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What Cell Phone Towers Does Spectrum Mobile Use?

If you are a Spectrum Internet subscriber, you are eligible for Spectrum Mobile. Spectrum Mobile is a mobile phone service provider from Charter Communications that offers 4G LTE and 5G service. Spectrum Mobile is a competitively priced alternative to more expensive mobile plans because it is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or MVNO, using Verizon’s cellular network.

Spectrum Mobile offers a variety of 4G LTE and 5G plans with mobile hotspots. Additionally, Spectrum Mobile customers can access wifi hotspots across the nation.

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Why Should I Care About Spectrum Mobile?

Spectrum Mobile is an MVNO 4G LTE and 5G Network.

If you are a Spectrum internet subscriber, you have the option to save money with Spectrum Mobile’s service. On top of this, you can save on both home internet plans and cell phone plans through bundling. For example, Spectrum Mobile currently offers a deal where you can get fast internet, free advanced Wifi, and one free Unlimited Mobile line for $49.99 per month for twelve months.

Spectrum Mobile also requires no contract and has no hidden fees.

If you are debating whether or not Spectrum Mobile is the right wireless network for you, read on to learn about its coverage, plans, and more.

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What Plans Does Spectrum Mobile Offer?

Spectrum Mobile has a variety of Unlimited and By the Gig Plans. If you want to find the best Spectrum Mobile plan for your needs, our plan widget below compares options from across the marketplace to find you the perfect plan options in seconds.

Find the Best Plan Options

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Data Plans


Price: $29.99 per month per line.

Benefits: 5G nationwide access, Unlimited talk, text, and data, and 20GB deprioritized  data before speed is brought down to one MBP.

Unlimited Plus

Price: $39.99 per month per line.

Benefits: The same benefits as Unlimited Plus with High Definition video streaming and 30GB deprioritized data before speed is brought down.

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Spectrum Mobile By the Gig Plans

Customers can also pay by the GB of data that they can use during each billing cycle. By the Gigabyte plans are great if you do not use a huge amount of data, are only concerned with talking and texting, and do not mind SD streaming. 

These plans come with a set amount of deprioritized data, 420p standard definition video streaming, free calls to Mexico and Canada, and texting from the United States to more than 200 countries.

By the Gig 1GB

Price: $14 GB per month

Benefits: 5G access and shared 1GB data among up to ten lines.

By the Gig 2GB

Price: $28 per month

Benefits: 5G access and 2GB shared data among up to ten lines

By the Gig 3GB

Price: $42 a month

Benefits: 5G access and 3GB shared data among up to ten lines

Spectrum Mobile also adds incentives to create family plans: you can mix and match plans, allowing users to choose which data plan is best for them, keeping everyone in the group happy.

When switching to Spectrum Mobile, you can either bring your own device (BYOD) or buy a new cell phone. They carry Apple iPhones, Google Pixels, Motorola smartphones, Samsung Galaxy models, and more. Bringing your own phone will save you equipment costs since you will not have to buy a new phone. Be sure to check your device’s compatibility. You will need to transfer your sim card before activation.

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What Is an MVNO?

Mobile Virtual Network Operators are smaller wireless carriers that piggyback off the network of a major carrier. Spectrum Mobile is an MVNO.

Another example of an MVNO is Mint Mobile, which uses T-Mobile’s network.

What Are the Benefits of MVNOs?

MVNOs offer major carrier services at lower prices. They are great options for people who do not mind a lack of bells and whistles.

What Are the Drawbacks of MVNOs?

MVNOs usually do not come with the same amount of extra perks and benefits that big three plans do. Additionally, MVNO customers are not given the same priority on the big three networks as big three customers. This means that, during times when the networks are busy, MVNO customers’ speeds are slowed down first.

This is not a problem with Spectrum Mobile, though, as it does not practice reprioritization at any time. They do have thresholds of data usage, after which speeds are slowed down, however.

How Do Cell Towers Work?

Before talking about Spectrum Mobile cell towers, let’s take a second to talk about how cell towers work. Cell towers transmit and receive radio signals. Compatible devices emit electromagnetic signals the cell towers receive and send to a switching center that passes the signal on to another device or network.

If a network has many cell towers with strong signals, it can provide effective coverage. The Big Three, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, have the biggest amount of cell towers and provide the most extensive coverage.

To learn more about how cell phone towers work, check out our guide to which carriers have the best towers.

What Cell Phone Towers Does Spectrum Mobile Use?

Spectrum Mobile uses Verizon’s cell towers, which span 70% of America. In fact, Verizon has the largest amount of 4G nationwide coverage. Spectrum Mobile also offers 5G service, though Verizon’s coverage stands at 12.77%. When 5G service is present, however, it is effective, with high-speed upload and download speeds. Fun Fact: Xfinity Mobile also uses Verizon’s network.

Does Spectrum Mobile Have Good Coverage?

This depends on what you are looking for. If you only want 4G LTE data, this might be the plan for you. Since Spectrum Mobile uses Verizon’s towers, it has excellent 4G coverage.

Let’s compare Spectrum Mobile to Verizon since they use the same network.

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Is Spectrum Mobile Cheaper Than Verizon?

Verizon’s basic unlimited plan, Unlimited Welcome, is $65 a month for one line with paperless billing and autopay enabled. Spectrum Mobile’s basic unlimited plan is $29.99 a month for one line. 

If you want 5G data speeds, though, maybe consider another plan unless you live in an area with Verizon 5G coverage. Also, Verizon offers more mobile hotspot data, higher reprioritization thresholds, and more perks and benefits, such as a Disney Bundle with ESPN and more.

Click here to see Spectrum Mobile’s coverage map.


By utilizing Verizon’s network, Spectrum Mobile is able to offer a fantastic 5G and 4G LTE network at a lower price to Spectrum Internet customers. At a lower price, customers can receive the same level of service as those who pay more for Verizon, though there are fewer benefits. If you do not use a huge amount of mobile data, consider their By the Gig Plans to save even more. To compound savings, Spectrum Mobile and Spectrum internet services can be bundled.

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