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Getting a new iPhone doesn’t have to break your budget. In this article, we’ll share tips on how to score the best iPhone deals, significantly reducing the cost of a new iPhone. Whether you’re looking for the latest iPhone 15, last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max, or an older iPhone model, there are plenty of deals to choose from, and our free, unbiased Phone Deal Finder below can show you the best iPhone deals that you qualify for from top carriers in a matter of seconds. 

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Tips on How To Find the Best iPhone Deals

As you look for the best iPhone deals on the market, you’ll want to keep a few key tips in mind.

Consider Your Needs

First, decide what you actually need from an iPhone deal. Are you looking to score the latest iPhone with all the most advanced features? Do you have an Apple trade-in phone? Deals and agreements will differ depending on what you want and what you have to trade in for it.

You’ll also be much more likely to find a discount deal for a new iPhone 15 compared to an older iPhone model like the iPhone 13, which came out a couple of years ago. Generally, more Apple deals are available with more recent iPhone models. However, older iPhone deals are also available as shown later in this article.

If a freebie on the latest Apple iPhone is what you’re after, many carriers offer free phones when you switch. Keep in mind, in addition to switching, you’re usually required to select a qualifying phone plan that you must stick with while the monthly free phone bill credits are applied to your account. Another way to land a free Apple iPhone can be to activate a new line with your existing carrier. 

Read the Fine Print

Always read the fine print of any deal. As noted, any given deal’s terms and conditions may require you to stick with the same carrier or provider for a certain time after activation. 

Similarly, many of the best iPhone deals require you to sign up for unlimited data plans. While these might just be right for you, they might be more than what you need. Calculate how much you’ll pay for these plans overall to determine whether an iPhone discount is worth it.

Time Your Search

For the best iPhone deals, you must time your search properly. In many cases, phone manufacturers and cell carriers offer the best deals and discounts for iPhones for a limited time in conjunction with new iPhone releases in the fall. This way, carriers try to get more people to buy as many new phones as possible. 

Trade In Your Phone

If you want to get the best prices on Apple devices, you usually need to trade in an eligible device in working condition. Otherwise, you may have to pay full price for your new iOS device. The more recent your trade-in device is, the higher its value will be. To see what your trade-in phone is worth, try our Phone Deal Finder.

iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Trade-Ins at Apple

Right now, Apple itself is offering special trade-in deals for those looking to upgrade from Android to iPhone 14 and 14 Pro devices. You can purchase a new phone directly from Apple, taking advantage of in-store pickup or delivery options. Or, you can trade in your own Apple device to get up to $650 off your new purchase. For instance, an iPhone 11 is worth an estimated $200.

Do you have an Apple Card? If so, you can get another 3% back on your purchase for even more savings.

iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Trade-In Deals at Verizon

Alternatively, you can trade in your old phone to get an iPhone 15 or 15 Pro at Verizon. Not on Verizon? You can get up to $1,000 off with a trade-in plus another $200 switch bonus if you swap from your current cell carrier to Verizon.

Are you already an existing customer? If you also qualify for a phone upgrade, you can save up to $830 on the iPhone 15 with an eligible trade-in device.

This could be one of the best iPhone deals if you are already or want to become a Verizon customer. Ancillary discounts like a $70 coupon for a pair of Beats Fit Pro or $200 off an iPad are available as well.

iPhone 15 Trade-In Deals at AT&T

If you want to get AT&T coverage instead, you could get up to $700 in bill credits for an iPhone 15 if you are a new or existing member. However, you either have to already be signed up for or plan to sign up for one of the qualifying unlimited plans to get the full deal. Only trade-ins that are valued at $130 or higher will qualify, as well.

iPhone 15 Deals at Best Buy

The popular electronics retailer occasionally offer great deals on the new iPhone 15. You have to trade in your current phone and activate your new phone with Verizon or AT&T at the Best Buy store.

This is essentially another way to take advantage of the mentioned discounts since the price reductions match. As an example, if you sign up with AT&T or Verizon, you’ll get up to $830 off the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. If you opt for the Pro or Pro Max, you’ll get up to $1,000 off your new iPhone purchase.

This could be a good choice if you want to buy your phone in-store rather than online.

iPhone 13 Deal at AT&T

What if you want something older? Both new and existing AT&T customers can get an iPhone 13 for $10.99 per month as long as they sign up for an eligible unlimited data plan. You don't have to make a trade-in, and you don’t need to purchase the phone upfront.

Instead, you get an iPhone 13 through a monthly installment plan, which could be more affordable for you. The iPhone 13 series is already less expensive than the next-gen iPhone 15 series — so consider this deal if you want to upgrade from an even older device, like an iPhone 11 Pro.

Free iPhone 12, iPhone 13s, and iPhone 14 at Verizon 

Verizon also has special deals for iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 models — for example you can get a new iPhone 14 for free if you select any 5G unlimited data plan from Verizon with no trade-in requirements. On top of that, if you add a line, you can get a $279.99 off a ninth-generation iPad or Apple Watch SE 2022 for as low as $5 per month (the equivalent of $120 off) with your iPhone purchase.

If you're in the market for an iPhone 13 Mini, you can also get free from Verizon if you sign up for an unlimited plan from the same carrier. Even damaged phones are accepted for this iPhone deal, so it’s a good deal if you want a phone for your child.

T-Mobile iPhone 15 Trade-In Deals

T-Mobile has its fair share of iPhone deals available on Essential, Essentials Saver, and all Go5G plans. While most deals require you trade in an old phone, not all do, so it's always worth a look. Plus, you get access to arguably the best 5G network and unlimited premium data, so you will never be throttled based on your data usage.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out which iPhone offer you’re most interested in. If you need more help finding the best iPhone deal for you, try our free, unbiased Phone Finder and we’ll show you the latest iPhone promotions you’re eligible for. 

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