The Top New Phone Releases in 2023

2023 is already in full swing, so some excellent new phones are on the horizon. Whether you’re looking to get a new phone for yourself or a friend or family member, it’s important to know what handsets you have to look forward to so you can jump on great deals and new purchasing opportunities.

However, not every new phone is coming out at the same time, and each phone manufacturer has distinct windows when they normally release new handsets. Let’s take a look at the best new phones in 2023 and when they are set to be released.

When Will New Phones Come Out?

While each big phone manufacturer is said to have new handsets released in 2023, they don't release their new phones simultaneously. Each major brand has different release windows, often coinciding with tech shows and other major industry announcements.

For example, Samsung's new phones will likely launch in Spring 2023. Most new Samsung devices launch in the winter or spring of each year; in this way, Samsung can avoid direct competition with other new handsets in the same generation.

Apple goes the other route. Most new Apple phones release in the fall of each year; this is one reason why many expect the Apple iPhone 15 to be released in September 2023. This coincides with Apple's major tech showcases.

Google’s release cadence can be more complex, however. For instance, the Pixel 6 was released in the fall of 2021, but the Pixel 6A was released in May 2022. Odds are any major upgrade to the Pixel line of phones will also release in the fall, though it remains to be seen.

Software Updates vs. New Phones

In 2023, some of the most popular new phones will probably keep the same software operating systems. For example, we expect the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G to keep using the Android 13 with One UI 5.1 operating system and user interface, the same that was used for previous iterations of the Galaxy handset.

However, remember that many of these new phones will also receive major OS upgrades and security patches as they go along. Again, the Galaxy A54 5G is expected to receive four OS upgrades and five years’ worth of security patches over its lifespan.

When choosing a new phone in 2023, consider these benefits. If you want your handset to last for five years or more, you’ll want to pick up a phone with guaranteed operating system updates and upgrades; otherwise, that phone will quickly be outstripped by next year’s competition.

New phones are also sure to come with major hardware upgrades. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 Pro Max already have great battery life. Still, new cell phones will have those plus advanced telephoto lenses with more megapixels, foldable functions, and more. Some Android phones, like Motorola’s line or the Galaxy Z Flip 4, come with a stylus and ultrawide screens for note-taking.

Many of the new phones are completely water resistant as well. Look at each phone’s specs, like the camera system, always-on screen, activation requirements, and more, to find the best smartphone for you. That’ll help you find the best buy, best iPhone, or best camera for your needs.

What Big Tech Developments Are Coming in 2023?

It’s also important to consider the biggest, most crucial tech developments and innovations coming to 2023 handsets. Each year, there are normally at least a few renovations or improvements across the board, whether it’s in terms of screen size, data transmission speed, or something completely different.

In 2023’s batch of new phones, you’ll probably see a new focus on security. Unsurprisingly, people are more focused than ever on keeping their personal data safe whenever they use their mobile devices. Expect more phones to come with built-in multifactor authentication from the get-to, especially using fingerprint ID scanners.

We also expect to see more phones with mobile augmented reality functionality or capabilities. With these capabilities, you can use AR and VR apps on your mobile device, enabling you to participate in distance shopping, check out real estate from afar, and much more.

Lastly, the newest batch of 2023 handsets is sure to have 5G compatibility. That's a good thing, as the 5G network is largely up and running, allowing you to download your favorite media faster than ever.

Apple iPhone 15

The Apple iPhone 15 is one of the most anticipated new phones of 2023. The new iPhone is due to launch in September of this year, and it might come with models like the Ultra or the Pro Max right out of the box. Expect to see major improvements with this iOS system, like a periscope zoom camera, 8K video recording, and even a USB-C port so that customers can charge this device with the same charger they use with their iPads and MacBooks. The iPhone 15 might also have a slightly different look and feel than the volume buttons and other controls.

Google Pixel Fold

The long-rumored Google Pixel Fold has been delayed time and again, but this phone might finally come out in 2023. Google has been trying to create a bendable device for some time. The Pixel Fold will likely cost as much as the Pixel 7 (also expected in 2023). Regarding features, anything is possible, but most expect a large power button, a 6.7-inch OLED screen, and a triple camera. If this phone is released this year, expect it in the latter half of 2023.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

The Galaxy A54 5G is certainly on radars, and for good reason. This Samsung phone is supposed to come with a 6.4-inch screen (a little smaller than the last version) but a bigger battery and a triple rear camera. On top of that, you can expect this new Samsung Galaxy to come with 5G connectivity, plus an improved chipset for better processing speed and performance. Look for this release in the spring of 2023, as it could become the best Android phone of its generation.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

The Z Fold 5 is drawing a lot of prospective attention. Though the rumors are still scarce, it should have a built-in pen for drawing, a fast charge rate, and a much larger unfolded display compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Most also expect it to come with a better processor and camera than its predecessors and even better heat management. Since the last two versions of this phone were released in August, the Fold 5 will likely crop up in the latter half of the year.

Google Pixel 8

The Google Pixel 8 may also launch in 2023, offering a hypothetical 10x optical zoom camera, a new chipset, and satellite communication far superior to the Google Pixel 6A or even Google Pixel 7 Pro. It may even offer enhanced features or innovations compared to previous Pixel phones. Unfortunately, you may have to wait for this device to reach your pocket, as October 2023 is likely the earliest it may be announced or released.

Google Pixel 7A Range

The Google Pixel 7A Range — essentially a more affordable version of the standard Pixel 7 — is likely to be released this year, probably in May 2023. It should include wireless charging and a higher refresh rate, notable features not present on the Pixel 6A. Expect an efficient, powerful processor chip, like an A16 bionic chipset, and a superior camera setup, too, all for a more budget-friendly price that should appeal to shoppers who have some price limitations.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Range

Last is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Range, which could be the next big Samsung flagship device. It should have a much more powerful main camera, a faster charging battery, and larger screens than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. All these upgrades likely indicate that the Galaxy 23 Range will come with a higher price than its predecessors among the Galaxy S23. But for 12 GB of RAM, what’s not to like? Expect to see this phone sometime in the spring of 2023, but potentially in summer if it gets delayed.

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