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Motorola vs Samsung: What Are the Differences?

motorola phones next to samsung phones

While Motorola is not the tech giant that Samsung is, it still puts out very competitive smartphones. Motorola phones often have great battery life, competitive prices, and plenty of bells and whistles. That said, their phones do not stand up well against the premium smartphones we see from bigger companies like Samsung.

Recent releases from Motorola, such as the Edge series, have showcased their ability to offer smartphones with commendable battery life and essential features at a more affordable price point. On the other hand, Samsung's recent models, including iterations from their Galaxy S24 and Flip and Fold series, continue to push the boundaries with superior display technology, camera systems, and rapid charging capabilities.

Comparatively, Samsung's offerings typically provide better screen resolution and refresh rates, enhanced camera setups with multiple lenses and higher megapixel counts, and additional functionalities like wireless charging and high-speed wired charging options. Motorola's strengths lie in providing robust essentials that cater well to budget-conscious consumers looking for reliable performance without the frills.

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best Screen?

As a general rule, you can count on Samsung phones to have better screens than Motorola phones. Samsung is well-known for its screen technology, especially its Super AMOLED displays, which are praised for vibrant colors, deep blacks, and high brightness levels. If you're a gamer or photographer, you'll be impressed with how these screens feature high resolutions and refresh rates.

Samsung's flagship models, like the Galaxy S series, include Dynamic AMOLED with HDR10+ support, with sharp color and dynamic contrast. Samsung also often incorporates higher resolution and refresh rates, which enhance smoothness and clarity, especially noticeable when streaming high-quality videos or playing graphics-intensive games.

Motorola, while offering decent screen quality, generally focuses on providing good value with competitive pricing. As a result, the screens on Motorola phones, such as those found in the Moto G and Edge series, might not match the top-tier specifications seen in Samsung's high-end devices. Motorola screens are often LCD, which, while effective, do not achieve the same level of vibrancy and contrast as AMOLED screens.

That being said, Motorola is working to change that reputation. in 2024, the Motorola Edge 40 Pro stands out as the best Motorola phone in terms of screen quality. It features a large 6.7-inch display with a high refresh rate of 165Hz, making it exceptionally smooth for navigation and media consumption. The display technology used ensures crisp visuals, enhancing the overall user experience​.

This model is part of Motorola's push to offer premium features, and it competes well in the high-end smartphone market by balancing price with advanced specifications. The Edge 40 Pro is especially noted for its generous battery life and high-quality camera, alongside its impressive screen capabilities.

Winner: Samsung phones for now, but Motorola is working to change that.

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best Camera?

This one has a clear winner: Samsung phones have better cameras, particularly in its high-end models released in 2024.

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series features a sophisticated triple camera setup. The main camera in the S24 has a 50 MP sensor with optical image stabilization (OIS) and phase detection autofocus (PDAF), supporting an aperture size of F1.8. This allows for excellent low-light performance and sharp images. Additionally, the S24 includes a 10 MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom and a 12 MP ultra-wide camera. The high-end models also support 8K video recording, which is a testament to their advanced capabilities​.

Motorola cameras aren't terrible, though, just not as high-end. For example, Motorola's offerings such as the Motorola razr Plus (2024) come with more modest camera setups. The razr Plus, for instance, features a dual-camera system with a 12 MP main camera and a 13 MP ultra-wide camera. While it does support 4K video recording, the specifications such as sensor size and pixel quality are generally lower compared to Samsung's flagship models​.

Moreover, Samsung's models like the Galaxy S24 Ultra push the envelope further with a 108 MP quad rear camera setup, providing even higher resolution and versatility for photography enthusiasts​.

Winner: Samsung phones tend to have better camera systems that are suited for a wide range of photography needs, from professional-quality portraits to high-resolution video capture.

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best RAM?

Another clear answer: Samsung typically outpaces Motorola, especially in their flagship models, when it comes to RAM. The only thing to keep in mind is whether Samsung RAM is overkill. Motorola RAM is often good enough for most users.

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S24+ offers configurations that include up to 12GB of RAM, which is indicative of Samsung's focus on high-performance multitasking and gaming capabilities​​. This high RAM capacity is generally reserved for Samsung's premium devices, which are designed to handle more intensive processing tasks smoothly.

Conversely, Motorola's recent models, such as the Motorola Moto G Power 5G (2024), often feature more modest RAM capacities, like 8GB. This amount of RAM is quite sufficient for everyday tasks and moderate multitasking but may lag behind in handling more intensive applications and games compared to Samsung's offerings.

Samsung's approach to incorporating larger RAM capacities in their high-end models clearly gives them an edge in scenarios where processing speed and the ability to run multiple applications seamlessly are crucial. But if you're not a user who needs the highest possible performance, Motorola phones would likely provide enough RAM.

Winner: Samsung phones have more RAM, but may be more than some users really need.

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best Battery Life?

Here's a mixed bag. If you look at pure specs, Motorola phones win on the battery life race. But if you look at a broader picture of battery life, battery charging capacities, and battery saving features, Samsung phones are better equipped.

For example, the Motorola Edge 40 Ultra has a chunky 5000mAh battery, typical of many Motorola phones aimed at ensuring long-lasting performance on a single charge.

Samsung also offering models with large batteries, but they go a step further and integrate additional power management features into their high-end models. The Samsung Galaxy S24+, for example, includes a 4900mAh battery. While slightly smaller than Motorola's, Samsung improves its battery performance through adaptive power-saving technologies and super-fast charging capabilities, which can quickly recharge the battery in a fraction of the time it takes many competitors​.

Not only that, but Samsung's flagship models support wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, which are not commonly found in Motorola models. These features add convenience and extend the functionality of Samsung devices beyond just a long single charge battery life.

Winner: Samsung phone batteries generally provide an overall better battery life experience, although some Motorola phones have bigger batteries.

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best UI?

On this one, it's harder to give a definitive answer since it basically comes down to what you prefer. Motorola and Samsung have distinct approaches to their Android skins that cater to different user preferences.

Samsung's One UI, found in devices like the Galaxy S24 series, is famous among Samsung fans for its clean, user-friendly, highly customizable interface. One UI is facilitates one-handed operation with large elements and interactive areas positioned towards the bottom of the screen, which comes in very handy when you're trying to handle a 6.7 inch screen.

Samsung also integrates advanced features such as DeX, which allows the phone to connect to a monitor for a desktop-like experience, and Link to Windows, which enhances productivity by connecting seamlessly with Windows PCs.

Motorola offers an Android experience that is much closer to stock Android with its My UX interface, seen in models like the Motorola Edge 40 Ultra. Motorola's UI is less intrusive, providing a clean and straightforward user experience that many purists appreciate. It includes Moto Actions—gestural controls that offer shortcuts for everyday tasks—and customizable styles and fonts, but it tends to be simpler with fewer built-in features than Samsung's One UI​.

Winner: Toss-up. Ultimately, the choice between Motorola and Samsung's UI comes down to personal preference. Samsung's One UI is great if you love a feature-rich experience and deeper customization directly through the UI. Motorola's approach is better for users who prefer a cleaner, more straightforward Android experience that stays close to what Google originally designed.

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best OS?

Both brands use the Android operating system, though in slightly different forms thanks to their unique customizations. At the core, both brands provide Android OS, but they are updated to match the hardware and brand ecosystems.

Updates to these systems are managed by the companies, with Samsung historically pushing updates slightly faster across its device range, partly due to its larger market share and resources. Motorola tends to follow a more straightforward approach, providing essential updates and security patches without extensive overhauls.

The "best OS" really comes down to what aspects of the OS are most important to you—integration and additional features versus a clean, straightforward approach that stays true to stock Android. Both manufacturers provide a solid Android experience, tailored to different user needs and preferences.

Winner: tie. Both operating systems have their strengths, so the choice between them depends on your personal preferences regarding simplicity versus feature depth.

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has Better Prices?

Here's where you might have a better understanding of why Motorola fans are still popular, given that they lag behind Samsung phones in many ways. For current pricing of Motorola and Samsung phones, Motorola generally offers a range of more budget-friendly options compared to Samsung.

Motorola Pricing:

  • Moto G Play 2024: Priced at around $129.99, offering essential features in a cost-effective package.
  • Moto G Power 5G 2024: Available for $199.99, it targets the budget sector with robust battery life.
  • Motorola Edge 2023: This more advanced device is priced at $349.99, presenting a mid-range option with better specifications.
  • Motorola Edge+ 2023: At the higher end of Motorola's offerings, this phone is priced at $799.99, featuring premium specifications and performance.

Samsung Pricing:

  • Samsung’s pricing spans a wider range due to a larger variety of models. For instance:
    • Galaxy A Series: These are mid-range phones, like the Galaxy A53, which often cost around $450. These are great if you want a decent Samsung phone without breaking the bank.
    • Galaxy S Series: For someone looking for a premium phone, Samsung’s flagship models like the Galaxy S24 start from $800 and go upwards of $1,000, packed with the latest technology and the best specs.

Winner: Motorola. Samsung's flagship devices generally command higher prices due to advanced features like superior camera systems, more robust processing units, and expansive ecosystems, though there are some mid-range phones offered, too. In contrast, Motorola positions itself strongly in the budget to mid-range market, offering phones  for everyday users who need reliable performance at a lower cost.

The Bottom Line

There is no real competition: Samsung phones are better, especially the flagship S series phones. However, many Motorola phones are good enough for consumers at a more attractive price point.

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