The Best Phone for Kids: How To Find the Right One

Smartphones have become a significant part of our society, and it isn't easy to get by without one. While there was a time when your child might not need a phone until they got older, it is becoming increasingly vital that you have a way to contact them from an early age. Kids also need the ability to scan QR codes, use bus apps, and access their cards, which is becoming more difficult without a phone.

Most cell phone plans from service providers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile offer basic phones suitable for kids. That said, some phones are better for children than others. You need to consider safety and screen time when it comes to your child’s phone, but you don’t necessarily need to get them a dated Nokia or a flip phone. Below, we've listed some of the best phones for kids.

What Are the Five Best Phones for Kids?

  1. Apple iPhone SE (3rd generation)
  2. Gabb Z2
  3. Google Pixel 5A with 5G
  4. Moto G Pure
  5. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Apple iPhone SE (3rd Generation)

One nice thing about having an Apple phone is that they are compatible with one another. If everyone in the family has an iPhone, you all have access to things like FaceTime and iMessage, making it easier to keep track of one another. Additionally, an iPhone would have cross-compatibility with any iPads, Mac computers, or other iPhones in your family.

The SE also makes accessing GPS tracker functions like the Find My iPhone feature easier if you need to find a lost phone. The GPS tracking connects to your kid’s cell phone, making it double as a location tracking service for your child.

That said, not everyone wants to spend close to a thousand dollars on a phone for a kid who will not use all its features. That is why the iPhone SE exists. The iPhone SE is a cheaper alternative to the standard iPhone lines, with a retail price of $429.

These are durable phones with many of the same technical specs as the iPhone 13 models. You get 5G connectivity and an A15 bionic chip, meaning it is a reasonably advanced product. With an SE, you get all the benefits of having an Apple phone as part of a family network without the cost.

Gabb Z2

The Gabb Z2 is an exciting phone in that it is built specifically with younger kids in mind. It has many hardware features you would expect from a smartphone operating system, but it does not have any internet access. This means there is no Wi-Fi connection or app store, no access to browsers, and no access to social media.

This allows parents to provide their young children with a mobile phone without worrying about exposure to online threats. It still has unlimited talk and text messages and a phone number, meaning you can stay in contact with your kid consistently. It has solid battery life and durability, making it a relatively safe purchase that does not require too much maintenance.

The Gabb phone comes with its own Gabb wireless service, given the product's unique nature. The phone is relatively cheap at $99, but you need to be willing to spend $20 per month on the phone plan that comes with it. Security is the primary source of value here, so do not expect all the features you would find on something like an iPhone SE. Still, with the peace of mind provided by the parental control apps and features, the Gabb is an excellent first phone for young kids.

Google Pixel 5A With 5G

Google Pixel phones are known for providing premium experiences at a low price, and the Google Pixel 5A is no different. It costs $449 and provides a large OLED display and a sturdy, water-resistant frame.

It has a powerful camera system and solid battery life, making it an outstanding value for the price. However, similar to the iPhone SE, it is not explicitly built with children in mind, so there are not many parental controls on the phone.

In addition, it does not have the networking functions of Apple products, so there are fewer ways to connect to the phone and keep track of it. It is priced very similarly to the iPhone SE, so it is difficult to recommend it over the phone for this demographic. However, if the rest of the family does not have iPhones and Android is the preferred OS, it is still a solid smartphone option for a younger audience.

Moto G Pure

The Moto G Pure is what you would call a budget phone. It only costs $160 and provides most of the basic features you would expect from a smartphone. It is a very durable phone with long battery life, given the minimal processing needs of the device.

The processor and RAM are weak in this phone, which is where the reduced price comes from. That said, it still has a solid camera system and access to the google store. It can do anything a more expensive smartphone can do, with more lag and less fidelity.

It does not have extra security features for children, but it is a relatively small investment if you want to get your kid a starter phone. Since it has the same calling and texting capabilities as a more expensive phone, you are getting the same core package you would get for a more expensive device.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Just as iPhones have a cheaper option, Samsung also has a budget version of their premium phones in the form of the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. This device is a full-on 5G smartphone with excellent battery life and Samsung's mark of quality.

It has durable gorilla glass as its display and solid performance compared to similarly priced phones. Once again, it does not have as many parental features as you might like, but it is a substantial value for the price.

The phone strikes a nice middle ground between the Moto G Pure's budget product and the more premium Apple and Android phones. If you are looking for a cheap phone that can still stand with other smartphones, the A32 5G is an excellent way to go.

Bottom Line

Buying a phone for your kid can be tricky. You need to ensure the phone is secure and safe, but you also want to make sure you can contact them when you need to. Devices like the Gabb Z2 are built with this purpose in mind but lack functionality outside of that niche. Then there are a variety of cheaper phones with different ratios of price to performance to consider.

Because making these choices is difficult, consider turning to Navi to make the best choice for your child. Navi will analyze your preferences to determine what phone will provide the best balance of security and functionality. Navi understands the industry and can help you find the best resources to ensure you never pay more than what you need. Use Navi to find the best phone for your child today.


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