hotspot plan doesn’t come with as many perks or bells and whistles as T-Mobile’s or Verizon’s plans. But it’s still a great choice for solid hotspot support all around the country and beyond, and the 5G network offered by AT&T is growing all the time.

Choose this if you want reliable hotspot access and download speeds and don’t care much about streaming perks. It’s a top choice for video streaming and Internet access when you need stellar Internet service no matter where you use your mobile phone.

Verizon Unlimited Ultimate

Verizon Unlimited Ultimate is a standout choice for those who want the very best in unlimited hotspot usage. This unlimited plan is a true testament to high-end connectivity, offering exceptional features for the most demanding users.

With 5G Ultra Wideband, it provides fast internet speeds. The plan includes a substantial 60 GB of premium mobile hotspot data, so you’re very unlikely to run out of 5G hotspot data.

Beyond the impressive hotspot capabilities, Verizon Unlimited Ultimate also offers potential discounts on Verizon Home Internet, depending on service availability. You’ve also got the choice to add on streaming services at a discount to your bundle. Plus, if you want to add data for devices like smartwatches and tablets, you can add those lines to your plans, too.

Best Unlimited Hotspot Plans for Home Internet

If you're in a pinch and for whatever reason, you don't have or don't want to get WiFi at home, you can use phone plans with hotspot data as home internet. Unfortunately, no cell phone plans come with unlimited fast hotspot data. However, it may be possible to get by on some of the premium plans we mentioned above, which have enough high-speed hotspot data to act as home internet if you need.

For example, Verizon Unlimited Ultimate, AT&T Unlimited Premium PL, T-Mobile Go5G Plus and T-Mobile Go5G Next likely have enough hotspot data for home internet to tide you over.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, any of these plans might be perfect for your streaming and Internet surfing needs. If you’re wondering which is best, our free, unbiased Plan Finder is worth a try. Just answer a few questions about how much data you want, how much hotspot data you’re looking for, and if you’re interested in any perks. We’ll show you the best phone plans to meet your needs.

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