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Galaxy S22 Ultra

108MP Wide, 10MP Periscope Telephoto, 10MP Telephoto, 12MP Ultra-Wide, 40MP Wide Front


About 9 hours of usage time

Screen Size


Regarding high-quality phones, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is tough to beat. It comes at a high price point compared to most other phones on the market, but with that price comes very impressive hardware and software specs.

If you are willing to spend a four-digit figure, you can get one of the most comprehensive camera systems in a phone, a massive battery with great charging speed, and a huge screen. Here is what you are looking at when you pick up a Samsung S22 Ultra:

What Are the Samsung S22 Ultra Specs and Features?

The Samsung S22 Ultra is the largest of the S22 phones, sitting at 6.8 inches for its Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. This puts it at 7 inches larger than the Samsung S22. It weighs 8.1 ounces, making it 2.2 ounces heavier than the base model. The refresh rate can go up to 120Hz, which the iPhone 13 cannot do.

Like the other two S22 models, the S22 Ultra uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 as its processor. While there is no processing upgrade over the S22 or S22 Plus, the 8 Gen 1 is already one of the most powerful chipsets with impressive CPU and GPU output. Compared with the Google Tensor and Apple Bionic chips, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 holds its own.

The S22 Ultra launched with Android 12 with the capacity to upgrade, and it comes with the One UI 4.1 that all Samsung phones utilize to transform Android OS to their specifications. Additionally, the S22 Ultra is compatible with One UI 5 and Android 13.

Unlike the S22+, the S22 Ultra significantly upgrades over the base model. It still has a three-lens system, with the 12MP ultrawide and 10MP telephoto lenses remaining the same.

However, it also comes with a 108MP main camera instead of the 50MP lens on the other models. This is important given that it gives the ultra camera more of an edge to keep up with the camera systems of Google and Apple phones.

Its vision booster, optical zoom, low-light and night modes, and live focus on Portrait Mode help the front camera and rear cameras compete with other robust camera suites for your selfies and photography. There is also 8k capacity in the video system, which is very impressive on its own.

The battery is 5,000 mAh, which rivals the batteries of any phone on the market. The device has significantly more power than the base model and a more robust charging capacity of 45W. It also has a strong battery life, comes with a USB-C charger and adapter, and allows fast charging and wireless charging options.

What Are Some Pros and Cons of the Samsung S22 Ultra?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a powerhouse of a phone. It comes with a Gorilla Glass Victus screen and IP68 water resistance, and it includes various color options like Burgundy, Phantom White, Phantom Black, Green, Graphite, Sky Blue, and Red.

Right from activation, it offers all the smartphone essentials, from Bluetooth, WiFi, and LTE connectivity to hotspot functionality and cutting-edge apps. Unlike the Galaxy S22+, the Ultra is significantly more powerful than the base S22, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold 3 and has the specs to show.

It is over half a foot larger in display size diagonally than the S22, resulting in a more vibrant and visible screen. People who prefer larger phones will be thrilled with this as it is one of the biggest Samsung phones you can pick up.

Another significant upgrade can be seen in the camera system, which upgraded its primary lens from 50MP to 108MP. The lack of camera upgrades was one of the biggest problems with the Galaxy S22+, and it was important for the Ultra to pick up the slack.

Finally, the battery size of 5,000 mAh matches all the most impressive batteries in the industry, focusing on maximizing your time between charges. The battery size of the base S22 was somewhat disappointing, which was a big plus for the Ultra.

All that said, the Ultra still runs on the same processor as the other two, with the same refresh rate and video system. More upgrades could have been expected for $400 more than the S22. The price point of this phone is very steep, which is likely to be the primary barrier for people looking into getting it.

What Is the Samsung S22 Ultra Pricing?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is priced at $1,199, making it the only S22 phone over a thousand dollars. This is a premium price for a smartphone, with very few phones hitting this mark.

None of the Apple or Google phones come close to $1,199, even the advanced versions like the Google Pixel 7 Pro or the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It is the most advanced phone of the series, but you have to be willing to shell out the cash if you want it.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a great phone and one of the most advanced mobile devices out there. You can trade in your Galaxy 21 Ultra or iPhone 13 Pro Max and get it from most retailers.

The only real issue is the price, which for its upgrades over the base model, may feel very steep. It is the best S22, but the question is whether it deserves to be $500 more than the base S22.

Steve Thomas

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