How To Reset an Android Phone When Locked

Getting locked out of a phone can be a huge deal. For some people, their livelihood is tied to their phones, and losing access to the ability to use it can be debilitating, to put it lightly. Everyone, from students to retirees, has functions on their phones that are integral to their day-to-day life.

On Android, there are multiple ways you can go about getting into your phone after you have forgotten the password. If you're curious about finding the best Android deals on the market, our widget below searches thousands of deals on top devices for you in seconds.

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What Is a Full Reset?

One of the ways you can get around a lost password is to do a full factory reset. A factory reset reverts all phone settings to what they were when the phone was launched.

All extraneous apps and data are deleted, including anything you had saved on the phone. When you do a full factory reset, messages, files, and photos are gone.

This is only an option for some. For others, losing the data on their phones would be catastrophic, and doing a full reset is not an option. It is a last resort for most users or a way for people to get rid of all the distractions on their phones and start over.

Make sure you know you are ready for a full reset before initiating one, and consider performing a Cloud backup just in case.

How Can You Do a Full Reset on Your Android?

Full resets look different depending on your Android phone, as every model will have a different system.

Each phone requires you to use the hardware keys to enter the device's recovery menu and reset it from there. Here is how it works:

  1. Press the correct buttons to access the recovery screen. You can let go of the other buttons when you see the recovery screen. Visit your manufacturer's website to identify which buttons to push.
  2. Press Volume Down until you reach Wipe data/factory reset, and press the Power button.
  3. Press yes and, when prompted, click reboot system.

Once this process is complete, you can set up your phone from scratch. If you uploaded your data to your Google account, it is at this point you can sign back in and recover your data.

How Can You Reset Your Android From Another Device?

With Android phones, it is possible to remotely reset a locked phone, which is excellent for people who have lost their phone or had it stolen. This also works well for tablets and Android watches.

There are some prerequisites to ensuring that this process works. You need to provide the old phone is signed into your Google account, has the location and Find My Device turned on, is connected to mobile data or WiFi, and is visible on Google Play.

Then you must follow these steps:

  1. Access on your browser and sign in to your Google Account. Select the lost device.
  2. You will be provided with information on the location of the device.
  3. When prompted, click lock & erase.
  4. You then have the following options: Play sound, Secure device, or Erase device.

You can begin the new setup process if you have access to the device.

Using Find My Mobile (Samsung Only)

Samsung has its own Find My Device type feature called Find My Mobile. It has the basic features you would expect, such as being able to locate a device that you have connected to a network.

However, it also gives you the ability to unlock your phone remotely. This means you do not have to do a full reset to get into your Samsung phone.

Another aspect of this feature that is convenient is the fact that even offline devices can be found. You can have the phone ring, lock the screen, and back up your data, making it very easy to get everything set up.

To make your device compatible, you must go to settings, click on your Samsung account at the top, click Find My Mobile, and switch it on. It can save you a big headache if you get it set up sooner rather than later.

Compared with the other possible options, this is a relatively painless process for Samsung users.

How Can You Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Phone?

Unfortunately, if you do not have a Samsung phone with all Find My Mobile settings ready, you will need to go through some irritating processes to regain access to your files.

As frustrating as this is, the best way to prepare for this scenario is to put safeguards for getting locked out.

The first thing you can do is set up fingerprint and facial identification technology if your phone supports them. Most modern phones have at least one of these, so ensuring you have multiple ways to access your phone is essential.

Keeping a coded notebook with information on your passwords is also good practice.

Having physical copies that cannot be hacked and coded so that only you will understand them helps ensure you have another option if you forget your password. For some, even a hint would be sufficient.

Finally, make sure you are creating pins and passwords that you will be able to remember later. Long passwords may be strong, but you want to avoid resetting your phone continuously. So long as you are confident in remembering your password.


Resetting your phone is a hassle, but if it needs to be done, there are ways to make it easier on yourself. If you ensure that all of your data is tied to your Google account, you can get all your files back without rebuilding your entire cellular database.

If you decide to do a full reset, ensure you are ready for it because doing so does erase the information on your phone. If you have a Samsung device with “Find My Mobile,” things are much more accessible.

So long as you have the proper settings applied, you can find and unlock your phone remotely without contacting the company.

Simply ensuring you have safeguards for accessing your password is the best solution. However, when that isn’t possible, you do have options.

Knowing the best phones for your needs is essential. For example, a Samsung phone may be your best bet if password maintenance is a significant concern.

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