When Do New Phones Come Out?

2022 is a big year for the mobile phone industry. All the biggest players on the market have a new phone set to be released. Some of them are additions to existing smartphone lines, while others are new experiences trying to bring innovation to the market.

Knowing the release dates of these phones is important in helping you decide which phone you are looking for. Here is a rundown of the upcoming smartphones being released.

Six Best New Phones: When Do They Come Out?

1. Google Pixel 7

The Google Pixel 7 is the long-awaited follow-up to Google’s flagship smartphone line. It is set to be released in the Fall of 2022, with no release date confirmed yet. The Pixel phones are famous for being high-quality products with a relatively attainable price range. With the Google Pixel 6 starting at $599 for the base version, the Pixel 7 is looking to follow that trend.

Upon release, Google will come out with the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7Pro. They will run on the new iteration of the Google Tensor chip, which is Google’s in-house processor. As far as we know, the camera system and design will remain the same as the Google Pixel 6 models.

2. iPhone 14

Apple is coming out swinging with the new iPhone 14, aiming to make major changes to the industry. Rumored to be announced at the Apple event on September 7, the iPhone 14 should be available shortly after. It is expected to remain at $799, the same as the iPhone 13. However, it is unknown how much the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will cost.

A huge change is that there will be no iPhone 14 Mini, making the base model the smallest option available. This might disappoint those who prefer smaller phones, as they will need to turn to the iPhone SE if they want to keep going small. The A16 Bionic chip is set to act as an upgrade to the processors of the previous iPhone models, making it the most powerful iPhone to date and one of the most powerful smartphones on the market.

3. Nokia 10

Nokia has not released a new premium smartphone since the Nokia 9 Pureview in 2019. The company is set to buck the trend in 2022 with the Nokia 10, also known as the Nokia X60. While Nokia dominated the flip phone era, in this age of smartphones, they stuck to cheaper and more accessible products. This is not likely to change with the Nokia 10, which will probably stick to the trend of prioritizing efficiency and price over power.

Other than that, what exactly we should expect from the Nokia 10 is a mystery. We do not know which chipset it will use or what camera system it will sport. However, we know that this will be Nokia’s first huge product after a long hiatus, and they will try to make as much of a splash as possible with the new tech.

4. OnePlus 10T

The OnePlus 10T was just released, bringing back the T line of OnePlus phones. The company’s newest 5G phone is a full upgrade of the OnePlus 10, and it sports an improved display, great battery life, and a very strong processor. It is a modestly priced product at $649, which is great for the high-tech options you are getting.

The camera system does lag behind the competition, and the design is not about to blow anyone’s mind. It is also not made out of the premium materials other phones on this list are. However, if you have been eagerly awaiting the next OnePlus product, you will more than likely be satisfied with what the OnePlus 10T offers.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Another brand new product is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Like its predecessors, the Z Flip 4 is focused on providing a foldable phone cheaper than the Fold series. The Z Flip 4 flips down along a horizontal seam in its center, allowing you to fold the phone into a portable square to take it where you need to go.

While it is cheaper than foldable phones, the price still hits $999. At this price, it is definitely for people looking specifically for a premium option. It uses sturdier materials than the Z Flip 3, and the camera system is at the industry's height. The processing power is impressive, and the speeds and display are top-notch.

6. Xiaomi 12 Ultra

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra is a great upcoming phone, but there is no planned release in the United States. It has a powerful processor with a high-quality display and a brand new design for the Xiaomi brand. If you want to purchase one from China, this is a high-quality phone.

That being said, the phone is clunky and can get pricey if you want the full RAM and storage packages. The camera system is incredibly unique, with a huge lens area on the back of the phone that takes up much more real estate than your average smartphone camera. The phone is worth getting for those who have access to it, but getting one will be more trouble than it is worth for many people outside of China.

Bottom Line

The remainder of the year will see a new batch of premium smartphones hit the market. All the biggest players, from Google to Apple, are throwing their next product in the ring, while smaller companies like Nokia are doing their best to innovate.

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