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What Is the Strongest Phone Available on the Market?

a cell phone with dirt on the ground

Phone speed, connectivity, and built-in apps are important. But you also need to consider the best smartphones for durability when selecting a new cellphone, especially if you tend to drop your phone!

It’s a good idea to determine the strongest mobile phone available today. Let’s break down five super strong phones so you know what to look for. By the end, you might even find the perfect new device for your needs!

What Are the Most Durable Phones?

There are lots of durable phones on the market right now. The Samsung Galaxy Ultra Series of Android phones, the Google Pixel Series, and many iPhones are top choices for their battery life, wireless charging, and water-resistant designs.

But among all popular choices, five recent smartphone releases are known for their longevity, durability, and overall strength in extreme temperatures, underwater, and more. Let’s take a look at the best rugged phones.

Nokia XR20 Rugged Smartphone

Nokia’s XR20 Rugged smartphone is an extremely popular pick for various reasons. For starters, it is IP68 certified, meaning it can resist dust and water. It also features a dedicated emergency button, making this a top choice for those interested in an emergency device they can use to call for assistance quickly and easily.

But the XR20 is also rated for durability by military standards (MIL-STD-810g, specifically). It further features Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. That means the XR20’s screen is among the strongest on the market.

Even better, HMD Global (the phone's manufacturer) has guaranteed all purchasers will receive four years of free security updates. Add to that one year of free screen replacements, and it's clear this is a very strong phone ideal for ensuring peace of mind.


The CAT S62 PRO is a phenomenal modern device. It's designed as a rugged smartphone suitable for construction workers, outdoor explorers, and others from the get-go. While it looks sleek and similar to other smartphones, it's much more durable overall, featuring a metallic frame, plastic rear panel, and a durable full-glass front screen.

The back of the phone also has a rubber finish, which makes it easy to grip. The buttons are designed to last for a long time, as they are large and firm rather than flimsy and fragile. The S62 PRO’s other features, ranging from an audio jack to a programmable key to a decent camera, make it a stellar choice for professionals on the go who don’t want their work phones to break unexpectedly.

Ulefone Armor 6E

The Ulefone Armor 6E smartphone is rated for extreme temperatures. Specifically, this smartphone can function properly at temperatures as low as -20°C or up to 60°C. It may be a perfect backpacker or hiker's phone for this reason alone!

But that’s not all the Armor 6E can withstand. It can also accompany you underwater for up to two hours and down to two meters of depth. Armed with a decent camera, it’s perfect for capturing photos of sea life or other noticeable sights on a snorkeling expedition.

Finally, the Armor 6E is relatively affordable, usually for less than $300, depending on local retailers. Check this out if you want a strong smartphone that can accompany you on all your outdoor adventures.

Doogee S90

Doogee's S90 smartphone offers excellent value for money compared to many other options. With a 6.18-inch screen and 2246 x 1080 P resolution, it's a great phone overall featuring impressive performance metrics and a comfortable grip. For example, it has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space right out of the box.

More importantly, this handset is designed with a modular look, so it's a little bulkier than the competition. But you can combine this phone with gamepads, night vision cameras, and other accessories. It's a strong yet customizable phone designed for durability and good performance even in extreme conditions. Just keep in mind that the screen does have a noticeable match, so it's not as clear as some other strong phones on the market.

Unihertz Titan Pocket

The Unihertz Titan Pocket is a throwback phone featuring a small and lightweight design. It’s an ergonomic device meant to be held with one hand, and it’s about 30% smaller and lighter compared to the predecessor Titan phone model.

The aptly named Titan Pocket has a physical keypad for fans of old-school Blackberry devices, plus a small 3.1-inch screen. While you won't be viewing any media on this device, you can use it for messaging or Internet scrolling.

Regarding durability, the Titan Pocket comes armored with a durable exterior shell and a tough glass screen. Fun features like a fingerprint sensor and a 16-megapixel rear camera make this a well-rounded, if smaller than average, device ideal for those who are tired of smartphone screens getting larger and larger each year.

Which Phone Is the Best for Me?

Any of the above phones could be excellent choices depending on your budget, preferences, and needs. For example, do you need a dedicated hiking phone you can rely on when push comes to shove? The Ulefone Armor 6E might be the best choice given its rating for extreme temperatures and ability to function under two meters of water.


  • How much money you want to spend on a new phone.
  • What the phone needs to do – for example, if you want a touchscreen, the Titan Pocket isn’t the best choice.
  • What features are must-haves and which features aren’t necessary.

Once you answer all those questions, you’ll be able to pick the best out of these strongest phones on the market. If you're curious about finding the best phone deals on the market, our widget below searches thousands of deals on top devices for you in seconds.

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How Can I Strengthen My Current Phone?

Alternatively, you can strengthen your current phone by:

  • Purchasing a phone case that fits your mobile device. Phone cases protect the phone’s exterior if you drop it or if it is otherwise damaged. Plus, many of them make it a bit easier or more comfortable to hold your phone.
  • Purchasing and installing a glass screen protector. Tempered glass screen protectors at an extra layer of material between your phone's touchscreen and the outside world. Phone screen cracks become less likely once you have a good screen protector.

Both of these components can be purchased for practically every phone model out there. While they do make your phone a little bulkier and harder to grip, they are well worth the cost if you are prone to dropping your phone or if you don’t want to spend money repairing a brand-new phone due to an unfortunate accident.

The Bottom Line

Finding a strong Apple iPhone or Android device doesn't have to be tough. You can easily choose one of the above five smartphones, each rated for durability and longevity (in addition to other excellent features).

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