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Best Flip Phones: Top 6 Flip and Fold Phones

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Considering a flip phone instead of a one-screen device? We’ve got the breakdown of the best flip phones of 2024.

If you’re a fan of old-school flip phone form looking for smartphone functionality, there’s good news. Many top phone manufacturers offer smart flip phones and fold phones for people just like you. 

While yesteryear’s flip phones have a reputation for being clunky and chunky, today’s flip phones have ultra-high definition screens, excellent connectivity, and all the specs you would expect from another type of cell phone. These foldable phones are just as capable of running on 4G LTE and 5G networks as other smartphones. They also have standard compatibility with accessories like Bluetooth earbuds.

So, here’s the question: is a flip phone right for you, and if so, which one? Let’s take a closer look.

What you should consider when choosing a flip phone

When considering the top picks for the best flip and foldable phones, we focused on a range of criteria:

  • Performance: How well does the phone handle multiple apps, from WhatsApp to Amazon, ensuring a seamless experience?
  • Battery Life: Smartphone battery life is key, especially for those who rely heavily on their cell phone throughout the day.
  • Screen Resolution and Size: Whether it’s for reading, browsing, or taking stunning selfies, a high-quality display is key.
  • Additional Features: We look at extra aspects like water resistance and external screen functionality for notifications.
  • Availability: These phones are all available in U.S. markets.

Our Top Pick for Flip and Fold Phones

1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is perhaps the most well-known foldable smartphone on the market. The cover screen is a spacious 3.4 inches, while the main screen is 6.7 inches. The refresh rate is adjustable, and it’s all powered with eight GB of RAM and goes up to one TB of storage.

Thanks to its chipset, this flip phone has a large battery, fast charging abilities, and excellent performance. The cameras are a step above its predecessor, the Z Flip4 — a set of dual 12-megapixel rear cameras and a 10-megapixel front camera that takes clear photos even in low-light. You can also turn one half of the main screen into a trackpad for ease of use and extra intuitive fun.

Choose this phone if you want a powerful Android flip phone offering the joys of flip phones and the ability to physically hang up. It’s also fairly water-resistant and durable.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Released in August 2023, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is packed with excellent interior components, like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 2 chipset — 12 GB of RAM and up to one TB of storage make this a powerful phone in its own right.

As far as flip phones go, this is also an excellent choice as it has a 7.6-inch main screen, making it similar to a tablet. When folded, the cover screen is 6.2 inches. It also comes with S Pen support for those who enjoy using a stylus. Samsung accessories, like cases and stands, work well with this smartphone enabling you to transform it into what amounts to a small computer.

Think of it as more of a tiny pocket computer than a phone optimized for calls. The well-stocked camera set includes a 50-megapixel wide-angle lens, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a 10-megapixel telephoto lens. Plus, the 2176 x 1812p main display makes it a joy to use and look at whether you’re watching media, playing games, or just surfing the web.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is a remarkable addition to the foldable smartphone market, seamlessly blending the classic flip phone with the advancements of modern technology. This device stands out with its 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, offering a sharp 2640 x 1080 resolution and a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. 

Its compact form factor, featuring a folding inside design and a convenient 1.9-inch front cover display, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking both style and functionality. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and equipped with 8GB of RAM, the Galaxy Z Flip4 ensures robust performance for all your needs. 

The 3700mAh battery, with fast and wireless charging options, supports a full day’s use, keeping you connected without constant recharging.

Camera capabilities include a dual 12-megapixel rear setup and a 10-megapixel front camera, catering to your photography and selfie needs with clarity and precision.

Opt for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 if you’re seeking a foldable phone that combines the joy of a classic flip design with the high functionality of modern smartphones. Its water-resistant build and array of features make it a durable and reliable choice for everyday use.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is a standout in the realm of best flip phones, combining a cell phone's practicality with a tablet's expansive view. With a main screen measuring 7.6 inches and a 2176 x 1812 pixels resolution, this foldable phone offers an immersive reading and media experience. Its dynamic AMOLED display, boasting a 120Hz refresh rate, ensures smooth scrolling and vibrant visuals.

Under the hood, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, supported by 12GB of RAM. This setup ensures that the device can play heavy-duty mobile games without a hitch. The internal storage of 256GB is ample for all your needs.

For photography enthusiasts, the Galaxy Z Fold4 features a triple camera setup, including a 50MP main camera, a 10MP telephoto lens, and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. These specs make it perfect for everything from detailed selfies to wide landscape shots.

Its 4400mAh battery, compatible with fast and wireless charging, ensures you stay powered throughout the day.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 also features IPX8 water-resistant design and dual Nano SIM + eSIM support. The Galaxy Z Fold4 is a folding phone that redefines the blend of functionality and form factor.

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5. Motorola Razr Plus

The 2023 iteration of the Motorola Razr Plus deserves special mention for its excellent aesthetic style. It’s a great-looking flip phone with a 3.6'' pOLED external display that’s durable and useful in equal measure.

The external display is big enough to easily type on the keyboard, so you don’t always have to flip open the phone to check notifications or respond to a message. You can still access key apps like the map, mirror, and cameras when the phone is shut.

However, the Motorola Razr Plus cameras don’t compare to the competition. Battery life could also be a bit better. That said, the Motorola Razr Plus flip phone is a good option for smartphone fans who want a sleek flip phone design at an affordable price and are willing to sacrifice photo quality. 

6. Alcatel Go Flip 4

Maybe you’re in the market for something truly affordable. In that case, the Alcatel Go Flip 4 may be perfect for you — especially if you’re looking for an old-school look and feel. This flip phone is incredibly well-priced compared to other flip phones on the market today. 

It features great battery life, partially thanks to its lithium-ion 1850mAh battery. It powers your phone for up to 12 hours of talk time and 18 days of standby time.

The Alcatel Go Flip 4 only has 512 MB of RAM and four GB of storage, but it’s powered by a QM215 Snapdragon 215 chipset, and it will get the job done when you just need to call your friends and family members or send a simple text. This just may be the best flip phone for those looking for a dependable device without added bells and whistles. 

What Are the Perks of Picking a Flip or Foldable Phone?

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Flip and foldable phones are more than just a trend. Plenty of practical benefits are packed into their sleek, folding form factors. So why consider hopping aboard the flip-and-fold bandwagon? Here are some main benefits. 

Compact and Convenient

Remember the days when fitting your phone in your pocket was simple? Flip phones like the Motorola Razr or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip have brought back the joy of compactness. Fold them up, and they snugly fit into the smallest of spaces, making them super convenient for on-the-go lifestyles.

Double the Screens, Double the Possibilities

With foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold4, you’re getting a phone and a tablet in one. Open up your device, and a larger screen unfolds, perfect for reading, browsing, or watching your favorite shows on Amazon or Netflix.

Enhanced Durability

Worried about your screen getting scratched up in your bag? Foldable phones offer a neat solution with their clamshell design. When closed, the main screen is protected, reducing the risk of accidental scratches and scuffs — just keep in mind that this could open up the outside screen to damage.

Battery Life That Lasts

Long battery life is a must, whether you’re scrolling through social media, taking endless selfies, or using GPS on the go. Many foldable phones come equipped with large batteries to keep up with the demand for their larger screens.

Next-Level Camera Capabilities

Flip and foldable phones don’t skimp on camera quality. With models like the Galaxy Z Flip5, you’re looking at high-spec cameras that can rival traditional smartphones, ensuring your Instagram game stays strong.

Unique Features

Some foldable phones offer unique features like external displays for quick notifications or part of the screen transforming into a trackpad — adding a layer of functionality and fun that traditional smartphones can’t match.

In short, flip and foldable phones bring together the best of both worlds: The nostalgia of flip phones with the advanced features of modern smartphones. No matter where your loyalties lie, there’s something uniquely appealing about these folding wonders. So, why not flip the script on your phone experience with a device that’s as fun as it is functional?

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re shopping for a basic entry-level flip phone, a smart flip phone, or a cell phone for any other specific purpose, Navi’s Phone Deal Finder can help. It’s free, unbiased, and designed to help you find the best phone deals based on your unique needs.

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