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The Navi Promotional Index

This index tells you the average discount or credits your trade-in device will get you from carrier promotions. Using data from over 3 million daily phone deals, this index is meant to help you better understand where and when the best phone deals are available.

2022 Monthly Promotional Index

How Does It Work?

We collect data from all the top devices customers are most likely to own, averaging all the trade-in values for those devices together to give you a better understanding of the average discounts for new devices. Keep in mind that these are average discounts, so check your specific model’s trade-in value for free in our app.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

We are a group of wireless industry experts, data scientists, coders, and entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing objectivity and trust to the consumer wireless marketplace. Looking at every upgrade and trade-in combination, switch vs. stay deal, premium vs. entry plan, and more, to give you one source you can trust to shop with confidence.

How Should You Use This Index?

This data is meant to give you a sense of how lucrative current trade-in promotions are across the market. If you’re looking for a new phone, be on the lookout for a rise in the index, which means you’ll get the most value for your current device when trading it in. If the index is declining, you may want to wait a bit for better offers.