Top 10 iPhone Accessories You Can't Live Without

iPhones are versatile, flexible devices that already do a lot; they take pictures, let you play games, and allow you to surf the web or download media with a few thumb presses. But even though iPhones are already top-tier smartphones, you can always make them a little better with the right accessories.

Today, let’s take a look at the best iPhone accessories you can’t – and shouldn’t! – live without, whether you’re hanging around at home or taking a trip.

The 10 Most Essential iPhone Accessories

  1. Lightning to HDMI Adapter
  2. Case-Wallet Combo
  3. Lightning to Aux Dongle
  4. Apple AirTag
  5. Apple AirPods
  6. iPhone Screen Protector
  7. Mobile Power Bank
  8. iPhone Car Mount
  9. Wireless iPhone Charger
  10. iPhone Tripod

Of course, there are dozens of fun or high-quality iPhone accessories you might consider adding to your backpack. But we selected these 10 iPhone accessories either for their sheer value or for how they enhance the core features of your iPhone device.

Whether you have an iPhone 12, an iPhone 13 Pro, or any other Apple device like an Apple Watch, we bet these additions will be great buys from day one.

1.  Lightning to HDMI Adapter

Every iPhone needs a lightning to HDMI adapter. This adapter will allow you to easily plug your iPhone into any high-definition device, like a television or monitor, while on the go. Say that you're flying and want to stream a movie on your phone onto a larger screen on your airplane seat. You can do that with a lightning to HDMI adapter.

More importantly, the lighting to HDMI adapter lets you charge your iPhone from different chargers and outlets: a key concern when traveling or when you just don’t want to run out of battery charge at an inopportune moment.

Of course, you should also bring your standard charging cable/lightning cable; each new iPhone purchase should come with one.

2.  Case-Wallet Combo

Most of us carry our phones just as often as our wallets. Why not combine the two and pick up an iPhone case wallet combo?

These combination accessories act as both iPhone cases as well as wallets. Then you can put your cash or credit cards in the same place and never have to take out both your phone and your wallet when it comes time to pay for something.

However, make sure that you always keep an eye on your case-wallet combo. The last thing you want is to lose it; then you've lost your phone and your wallet simultaneously!

Many of the best wallet phone cases are made of durable plastic, polymers, or Gorilla Glass. Silicone cases are the cheapest and easiest to acquire.

3.  Lightning to Aux Dongle

A lightning to aux dongle or cable adapter lets you adapt any 3.5 mm audio plugs to lighting devices like your iPhone. Then you can use different headphones or other accessories with your iPhone even if they weren't designed for that device in the first place.

Just keep in mind that these silicone adapters, like USB-C cables, aren’t super durable, so be careful when using them with your iPhone or iPad.

4.  Apple AirTag

Who can forget the Apple AirTag? This handy-dandy device lets you quickly and easily find your iPhone – or any other valuables – from afar. In a nutshell, you can slap an AirTag on your phone, then use another device to find your phone if you leave it somewhere or if you suspect it was stolen.

You can also slip AirTags into your luggage, your favorite coat, or your purse. The devices work the same way and act as practically unbeatable tracking devices for the most important things in your possession.

5.  Apple AirPods

When you travel with your iPhone, odds are you’ll want to listen to some tunes from time to time. You can do that without irritating your ears or having to worry about an annoying cable if you pick up some Bluetooth Apple AirPods.

These wireless, rechargeable earbuds produce high-quality sound with great bass sounds, quality mids, and excellent high notes.

Even better, most AirPods come with easy storage cases, so you can quickly slip them off and into your bag or pocket when you're done listening to music for the time being. Plus, they automatically connect to your iPhone once you turn them on; how neat is that?

Don’t forget you can upgrade to the AirPods Pros if you want even better sound quality and battery time. They’re great pairings with newer iPhones, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

6.  iPhone Screen Protector

Even if you try to take care of your iPhone as best as possible, odds are the screen will gradually suffer from wear and tear… unless you have an iPhone screen protector. Screen protectors are more than cases. They’re chemically engineered shields to protect your screen from being scratched or scarred, especially if you tap on its surface all day long.

You should combine an iPhone screen protector with a quality case for added protection. It might feel like an unnecessary precaution at first, but you’ll thank yourself for making it the first time you drop your phone or accidentally throw your phone into your purse with your keys.

7.  Mobile Power Bank

Sometimes, even with a lightning to HDMI adapter, you will be up to find a wall outlet or other charging source when you need some battery. That's where an iPhone mobile power bank comes in handy.

Mobile power banks are larger batteries you can carry in your bag or backpack. Then, when your iPhone needs a bit of extra juice, you can plug it in and take some of the battery power, so it doesn’t die.

Most Apple-friendly mobile power banks aren't too heavy or overly bulky. Just remember to charge them up before taking a trip!

8.  iPhone Car Mount

Are you planning to drive around with your phone as your navigational guide? In that case, you need an iPhone car mount to do so safely.

It can be very difficult and dangerous to drive around while constantly glancing down at your phone in your lap or in a cup holder. An iPhone car mount allows you to keep your eyes on the road while also checking the GPS navigation suggestions.

There’s a reason most Uber and rideshare drivers use these car mounts for their jobs!

9.  Wireless iPhone Charger

If you have a modern iPhone, you can also enjoy wireless charging! You need o pick up a dedicated wireless charger pad to do that. With such a pad, all you have to do is set your phone on a circular pad, and it’ll pick up energy passively without requiring a cable. This is just another way to make sure you always have your phone charged and ready to go when you need it most.

Note that you don’t have to use an Apple-specific charging pad. A charger from Amazon or for Android devices may still work depending on your Apple iPhone model.

10. iPhone Tripod

Lastly, you can take advantage of your iPhone's built-in, high-quality camera by using it with an iPhone tripod. iPhone tripods are easy to set up, totally stable, and let you take photos with your friends and family without having to be behind the camera yourself or enlist a passerby to take the photo.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are tons of great accessories you should pick up before your next trip or before you use your iPhone again! If you have these accessories ready, odds are you’ll never run out of battery at an unlucky or inconvenient time. Plus, your phone will be doubly protected and less likely to suffer from wear and tear from everyday use.

But which iPhone should you pair with all these marvelous accessories? Check out Navi’s phone navigator guides; we compare many different iPhones and help you find the right device in minutes!


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