Motorola vs. Samsung: What Are the Differences?

Motorola Edge vs. Samsung S20 Ultra

While Motorola is not the tech giant that Samsung is, it still puts out very competitive smartphones. The Motorola Edge, which came out in 2021, is one of Motorola’s flagships. It has great battery life, a competitive price, and plenty of bells and whistles. That said, it does not stand up well against the premium smartphones we see from bigger companies.

How does it stand up against older phones? The Samsung S20 Ultra is an older phone by smartphone standards, but it is still a very powerful product. How does the Motorola Edge stack up to an older phone like the S20 Ultra? Here is a breakdown of both phones and how they compare.

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best Screen?

Both the Motorola Edge and the Samsung S20 Ultra have similarly sized screens. The S20 sits at 6.9 inches, and the Edge is 6.8 inches. The S20 is a dynamic AMOLED at 3200 x 1440 pixels, while the Edge is an IPS LCD at 2460 x 1080. Despite the reduced resolution, the Edge also has a better maximum refresh rate at 144Hz compared to 120Hz.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra also has HDR support and scratch-resistant glass, which the Edge lacks. While it is a close match, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is better in every category except refresh rate.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best Camera?

The S20 Ultra has a quad-camera system on the rear of the phone. The system consists of a 108MP main camera, a 48MP telephoto lens, a 12MP ultrawide lens, and a 0.3MP VGA. The main camera has an aperture size of F3.5 and a focal length of 102mm.

The Motorola Edge has a triple camera system with a 108MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide lens, and 2MP depth lens. While the main camera can compete with the S20 Ultra, the other lenses are a step below its competitor. With one less camera and a less impressive array of lenses, the Motorola cannot quite compete.

On top of this, the front camera on the S20 Ultra is 40MP and has a 4k ultra video capture capacity. The front camera on the Edge is only 32MP, and it does not have video capture capabilities.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best RAM?

Regarding RAM, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the definitive winner. The S20 Ultra comes with 12GB of RAM, while the Motorola Edge only has 8GB out of the box. This gives the S20 Ultra a clear advantage regarding speed and processing power.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best Battery Life?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Motorola Edge have a 5,000mAh battery, which is top-of-the-line as far as modern smartphones go. Battery life is something that both phones excel in, making them both competitive in this category against their competitors.

When compared specifically to one another, the Galaxy S20 has the advantage despite having the same battery capacity. One big factor in its favor is that charging is faster on the S20. The S20 can charge at a speed up to 45W when wired, while the Motorola Edge is capped at 30. In addition, the S20 also has the option for wireless charging, which the Edge does not have at all.

In practice, both phones should give you over ten hours of battery life. However, the S20 has considerably more options to improve time spent charging and versatility in how you charge.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best UI?

The Motorola Edge provides a basic Android UI experience. The UI is clean and intuitive, and you have the freedom to customize it to meet your preferences. The Galaxy S20 is different in that it utilizes the Samsung One UI. This organizes the UI in a way that makes it distinct from Samsung and adds features of its own.

While the Edge UI is nice for people who like customization, at the end of the day, the Galaxy S20 simply has more features due to Samsung’s modified UI options.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Motorola vs. Samsung: Which Phone Has the Best OS?

Here we have a tie: the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Motorola Edge run on Android 11. Realistically, the experience should be the same with both smartphones, so there is no winner in this case.

Both phones also allow you to upgrade beyond Android 11 through updates. As discussed, Samsung does include the Samsung One UI, which is more of a lateral move than a straight-up improvement.

Winner: Tie

The Bottom Line

There is no real competition: the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the better phone. At the OS level, the two phones are similar, but in every other category, the S20 Ultra reigns supreme. When you factor in the comparable prices and Samsung’s fantastic record regarding support, it is clear that the S20 Ultra is far and away from the better smartphone.

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