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Top 10 Android Accessories You Can't Live Without

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Your Android phone already does a lot, but it could do even more… provided you supply it with the right accessories. Indeed, Android gadgets and add-ons can enhance your experience and even the capabilities of your phone.

Let’s look at the top 10 Android accessories that can make your phone faster, more convenient, and more powerful. And if you want to find the best phone deals, our free, unbiased Phone Deal Finder can help you sort through all of the best deals available today, in just seconds.

10 Essential Android Accessories

There are tons of different Android phone accessories to choose from, many of which may seem unnecessary or irrelevant. Instead of spending hours browsing through all available accessories, check out the below ten essential Android add-ons that can seriously enhance your device and your enjoyment of it.

1.  Android Wireless Charge Pad

Who says you must always charge your Android phone with a wired charger? Wireless charging pads are now the norm, and you can make charging easier than ever if you pick up an Android wireless charge pad.

Wireless charge pads allow you to quickly charge your phone on the go without having to search for another cable or worry about ruining the cable plug-in port over time. Even if your phone doesn’t charge with a traditional cable plug, it’ll still charge with a wireless charge pad; talk about convenience!

2.  Android Portable Charger

Speaking of charging, you can upgrade your Android game by purchasing a portable charger for your phone. Portable chargers are essentially separate battery packs that you charge ahead of time. Once they are filled with power, you can use them to charge up your Android device even if there isn't a power outlet.

The best way to use these is to charge up to one or two before a big trip, then take it in your suitcase. That way, you can always charge your Android phone even if you don’t have the right adapter for foreign power outlets or if you can’t find a power outlet of any kind. Some wireless pads even facilitate fast charging, compared to USB-C charging cables you can find on Amazon.

3.  Adjustable Android Stand

What if you want to take a picture with your high-quality Android camera phone? In that case, you’ll need an adjustable Android stand.

Adjustable stands allow you to set up your Android phone and prime it for a picture before rushing to stand beside your friends and family and get in the photo. It's a much better process than pestering passersby to take a picture for you!

You can also use the adjustable stand to take photos of anything else you like, such as the natural environment or impressive city buildings.

4.  Portable UV Screen Sterilizer

We’re all well aware of the importance of personal hygiene, especially when transferring germs via our cell phones. That’s why you might consider investing in a portable UV screen sterilizer.

These devices essentially saturate your Android phone’s screening UV light. Since UV light is very good at killing the majority of germs, including some COVID-19 cells, this is a great way to keep your phone’s surface clean and hygienic even if you take it everywhere or pass it around between you and your friends.

5.  Android Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Apple has the AirTag, but you can still track your phone and recover it if it is stolen or you lose it with an Android Bluetooth tracking tag. These work just like iPhone AirTags, but many of them are specific to certain brands or types of phones.

You might need to find the right Bluetooth tracking tag for your phone model or provider. Still, having a tracking tag can be a lifesaver if you misplace your Android phone on the go and don’t want to assume that it has been stolen or lost.

6.  Galaxy Buds

Say goodbye to wired earbuds! Instead, you can and should pick up some Galaxy Buds: wireless Android earbuds that make listening to high-quality tunes quick and simple without the hassle of a wire.

These are similar to the Apple AirPods, but they also work with Bluetooth connectivity and should automatically synchronize and connect to your mobile phone after the first time. That way, you can simply slip them into your ears and start listening to music in seconds.

They’re perfect for high-quality handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

7.  Android Pro Lens Kit

If you have an Android phone with a less than stellar camera suite, you can upgrade it without purchasing a new phone with an Android pro lens kit. Think of these as extendable camera lenses and apertures you can use to enhance your picture-taking capabilities. It's a great way to take some great shots even if your camera phone isn't the best on the market.

8.  Galaxy Watch

You can also upgrade your wrist accessories by purchasing a Galaxy Watch. Made from Samsung, these versatile and stylish smartwatches operate as secondary phones and can share data between themselves and your Android device. You can make payments, check your email, and even respond to text messages on most Galaxy Watches!

9.  Pop Socket

Don’t forget a pop socket for your Android phone! These are more popular than ever; you’ve probably seen them already. They’re circular discs attached to the back of mobile devices. Why get one for your phone?

Simply put, it allows you to stand up your phone on a table or pick up your phone from a flat surface quickly and easily. Plus, many people find it easier on their fingers to hold their Android phones by a pop socket than on the phone’s sides.

10. Universal Stylus

Then there are universal styluses. These handy devices allow you to take notes on phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note and its many variations. They’re great tools if you prefer to take notes on your Android phone or if you like the precision a stylus provides.

The Bottom Line

Our advice? Try to get every one of these Android accessories over time. Prioritize the ones you think you’ll use most often, then get around to picking up at least one of each accessory. You’ll enjoy using your phone much more – plus find that it can do much more – once you have them!

Still need a phone before you can take advantage of these top-tier accessories? In that case, Navi can help. Our Phone Deal Finder below allows you to quickly and easily find the best phone deals, looking through dozens of different phone options simultaneously. When you find the perfect phone for your needs, you can purchase it and get it shipped.

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